Take a second out of your draft analysis to congratulate Austin Hatch and Abby Cole

Submitted by MGoPoe on April 29th, 2017 at 8:15 AM

Most if not all frequent visitors of this site know the story of ex-UM bball player Austin Hatch but if not here's a short summary:

Survivor of 2 plane crashes, darn near everyone he was close to in his life perished in both of them.  This young man perservered through life threatening injuries and Coach Beilein STILL honored his scholarship commitment to that man.  He took a medical redshirt and became a volunteer coach of the team thereafter.

Well this young man just proposed to his girlfriend, volleyball/wbball star Abby Cole at the UM athletes graduation ceremony.


For my dollar this kid has had one of the most inspiring life stories thus far.  People like Austin, Abby, and Coach B to me embody what it truly means to be Michigan Men and Women.

Congratulations Austin and Abby!

Hail and Go Blue!





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so are the children of one's youth.  happy is the man whose quiver is full.  he shall not be afraid, but shall speak with the enemies at the gate.

and the boys shall hit three pointers, and the girls will be setting and spiking machines.  

serious question:  was austin hatch on the plane that went off the runway to the NCAA's?  that would make 3 crashes.  



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as near as i was ever able to figure out, i got swept by accident but maybe a mod knows something i don't, or i've just plain forgotten.  years ago  i had pointed out/replied to a spam post that occasionally show up and got a caution message for that which was weird and i figured some glitch with the system, no big deal.  it happened again a few years ago and then that handle became a ghost, no warning message, nothing.   never been a name-caller or profane, rarely and only mildly political, but such is life in the blogosphere.  


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Congrats to Austin and Abby!!  I have a feeling those two are going to be quite successful whatever they choose to do after college.

And congrats to MGoPoe for breaking this before WD could!! 


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Based on the statement, "he appears to have found his happy-ever-after." I'd wager the author of the article has never been married...