Tate says he is 100%

Submitted by king_kerridge on October 20th, 2009 at 1:37 PM
Tate told the media today that he is 100%, no headaches, no shoulder pain and that he is excited to be back to normal again. No link, but I am sure Tim will talk about it soon...



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Also, from Annarbor.com's article about the press conference:

“I didn’t even question it,” Forcier said. “It was his decision to put him in and like I said I supported it. He thought Denard was playing well and Denard kind of had a thing going with them. He drove them down on the series before. Like I said, I didn’t even question it. He’s the coach. I let him make the decision."

That's what I like to hear. Whether he's being humble because he's in front of the cameras or not, that's the kind of thing I want my starting QB to say.


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Yeah he says smart and intelligent things that make him sound like a 5th year senior. I want our starting QB saying things like this too. Some other programs south of us, (not naming any names) have their starting QBs saying things like "everybody kills people".


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Eh, I kind of thought that was another "don't provide 'em any bulletin board stuff" moment. I rather suspect the interviewer asked him specifically how the two schools shook out in his recruiting, and I don't doubt PSU was up there, but I also don't expect him to say anything other than "it was close." Certainly not "I never had any intentions of going to PSU, the whole locker room has that old-man smell."


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Does anyone realize that we are a potentially mocking the angry Michigan Quarterback hating God to a level that is down right dangerous? I say we tone it down a bit, in fact, I am hoping Tate tweaks his shoulder so Denard gets some extra 1st team reps in practice this week.


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I had forgotten, or maybe never knew, that it came down to us or them for Tate. What I want to know is why? I really don't understand why a QB these days would commit to PSU knowing that the chances are 90% that you'll get a new coach within your time there.


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Does he actually coach anymore, isn't he just a figurehead of the PSU football program? He probably just rambles around doing whatever he wants, then pops his head into practice once in a while to tell the team a story about, "back in the day." I'm sure Joe Pa has already made arrangements to be cryogenically frozen. They'll just wheel him up and down the sideline or sit him on an inflatable doughnut up in the press box. His presence will still be felt.

ND Sux

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"I really don't understand why a QB these days would commit to PSU knowing that the chances are 90% that you'll get a new coach within your time there."

Point taken, but it seems like people have been saying that for about 15 years!


The King of Belch

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They Do know who his replacement will be, and I'm guessing that is going a long way toward their recruiting success over the last couple years.

I mean, WTF? The guys there obviously love it, and Joe Pa is happy to roam the sidelines during games and be around his team.

As for who may or may not have a new coach within a current freshman's career---ahem.

Todd Plate's n…

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Man am I jacked for the 2nd half of this season and the game this weekend.

Tate 100% (or in the neighborhood of), Molk back, Minor healthy, Brown back. I love how our schedule set-up thus far. The back-to-back road games provided huge learning experiences for our young team. With DSU last weekend, morale is high despite the 2 conference losses, and our team and 2 freshman qb's had 2 weeks to prepare for psu...a team who i think we can agree was WAY overrated coming into the season and still may be at this point. their best win is a 20-0 over minnesota at home. 1 tough game, at home, and they lost by double digits.

I can feel the resurgence in energy heading into this weekend, it really feels like season: part 2.

go blue!!


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is nothing if not dependable. You know they're gonna come out and try to establish the run, then mix in some passing. You know they're gonna have solid defense with excellent play at linebacker. They're like a diesels: strong, dependable, lots of momentum. Classic matchups resulted when M, playing a similar style of football, met Penn State. But now M has switched up and gone spread; now, the matchup will be a study in contrasts. I can't wait until Saturday!