Tate Forcier is a Spartan....(no, not MSU)

Submitted by AKMuskie on July 26th, 2011 at 10:04 PM

Will enroll at San Jose State in the fall.

Per his twitter: Tforcier4 Tate Forcier

Im a Spartan now. Excited to report to camp August 4th



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I think you might be just slightly embelishing here.  I went back and looked at two months worth of my comments (I don't commit them all to memory I must confess) and found exactly one "pro-tate" comment where i said something similiar to the above but by no means exactly the same.

Either way I am happy for him and hope he does well at San Jose.  

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Too bad he has to sit out one year per NCAA rules, it would have been interesting to see play against Michigan this year.  Despite his flakiness in recent past, I think still has good potential as a QB, and hope he can turn his career around at SDSU.


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There are only two starting qb's in the NFL who are 6-0: Drew Brees and Michael Vick.

Not saying it can't happen, but you need a backup plan.   

Go to class. 


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SJSU plays a pretty tough nonconference schedule. Played Bama and Wisconsin last year plus Boise in conference. Dont know who they got in 2012 but Tate better be prepared, hopefully a year sitting out will help


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Best of luck to you. You've shown those flashes enough to show that you can do this thing! Now go get yourself some wins and a some fish tacos!


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@Tforcier4 Tate Forcier @TreezyUM12 thanks treezy. You still my favorite reciever

I guess he didn't put a lot of time into schoolwork during 4th grade, either.