Tapdancing Crist: ND names starter

Submitted by BiSB on August 23rd, 2011 at 2:32 PM

Brian Kelly announced that Dayne Crist will be starting at QB over Tommy Rees.  Not wholly unexpected, but interesting nonetheless...


EDIT: Stats for those who are curious:

Crist : 174 of 294 (59%), 2033 yards (6.91 YPA) 15 TD / 7 INT.

Rees 100 of 164 (61%), 1106 yards (6.74 YPA) 12 TD / 8 INT.



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Jordan Kovacs likes* this idea.

*Not actually condoning injuring an opposing player but if Crist isn't smart enough to slide this time then I have no sympathy...


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Kelly could have easily called a run up the middle, and then kicked an easy field goal with a kicker who was perfect on the year at that point. It was a 35 yard field goal, not tough for any team but ours. That loss is on Kelly not Rees.


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"In fairness, the Tulsa loss was on Rees. Crist was hurt in the 1st quarter."

Not so fast my friend it was Brian Kelly who called for the pass to the endzone when a FG wins the game-bad play call by coach.

Hoping Mattison can make Kelly give up on the run by overloading the box and force Crist's arm to beat us.

Fort Wayne Blue

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i think it was in Urban Meyer's tour this spring where Kelly made the comment that Crist and Rees both won 4 games last year [implying that they're both the same level QB], leaving out the 4 or 5 loses that Crist earned and the 0 or 1 that Rees had ..... it made me think that Crist was his favorite.

which is good for Michigan, as Rees is a better QB.


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That is interesting to see considering Rees took over towards the end of the year and played well in their bowl game against Miami. Maybe Crist just needed more time to adjust to Kelly's offense and will be better in the long run.


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This is not surprising. You can show those stats all you want, Crist is a better QB when healthy and gives them the best chance for a good season.


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Why does every ND fan tell me that they would have won the game if Crist had played the whole game? Before the 95 yard Cam Gordon derp he was 10/21 for 150 yards 1 TD/ 1 INT. Not exactly dominant, and any QB who couldn't complete 50% of his passes on that defense doesn't scare me one bit.


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Well, it doesn't make much sense to throw out the 95-yard play - it happened.  (Should we also throw out Denard's 87-yard run?)  And even before it, 150 yards on 21 attempts is pretty good.  Completion percentage is not the only measure of a QB's ability.

In any event, Crist was clearly much better than Nate Montana, who did nothing for nearly twoquarters (other than complete one prayer right before halftime).  The ND fans are right that we were fortunate that Crist only played two quarters.  But hey, we've had bad luck against ND in the past. 


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Montana was 8/17 for 104 yards. Doesn't seem all too different from Crist, but it was pretty clear that Crist>>Montana.

I know I shouldn't discount the 95 yarder, but ND fans act like Crist was dominate the entire time he played. I was just pointing out that for a large portion of the game he was very average, which is not impressive when you're playing a terrible defense.


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Montana completed a 40-yard prayer right before halftime.  That was the only time ND ever came within striking distance of scoring in the nearly two quarters he was in.  Crist was in the game for a similar amount of time and led them to three TDs and a FG, and they were around our 30-yard line when time ran out on them at the end of the game.  I think we can safely conclude that he was a much bigger threat.

ND fans are right that it was a bad break for them that Crist was out.  It doesn't matter, it's still a win for us.

I don't know why fans are so defensive about acknowledging that their own team catches breaks sometimes.  Yes, Illinois fans are correct that the officials blew the Anthony Thomas fumble in 2000.  Yes, Spartan fans are correct that it was a break that Stanton got injured in '04.  Yes, Wisconsin fans are correct that the ineligible-receiver call on the 2-pointer was a huge break for us.  So what?  The record books give us wins for all those games.  If fans of those teams want to bitch, I've got two words for them: Tough shit. 


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I tell ND fans that injuries (unfortunately) are a part of the game.  Irish fans still pounded their chests after the 2005 game, winning 17-10 in spite of the fact that Mike Hart left the game with an ankle injury on his second carry. 

And Penn State fans always complain about Lloyd arguing to get that extra second back on the clock in the Henne to Manningham game, completely ignoring the fact that JoePa argued and succeeded in getting 2 seconds back on the clock in the 2nd quarter. 

Breaks happen to any team (Unless you're playing in the Rose Bowl and your team is Michigan). 

And while I agree the officials blew the Anthony Thomas fumble, they also didn't notice that an Illini defender grabbed his facemask on that same play.


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Last years game: ND's offense when Crist was in the game averaged 9.7 yards per play. When Crist was out of the game the offense averaged 3.65 yards per play.

The opposite was true of the defense, when Crist was out of the game UM averaged 9.8 yards per play, with Crist in the game the UM offense averaged 3.8 yards per play.

Those are the numbers that ND fans are using and they're pretty convincing.


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hard to know if there was ever really a competition at all or if kelly was just trying to motivate crist. hendrix and true freshman golson got a lot of reps in the spring, but since fall camp has opened crist and rees have been getting virtual all the snaps with the first team.

kelly has suggested on several occasions, though, that we'll likely see one of hendrix/golson in occasionally in some qb run-oriented packages.


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I think it really was a 2 person race the whole time, they officially announced it as such within the last week or so.  Everett Golson was just as "in the mix" at the start of camp.  I really just think Crist and Rees are more proven and ready.  I doubt either of the other two (Golson or Hendrix) were seriously considered.