Tangerine* Bowl Open Thread (*Seth approved name for Russell Athletic**)

Submitted by M-Wolverine on December 28th, 2012 at 5:29 PM
**I don't blame him....this has to be the worst name for a bowl game this year. It's not even so bad it's good. But it does feature 2 BCS teams, which is a change. And future B1G member vs. our opponent in last season's bowl.



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Why in the world do you not take the safety? Oh, it's because I picked you to win and we have to kill any chance of that as quickly as possible this bowl season.


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I thought it was definitely a safety and was a bit surprised that it didn't get reviewed for longer. Not so surprising that the announcers didn't say anything about it - I often wonder if I'm watching the same game.


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For all the shit people have talked about Rutgers, they don't look bad against a aolid team.  I know VT isn't great, but Rutgers has some athletes.  Their addition will be solid from a football standpoint, not to mention they've been out-recruiting almost the entire Big Ten over the last couple years.  


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Maybe we have different definitions of the word, but although they play in the ACC, they had as touch an ACC slate as anyone.  They had to play FSU (who they almost beat) and played @ Clemson, @ UNC and @ Miami.  OOC they played @ Pitt and Cincinnati at a neutral site.  They didn't beat any ranked teams, but hell, either did we.  

Again, I'm not saying they're awesome, but they're still solid competition.

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The ACC is mind-numbingly bad and has been so for some time.  Do NOT be surprised if NIU stays within a score of FSU in the Orange Bowl this year or even wins the game outright.  A team that can't put together a winning record against a consistently low level of competition would have no place in a bowl game unless...there were too many bowl games to find good teams to fill.

Georgia Tech came within a touchdown of winning that conference (as they took Miami's place in the conference championship game after the 'Canes opted to self-sanction to try to win mercy from the NCAA next year)...Ga. Tech lost to Middle Tennessee State.  At home.  By three touchdowns.  They are in a bowl game as ACC runner-up with a 6-7 record. 

The ACC makes the B1G look like the NFL.

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I thought the same.  Incidentally, Rutgers hasn't been quite the Indiana-esque football wasteland people have made them out to be.  Their all-time winning percentage is slightly above .500, and if Wikipedia is to be believed, eight of their last 11 coaches have posted winning records.


According to this, every Rutgers coach from 1927-1983 had a winning overall record.  They did have a really bad stretch from 1984-2000, and that seems to be coloring peoples' opinions of them.  But historically, they haven't been all that bad.


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Agreed.  It's that really bad stretch that people associate with Rutgers football, mostly because that stretch was really, really bad.  But since then, they've been pretty good and they continue to get better.  They are recruiting well and putting kids into the NFL.  

I also think their fanbase reflects that bad stretch.  Alumni who went to school during that time (which is a good chunk of their living alumni base) probably aren't huge Rutgers football fans, but that will continue to change and their fanbase will really start to grow.

Marley Nowell

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What a difference a year makes with Va Tech. Looks like they lost their entire Oline and star Rb which makes Logan Thomas look horrific compared to his draft worthy performance last year.

Buck Killer

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Virginia teams gets unwarranted football love on here it seems. It is good to see some objective comments. Their play looks like their helmet; a turkey puking or shitting.


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That was a nice punt with a nice bounce, and now Virginia Tech starts what will be likely their last possession of the half in safery territory. 

Logan Thomas almost fulfills the safety prophecy, but alas gets bailed out by Marcus Davis. Nice throw for a 1st down. 

It seems like, more often than not, Thomas is getting his first chance to read the defense when they are almost in his face.  Not a whole lot of protection going on here as we close in on halftime.

EDIT: That's the first time I have seen someone lose their helmet while intercepting a pass. At least Virginia Tech got a hold of something on that play, right? 


December 28th, 2012 at 8:09 PM ^

If you are a Hokies fan, are you wondering where the hell this drive was hiding in the first three quarters? I would be certainly. 

That rushing game, what there is of it, is killing them at untimely moments though. Here comes the FG...


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Undoubtedly, this current Rutgers timeout is to consider how many overtimes that this game might possibly experience. 

...and off to OT we go. Tessitore needs to break into, "This is the bowl that doesn't end..."