Tate to Miami!!!!

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Tate chooses Miami.....wish him well



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Really would have liked to keep him on, despite his troubles in the classroom. Would have been a nice fit for a backup in Borge's offense.

Best of luck at the U, Tate.


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The following is according to some guy on the rivals message board who saw Tate at the airport:

Tate evetually got his grade situation settled.  He tried to meet with DB with his dad, but DB refused to or wasn't available to meet with them.  DB supposdedly told Tate that he would not play for Michigan.

He then told the guy that he was going to join some guys that were being recruited by Michigan.


Again take it FWIW, this is just message board heresay.


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Academic probation works like this.  The first time you fail a class you get a warning semester.  You're not out, but you're on probation.  If you don't get your GPA up in that warning term you can't take classes the following term.  You don't actually get kicked out, but you have to go take some classes somewhere else and then petition the LSA Academic Standards to get back in good standing.  The classic move is to take 8+ credits at Eastern, get two A grades and write an essay about how you messed up.  With some grovelling you can get back to normal status.  

The only way to be permantly dismissed from Michigan is due to an intgerity violation.  I obviousily cannot source this because personal student records are confidential, but basically Tate was bounced for an intergerity violation (aka plagarism).  There was a reason only one of his two proffs was willing to let him do catchup work and get rid of his incomplete.  The other incomplete was a nicer way of keeping an infraction off his transcription (basically: We'll pretend you never turned this plagarised paper, thus you get the I instead of something worse.)  

Basically Tate's orginial plan was to do the 8+ credits at EMU/WCC, but it was made clear to him that the board knew the real reason behind the one I and he would not be allowed to return.  That was the genesis of that long heartbroken Twitter message and him saying Michigan wasn't giving him the chance to return.  


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I think Al Golden has a serious crush on Michigan commits and players.  Suprised he hasn't hired former coaches since he has done just about everything else.

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Yes. Heath Beach. God's Country. Best beach in America. . . or, at least it appears that way from the interstate. Tried to go there once for the humor factor while in college; they wanted to charge us, and we just wanted to look at people and judge them. We didn't have enough green tattoos, nor were we sporting the required foam cooler, so they wouldn't waive the charge. We left in protest. We should've stayed. I regret this decision daily. 9 years later.


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If Al Golden's recruiting at the U thus far is any indication, watch them land a blue chip QB who is going to compete with Forcier for the starting job.


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Tate recieved incompletes and failed a few classes in the Fall .  He may have just given up. He was ineligible for the Bowl game because he did not pass 6 certified hours (NCAA Rule). He was also on suspension from the Univeristy. His eligibilty at Michigan has nothing to do with his standing at the U. He may have some work to do to catch up with his NCAA eligibilty depending on how his credits transfer.  I wish him luck at the U but I not sure how he will fit into the culture.


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....and I hope he does well at Miami. I doubt he has any hope of starting, and in the year he sits out, I have have feeling Miami might recruit a pretty good QB anyway. Nonetheless, he can at least complete school somewhere. 

The Blue in Ohio

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kinda disappointed to seem him go, but he was having some issues. he gave us some good times his freshman year, so i wish well. Just as long as he doesn't cross our path, if he does he's going down.


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"There is so much positive energy around this program and I really want to be apart of it"

Which must be unlike the negative energy you perceive when you don't go to class or complete your assignments.