Talbotts visiting elsewhere

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According to Rivals the Talbott brothers are visiting in SEC country this weekend. I know they were supposedly going to visit Wisconsin for the Wisky/M game. Maybe there are going to be more spots opening up? Parker. Dorsey, Black, and Knight we'd love to welcome you to A2.



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Well, I did always believe the Talbott's were offered in an effort to get Braxton Miller next year. Now that Miller is basically an OSU lock and we are stacked at the QB position, it theoretically makes sense that the coaches would "encourage them to take some visits".

However, speculation based on this fact alone is probably a bit premature. They have been longstanding commits, and it wouldn't be right for the coaches to pull their scholarships.


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Jay Hopson was their main recruiter, also. I've never really believed they were 100% sold on Michigan. You've always heard that they were interested in looking elsewhere, throughout the season.

I think it would be one thing to lose Terrence, and be able to say that we have enough DB's in this class anyway. Losing Terry, without another defensive lineman to fill his spot, I don't think would be a good thing.

Smitty D

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we loose two huge commitments in jones and graves, and all of us on this board curse hopson as a bad recruiter. Now he leaves and all of his recruits this year wanna bounce on us. Damn you jay hopson


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Given the continued recruiting of DEs and DBs you had to wonder what was up. I think TomVH tweeted that we should expect both good and bad surprises on signing day. Perhaps this falls under the bad.

Dorsey seems like a pipe dream, but Parker or Knight should fill the last "open" recruiting spot and guys like Jibreel Black or the DT from Louisiana may replace whoever is lost from the class on signing day.

Hopefully everything works out though and we don't lose anyone we care about...and maybe use gray shirts for a couple of the borderline kids to get the depth up in the program.


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The Jay Hopson cause and effect is pretty interesting. It seems there are two competing theories:
(1) We have lost a lot of recruits because of Hopson's departure. Many of the guys Michigan was in on when he was here have cooled since he left, most notably Grimes and Wilson. Now we hear that the Talbotts may leave too--further showing how much his departure affected his recruits. In sum, Hopson leaving really hurt recruiting.
(2) The reason why many of the recruits Michigan was in on at the time Hopson departed were Hopson recruits was because Hopson was a poor recruiter. Other recruiters could sell a player and keep a player solid, whereas Hopson could keep them interested, but not enough to take themselves off the market.

The facts as I know them support either theory.


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I wouldn't be terribly disappointed if either/both of the Talbotts left. I'm not saying I want them to leave, but neither player is going to make or break this class. Without them, we still have at least two corners and at least two DT/DE tweeners.


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Especially at CB, where we already have two commits in 2011. Although we probably need at least one of the 2010 freshman to play right away it didn't seem like it was going to be Talbott... Avery sounds like a player and holding on to him seems critical.

For DL, I view Talbott as a notable loss. He sounded like he had good quickness and potential to grow. That said, its a loss that can probably be neutralized with a comparable commitment from another DL, especially if its a NT or a promising kid like J. Black.

I'd still like to see a surprise OL added to the class.


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If you eouldn't be terribly dissapointed, isn't it possible that RR could feel the same way and might be cooling on them as better recruits become interested. You were a little rough on a poster earlier in this thread for suggesting just that.


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I don't know what's going on in Rodriguez's head. As someone astutely pointed out in another thread, Rodriguez knows something that we don't.

Regardless, that's not why I commented earlier in the thread. It had nothing to do with his opinion of the Talbotts.

Jon Benke

January 23rd, 2010 at 2:54 PM ^

"I don't know what's going on in Rodriguez's head. As someone astutely pointed out in another thread, Rodriguez knows something that we don't."

I hope he knows allot that we don't.

We have Brian, Tom, and Sam Webb's gut, but most Michigan fans are in the dark of almost everything that goes on with recruiting. If we lose the Talbott brothers, but replace them with some snake-oil, recruits with better upside, I'll be very happy. I want Sean Parker. Of all that is left to sign, Sean Parker is the most important... I'll be happy if the Talbott brothers sign with Michigan, with Sean Parker, but I'd be just as thrilled if two other kids sign with Sean Parker, just as long as we get Sean Parker. Wait, did I say Sean Parker's name enough?


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Teams almost always lose someone they wanted and gain someone someone else wanted. No matter what level, it's just part of the game. It usually balances out, except for the championship-era Bobby Bowden, but even his balanced out at the end of his career.

I think most of us will be happy with this class after it all "shakes out."


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, and in this case a position coach, they are extremely misinformed. You pick a college ... not a coach. Coaches will always leave, the tradition of UM always stays. If these guys go, its their loss. Their next coach will leave also ... then what?


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Alot of kids just want to take the visits for the sake of taking them. It isn't worth getting into a worried tizzy about every kid wanting to get a free trip across the country.


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No such thing as "just taking a visit" this late in the process. Even if a 17 or 18 year old thinks this is the plan, he may very well come home with a new commitment. Only those who are enrolled or who sign on the dotted line are fully committed to UM. Anyone taking visits clearly is not.


January 22nd, 2010 at 5:48 PM ^

I agree. People seem to think that officials are like mini vacations. They aren't, they're recruiting trips. If you are committed, you have very little need to go on one of these. Tell your boss that a rival company is taking you on a recruiting outing, and tell me what he says when you tell him that you're only going for the drinks.

It's not like Chapel Hill is a tropical destination either. In my opinion, if you're going on visits, you're not really committed, and your spot is up for grabs. I don't feel bad AT ALL if RR replaces a kid who has "committed" but is still visiting other schools. If you commit and cancel other visits, your spot is safe. If you commit and keep checking out other schools, you agree to have your spot filled by someone else.


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Terry has the potential to be a true difference maker with his size, speed and quicks. And Terrance could surprise.

But I must say, as someone who has spent a great deal of time on the UNC campus. UNC is going to make things interesting. Butch can sell with the best of them and that UNC campus is among the most beautiful and picturesque in the country. And for the kicker, UNC is academically on par with the beloved.

Hopefully these guys will see the bigger picture.... tradition essentially second to none here at Michigan, playing time and the chance to be a part of something great here.

Derrick Williams and Justin King will always enjoy unyielding loyalty from the PSU faithful for how they played key, pivotal roles in righting that program. Hopefully these players realize that they now have that same opportunity with respect to Michigan.