Tarik Black has a broken foot out 6 to 8 weeks??

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Saw this in a facebook group.  Any truth? 



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I know WR has a lot of talent, but currently there are very few kids out there that can put it all together. Black is actually our leader in recieving yards and tied for leader in receptions (with Perry). This is a HUGE blow. DPJ is going to be great, but he isn't now. His routes are typically limited to Go routes or just a quick stand up and toss to him. He has 2 catches in 3 games for a reason. Not a dig on him by any means, WR is one of the hardest positions to play and be good at early in career. That is especially true when 75% of your high school career was running go routes because you were faster then everyone on the field. Kekoa Crawford made multiple mistakes last game. He had a drop, had a deflating holding call where he wrapped his arms around a DB, and he should have ran to the back of the End zone (the open spot on the field) on that redzone Speight scramble.Again not to get too down on him because he is still young, but neither of these guys are near as good as Black is in terms of recieving right now. Nico Collins and Martin have been practicing with the team for a month in a half. There's reasons they haven't seen the field much if at all. I'm sorry but an Injury to Grant Perry or Black are probably the 3rd or 4th worst injuries that could happen to the offense (Speight and Mason Cole would be 1 and 2 in my book).


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You're totally correct, we have no idea.

However, a "broken foot" is also a completely ambigous description (and unfortunately for us in this case, our coaching staff has every intention to keep it under wraps).

The foot has something like over 20% of the bones in your body, it's an incredibly intricate joint.

Also recovery times depend on the type and severity of the bre/collateral injuriesk. I guess that's sort of obvious, but really, with the large, dynamic forces moving through the foot, every injuries specifics really are amplified (the specifics of the crack, direction, and ligament damge).

I have no doubt that he will have no problem maintaining peak conditioning, they just attach the point of resistance upstream of the injury and go. Even moreso, technically the best possible recovery method involves a vigilant scaffolding/management of increasinly larger and larger forces applied to the injury/joint become more and more complex/challenging while absolutely avoiding overtaxing the injury site (either acutely or chronically). Which he will 100% get at a top-notch program/medical institute like UofM.

Game-speed/rhythm is another issue though.

The real question is if the quoted 6-8 weeks is the "general" recovery time for his type of injury, or the "estimated" recovery time. There's sort of a wash for high-level athletes and injuries as a) they move at speeds that "general" medical prognoses absolutely do not account for, however, b) they get an order of magnitude greater physical therapy than generalized medical prognoses account for.


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am currently recovering from a fractured 5th metatarsel. Surgery was recommended but I decided against it, after 3 weeks I was playing golf with no pain. I have been back in the gym feeling 100% for a month now but my x-ray last week showed the fracture was still visible, therefore not fully healed. My point is, depending on where the break is and how severe, he could be back pretty quick, and based on the 6-8 week estimate I would say he can definately come back this year if he wants to. 


I am sad to lose Black but I am excited that DPJ will get more snaps, I think it is obvious he is our best playmaker on offense even without the punt returns. I have no clue how Crawford beat him out.


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Your point, "depending on where the break is and how severe..." is of course correct. How could it not be. I did love the normal-every-day-Joe-golf-and-workout supporting data story, because I'm a golfer and I work out. I did laugh at the cool story, though.  

Mr. Yost

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I know, but didn't see him...I guess I meant 100% and capable of playing with the 1's/2's.

In a weird way, maybe it helps the offense if we get more TEs and slot guys on the field who can get open rather than relying on the outside guys creating separation working NFL style route trees?

Give me Crawford, DPJ, Perry, Martin...and let's see what Speight can do.

Then pull Martin and add a TE.

This hurts, no question...but hopefully we can change the offense and move to shorter routes allowing Speight to get the ball out of his hands more quickly. Especially if you're talking DPJ. He's like Odell Beckham, he can take that slant to the house in a HURRY.

I'm watching the NFL now and these offenses look so similar, we don't have to turn into Wazzou, but a slight move to more of a college style spread - get the ball out...it would be welcomed.


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He is this years Rudock/Ruddock. I have no idea how to spell his name. That said, he is almost always the first one down the field on special teams. He is 12th on the team in tackles as an ST player. Kid is a burner. If he can catch the ball, he will contribute.