Tate Forcier appreciation thread

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As a newbie (this season) to the board, I didn't know if there was a Senior appreciation thread or piece Brian did during OSU week on the seniors, so I will stay away from that for now and turn our attention on Tate.

18 year old kid, 180 lbs. soaking wet who had never lifted a weight before January of this year...bearing the weight of 100,000 fans within earshot and hundreds of thousands more all over the country and...

Played brilliantly through the first third of the season, battled injuries and a case of the freshmens during the 2nd third. single handedly brought us back against hated sparty to give us a chance, only to make a critical error to end it...but did not let that play and the rough patch that followed shake his confidence, and has come back to play back-to-back solid games.

all things considered, this kid has stepped up this year.



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I was hoping someone would start a thread like this because it baffles me that some people still want DRob to start. Tate has played as well as one could hope for in the last 2 weeks. He threw for over 75% with 2 TD's against Wisconsin and had one pick, which was essentially a short punt since a penalty put him in a real tough spot.

Tate did have a rough patch during the middle of the season, which may or may not have been due to injury, but he is showing that he is a true competitor and still has the moxie we all saw in the first 4 games. If our defense would give him a hand, he'd be the King of Ann Arbor right now.


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The way he has conducted himself throughout the season has shown maturity and leadership well beyond his years. We are lucky to have a young man like him at the helm.


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Tate's the real deal--he's already a legend in my eyes, too. I'm just sick of hearing/reading that one of our QBs--Robinson, Gardner or Tate--will leave when all is said and done. Is it feasible to construct a QB system around their individual strengths?


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occasional wildcat formations would be an awesome way to get their talents on the field. Also, lining one up in the backfield and one at slot with one at QB(duh). would open up alot of unique plays, maybe even trickery 'n such. I expect to see T-Force and D-Rob on the field at the same time plenty this week. And, SUPRISE, with D-rob on the field we run play action and hit JR DEEP for a TD. What? we didn't run with D-Rob on the field?? OSU's safeties would be all to focused on D-Rob.

Rambling on......

As a matter of fact, put D-Rob in the backfield with T-Force on the first play. Don't waste time setting up the long ball by giving it to D-Rob, and later go deep. We have already set it up by doing it all season long. Go deep on play 1 and catch their safeties salivating at the thought of chasing D-Rob. Hemmingway in for 6.


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I heard from so many people before the season started that Tate was going to be another Steve Threat. I knew he'd be so much better, but how fantastic it's been to throw his successes back in those people's faces. Sure he's made mistakes, but who doesn't? And it's only his first season. BrayBray1 you are so right! Notre Dame was the highlight of the year. Plus...the kid can run, he can pass...and he can punt?!?!?!?! Go Blue!


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As a long time Michigan fan...I had doubts about this season. I had seen how good he was in High School, but wasn't real sure how he would do in college...especially since going into the first game RR said all three QB's would see action.
To say the least, Tate has performed incredible. He has had his moments of brilliance and his moments to forget. Overall, I think he exceeded most people's expectations...the offense for the most part has done fairly well...I can't wait until next year when things start to click on both sides of the ball!

I live in Florida...but will be at the game of Saturday...any advice for me? (This will be my 2nd UofM Game-i went to NW last yr) GO BLUE!!!!!


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Without him we could conceivably be at 3 wins again...not a pleasant thought. You never know what would have happened otherwise but I certainly appreciate him and think he will only improve.


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I misdirected some overall anger at him last week after the transfer/not starting deal, but he was sharp against Wisconsin and has been one of the true bright spots on this team. Hope he continues to shine this Saturday.


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after ~1.5 years lifting with Barwis and learning RR's system, he will be much improved. His instincts are all there, but he made some true freshman mistakes, as expected. Apparently, he has some trouble with the zone read, but that will improve over then next 8 months or so.

If we have a bad, not terrible D next year, watch out B10!

Bill in Birmingham

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Brandon Graham is far and away the best player on this team. However, I feel that Tate is its most valuable player. That is in no way a slam at the awesomeness that is BG, but given the weakness of the rest of the D, teams can avoid him/triple team him/etc. to neutralize his awesomeness. I agree with the earlier comment that we win three games without Tate. More importantly, I like the fact that he plays his best when the game is on the line. That bodes well for the future. Denard is a hell of an athlete and I hope to goodness we find a way for him to contribute in meaningful ways on this team. But I feel like with Tate we have a very solid future at QB for the next three years assuming he stays healthy.


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My recurring theme in "it's OK" posts all season is that Forcier is playing with injuries that would most people take some serious time off of work. And I still think that when his injuries are in the rearview mirror, we will look at this season as one of the bravest performancnes a QB at UM has done.

What's even better about it is that he won't. He'll just see it as doing his job.


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Tate has endured more pressure than any 10 people should have to. It is not ideal for a true freshman QB to start at a big-time school like Michigan. That he has done so following the worst season in Michigan football history amid a coaching transition peppered with controversy is unprecedented. Add to this the lofty expectations of a demanding fanbase, the incessant and often unfair scrutiny by the media, and the pressures of adjusting to college life. How the kid is not balled up in a heap somewhere wishing it would all go away is beyond me.

Tate is one helluva young man. Just wait 'til you see him next year.