Tate Martell in Transfer Protal

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per TV on twitter. This does not mean he is transferring but can be contacted by other programs. 



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Fair point, but I don't think Barrett was "great" either. 

We definitely should have beat him the year he didn't get the first down, and we were very close in 2017. 

Take Meyer out of the equation, and I don't worry too much. I'm not saying we'll win v. OSU automatically or anything like that. I just don't go into the game with dread. 

Haskins was different. We knew that, if he was on and we didn't game plan for that offense on a good day and couldn't get pressure on him, he could throw darts all over the field.

Barrett could never do that on his best days.

kevin holt

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Yeah, I mean I'm not black but it seems like many black players in the south have probably faced at least one racist incident in their time at school right? Hell, Devin Gardner said he faced several at our own school and in this day and age. If Fields's waiver goes through then couldn't many black players point to at least one racial incident and claim immediate eligibility?


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Very true. I live in the north but just went to the mid-atlantic this week. It's immediately apparent how much more integrated it is even just a few hours from the 'north'. A lot of people don't realize that MLK spent a lot of time in the north and midwest as well...


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This is a point that should not be understated at all. If the kid was immediately kicked out of school for the racial slurs than Fields argument would seem to be the opposite of Georgia's actions. As much as it's utter shit this world is full of racists, the school showed they wouldn't accept those actions.

4th and Go For It

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There was some incident with a UGA baseball player using racial slurs towards him. He's nabbed Shea's lawyer who helped the Ole Miss guys last year. Something about not feeling safe at UGA. I never heard about the original incident when it happened so don't know specifics but that's the gist. More here: https://www.si.com/college-football/2019/01/09/ohio-state-quarterback-justin-fields-requesting-immediate-ncaa-eligibilty-after-georgia-transfer


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Yes he’s going to claim that the environment at UGA was a harmful/unsafe one. That language is in the immediate eligibility guidelines, but I think it’s a hard case to make because: 1. the person who called Fields a racial slur was a single individual on a different team at Georgia. Not in the football locker room, and an isolated incident. 2. The university quickly expelled the kid.

It wasn’t an environment of prejudice/intimidation/threats of violence, but one lone asshole that UGA booted from campus. I don’t think there was ever any unsafe environment, but even if there was it was fleeting and isolated and UGA cured it.


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There may be other stuff we don't know about and I hope he isn't actually in danger.  ...but if there isn't and he's just using "racism" to get the waiver, then that's sort of shitty.  If that's the case then it seems like he'd fit in well at OSU.  Maybe he can take Urban Meyer's class on leadership and character.  


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He is not the only kid on that team who is of African descent and if this were the case that he felt unsafe due to racial prejudice at the school then you would have to think that there would be at least one other guy from the team trying to do the same thing.

If there are a lot of things happening behind closed doors with a football coach then this becomes a whole different story, but till something like that is the proven case then i believe the NCAA walks a fine line with this one. If they grant him a waiver for perceived threats based on racial profile it gives a huge chance to other guys from schools all over the country to do the same. If they dont then they are “racists” and “bigots” white guys who get to be called slave owners by professional athletes. 

Anyway i cannot wait to see how this one plays out. 


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he's part of the current group in qb1 on netflix...if that show is his true character...yeah, he's soft as hell and his feelings got hurt, off he goes. In the few episodes I've seen him, if the team is struggling he wants off the field. Tells his coach no sense in staying in, why risk getting hurt, let the second string play...he's a mental cupcake.