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While we're learning new things, you should take a linguistics 101 course and learn the difference between prescriptive grammar (i.e. a bunch of rich old white people sitting down and codifying the one and only correct way to speak) vs. what scientists who study language consider grammar to be (fluid, varied, defined by use and the ability of other people from within the community to understand what the speaker is saying).

Here's a lesson for you, mr. or ms. know-it-all:


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So basically, you believe in entirely unstructured language and grammar, that words can be spelled and mean basically whatever anyone wants? Doesn't that undercut the essential purpose of language, to convey common meaning inter-subjectively? Anyway, I think you are a titswaggle bin flapping dunder bergshit. 


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Where did I say anything about entirely unstructured language and grammar?

AAVE has a rich structure. It has rules and conventions. For example, "he grinding" and "he be grinding" both probably sound incorrect to you. But not only are they grammatically correct within the grammar of AAVE, they also have distinct meanings. "He grinding" means "He is currently working" while the meaning of "he be grinding" is closer to "man, that guy is ALWAYS working."

There are about one and a half billion people that speak some form of English. To expect them all to speak it the same way that you do, and to insist that any other form of English is unstructured and random while your way is the one and only correct way, that's just foolishness and any scientist who studies language would shake their head at that kind of ignorance.


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This is actually best case. He gets a medical redshirt and becomes a star while the other freshman receivers develop into stars as well. DPJ becomes a first round draft pick and Black has an extra year if he wants it to be a true number one receiver and star himself.


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There has also been nothing that implies that he isn't as talented as Peppers. Tarik was more productive as a Freshman. Either way, comparisons like that are stupid, and the original comment didn't compare the two. The point was that there is a good chance the type of players coming into the program now will be moving on after three years, as Peppers did.


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It is another world of pain.  

Depending on the procedure, make sure you have a trusted friend to assist in removing the post surgery drain tube.
Sure It's only 4inches long, but it feels like 4 fucking miles!

A week? Is that what they told you?

hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahah  /s

You'll do fine.