Tate Foricer Top Player According to ESPN

Submitted by Keeeeurt on September 23rd, 2009 at 2:11 PM

According to ESPN, Tate Forcier is the number five player in country not named Tebow or McCoy. I couldn't quite believe it. This is very high praise for a true freshman and I was glad to hear it.
Javis Best was number one
Barkley and Clausen was not mentioned in the top 5.



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Forcier obviously has the potential to be a great player for us, but he's had exactly two noteworthy games as a collegian. Putting him in the top five is an indication of how colossally stupid most sports media people are. You can be assured that Tate will have other off-days this season like he did against EMU, and he'll disappear from this list just as quickly as he was put on it.


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Does Tate have the ability to be a special special player at UofM absolutely. He has beaten WMU ND and EMU lets now crown him the next coming until we see his big ten performances. If he is deserving after game 12 he will be recognized. I am fine with saying he has looked good so far because he has, but to rate him up there with the best in college who have proven themselves over 3 or 4 years is silly really...


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The Wolf needs to talk to whoever came up with that poll. I have a sneaky suspicion that Tate will struggle multiples times during the B10 schedule. Also, I don't know if we're actually good. MSU hung with ND, just like us and probably should have won but of course, Sparty NOOO happened.

Sparty lost to CMU and should have beat the same team we beat... on the road. Would we have beaten ND on the road? I'm not sure. Either way, I think the hype surrounding this team is premature. If we wax Indiana and take care of MSU handily on the road... then I will be sucking on the Michigan hype popsicle.


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The ND that was softened up by a rivalry game with UM the week before. The ND whose QB was out part of the game and not as effective when he went back in. The ND that lost their best reciever for the entire second half.

If UM had played ND without Floyd in the second half, the margin of victory could have been about 17 points. MSU is weak, and will trouble UM for about a half, but then fade back into the primordal slime from which they were spawned.


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Although I'd like to see it, as would everyone else here. If anything, ND played harder than they played against us, because they correctly felt that their season was done with a loss to State. And State hasn't done anything we didn't do many years--lose to ND on the road, lose to a team they shouldn't have lost to, before turning around their season. I think the kool aid is tasting a little too good to a lot of us right now. Don't get me wrong, I want more myself (mmm, fruit punch flavor) but we haven't done enough yet--we'll talk again after a big road win.


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where is this article?

number five quarterback? or player? either way huh? and why would barkley be on there?

taylor mays, eric berry, patrick robinson, dez bryant, damian williams, michael floyd, golden tate, joe mcknight, gerald mccoy, sergio kindle, regis benn, etc, etc??


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I agree, it's completely too early to crown him the next coming but hey, after last season, I'll take all the positive press I can get. It doesn't get old after a full season of zero praise and zero hype form the media.

Also, it wasn't an article, i watched it on SC this morning

The Tater

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This largely misinterprets the actual segment, which was the 5 players most likely to win the Heisman other than Tebow or McCoy. I doubt very heavily that McShay thinks Forcier is the 7th best player in college, but it's a little less absurd to say he has the 7th best shot at the heisman (don't mistake me, that's absurd too, but it's less absurd), since we all know the Heisman takes lots of things into consideration that have little to do with how good the players actually are.


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I get this image of the Joker taking a road trip from East Coast to West Coast while pouring the Go Blue Kool Aid out of his big balloons.

I'm more than excited about this start and this kid but feel like the world is over-reacting.

I mean if ESPN likes us as much as McShay and company are showing, then there MUST be something in the air.


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Ugh - I posted this first under the McShay thread.

1) It's according to McShay, who works for ESPN

2) He's #5 Heisman hopeful not including Tebow or McCoy, not "top player"

Captain Obvious

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media types love to hype the shit out of freshmen that show promise. That way, if they do pan out and really impress down the road, they can strut around and say "I've been saying since I first saw him on the field that he would be a difference-maker and compete for the Heisman!" If said player flames out, they drop from discussions and no one calls the media out on their earlier hyped players because by then the media has gone on to the newest shiny thing that they can fawn over.