Take note recruits - This is why you choose MICHIGAN

Submitted by JJB2 on October 16th, 2011 at 12:01 PM

Nothwithstanding the score of the game yesterday, which is irrelevant now, you should now have a better understanding of why you have chosen or should choose to play for UM.  

Yes, we got beat yesterday by a better team (at the moment) but what counts in the end is the total classLESSness you witnessed on the green side of the ball vs. the total CLASS of how the MEN in maize and blue handled it all.  Not one whiny, bitchy kid was out there complaining about the low class play of MSU.  MSU is good but how you handle success and the way they go about it is the real measure of a MAN.  I'm not talking about some petty back and forth banter about "little brother", etc. but a complete and utter lack of class.  Character is not built by the final score but by ACTIONS.  Actions expose who you are.  The BOYS from E. Lansing were exposed.  

And the worst part of this all is that it is a reflection of their head honcho, the coach.  One inicident can be wiped under the rug as an outlier, but several in one game is revealing.  Mr Dantonio has a deep rooted hatred of UM which has nothing to do with the UM/MSU rivalry but from his long time devotion to the Buckeyes and the vest.  If Mr. Dantonio received a call from tOSU to coach while taking a dump, he wouldn't take the time to wipe his ass before heading out the door.  

I'm the first to admit we got beat by a better team and even out coached, but, in the scheme of life I'm PROUD TO BE A WOLVERINE and proud of those MEN that represent THE UNIVERSITY OF MICHIGAN.  They will be the champions in life.




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Okay, but we don't need to have a thread for every single thought people have. Yes, this thread had a good sentiment, and I agree with the OP completely, but there also seems to be a huge issue today and yesterday with what deserves its own thread.

This would have been a comment I would have plussed in one of those three threads, plus probably one or two more threads I'm not thinking of. That doesn't mean it's a good OP.

Mitch Cumstein

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You're not the only one that does it, but I'm curious what is accomplished by just posting a link of a thread with a similar theme.  Is the OP supposed to apologize and post in the threads you post that are a day old, have 150 posts and are buried on the next page?  If so, what happens to this thread?  Are you indirectly suggesting to a Mod that is should be removed?  I'm just curious on your thought process of what gets accomplished by posting old threads like you did.


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I guess in this case I'm just pointing out that similar things have been said in the last twelve hours. The OP and the mods can do what they like, I have no control over their actions. I'd just prefer posting something like this as a comment, as I stated above.


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Not justin, but I see public shaming as a good reason. This post is a regurgitation of the sentiment expressed ad nauseam since the end of the game. It isn't thread worthy and the title is extremely vague to boot. If I had known this to be the content I wouldn't have clicked.


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There is a MASSIVE difference between how a small segment of fans handle something and a team being coached with class. Every team has a fan subset of crazies, but not every team has a set of coaches that will teach their players to do things the right way and discipline them thusly when they don't.


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I have been so pissed all day. I want to write David Brandon and cc the AD from MSU and the Big Ten and ask him what they are going to do about this. Truly - this wasn't unsportsmanlike, this was felonius assault. Vernon Ghoulston used a helmet to try to break DR's neck. It is clearly on tape. And Dantonio did NOTHING about it.

What do we do next year? Tell our guys to just play dirtier than them? Can anyone win when one team is playing that dirty?

What do you all think? Am I over-reacting?

Maize and Blue…

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Gholston will be suspended for next week.  My belief is it should be two weeks because of the two incidents, but this is the league that was part enabler to the Tressel years at Ohio.  The real question is what happens to Rush as that was late and with intention to do nothing but cause injury as Denard had no chance to protect himself as his head bounced off the turf.  Then they show Rush on the sidelines getting high fives as Denard lay on the field.  Rush should also get a game in my opinion and that would really hamper the thugs next week if both their starting DEs are suspended.  My guess is the Big doesn't have the BALLS to do it.


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I can overlook the punch.  That was a heat-of-battle thing.

But the attempted quadrapalegic assault on Denard's facemask was bounty hunting.  It had nothing to do with the play.  He came over after the play was dead and over and attempted to cause a serious injury.  

It was premeditated.  "We need to take out their best player."  You knew he was planning it before the game even started, and that he would try it as soon as Denard was vulnerable.

This is not a trend the NCAA wants to have start.



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We were beaten by a team that had a better game plan, not a better team.

Borges gave up on the run in game planning, and on Denard's skill set, and we didn't go with our strength. We were on their side of the field several times and didn't score.

They aren't that great, we aren't that bad. It was one bad game.

Recruits should come to Michigan for a lot of things besides football: campus life, the degree and its great value, the Michigan traditions, the quality of the professors and students, and many other things.

To any kid who wants to be part of that, I say great. To any recruit who isn't comfortable in Ann Arbor, or feels another school is a better fit, I also say, great. It's four or five years of a young man's life, and he should go where he'll be happiest.

Guys should choose Michigan if that's where they'll be happiest, and only if that's where they feel the school meets their personal needs. Just like any other student.

Eye of the Tiger

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They have better tailbacks than we do.

They have a better D-line than we do.

They have better LBs than we do.

They have a better secondary than we do.

They have better kickers than we do.  

As much as I was also disappointed in the gameplan yesterday, there is a definite talent-gap between us and MSU, mostly on the defensive side of the ball, but it's there nonetheless.  


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And yet, if we scored on the 4th and 1 possession it would've been tied at 21 and a whole different ball game. This was an EXTREMELY close game and the final score doesn't show that. Trust me when I say that there may be a talent gap, but it's not nearly as large as you're making it out to be.


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Michigan State gained 333 yards, compared to Michigan's 250.  And consider that the dolts at MSU took 13 penalties for 124 yards, which helped to keep Michigan's drives alive.  And the 6 personal fouls alone gave Michigan 25% of its first downs.

Michigan didn't have success at ANYTHING yesterday.  Running the ball, passing the ball, stopping the run, stopping the pass, nothing.  The talent gap is pretty large.


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So much schadenfreude in these threads. Relax. Its a loss to a good team. MSU has a very good defense that shut us down. We're still not good enough, but we have a chance to win every game we have left on the schedule. We are already bowl eligible as well. Happy thoughts, friends. 


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is watching the MSU-Michigan game film, since he has a QB wearing No. 16 too, who runs the ball sometimes and is also a Heisman candidate.

If you think Bielema and the Badgers are going to let that shit slide before or during the MSU game, you're fucking dreaming.

I would not be surprised to see a number of MSU players suspended due to the nature of those personal fouls on Saturday.  It may not even be up to a complaint from Bielema.

But we'll soon see.




True Blue Grit

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take a rivalry to such an unsportsmanlike level that their players cheer when one of their guys commits a violet penalty for which the team is penalized 15 yards.  This speaks volumes of the poor leadership and example being set by their coaching staff.  I'd be ashamed of the way that team conducted itself if I were an alum of MSU (and thank God I'm not!). 


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Dantonio's team acts as thugish as Dantonio lets' them. I can't wait till we get Dantonio fired in 4-5 years. I hope Brady unleashes some Bo-to-Illini type beatdowns on them. I will personally be screaming "RUN UP THE SCORE!" in the big house next time we're in the big house. They've got a lot of Karma coming back their way very soon


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This is fantastic. Phenomenal. We've pushed you around like children for four years in a row, and now all you have left is "classless!". Classless like Jailin' Rose wiping his ass at midcourt? Classless like Woodson fighting with Boston after every play? Classless like resident hero Lamarr Woodley starting a fight during today's game?

"Classless!" is the cry of the loser. You don't seem too concerned about defensive linemen being big meanies when it's Suh pounding an opposing QB into the dirt for the Lions defense. But when it's Mighty Michigan getting abused, then you start crying.


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Does anyone know when the B1G would announce suspensions following a game?  Based on our experience with Mouton's punch, it should be a matter of when, not if Gholston sits.  If announced this week, I'd expect Dantonio to appeal in attempt to maintain eligibility for Wisky and the Huskers.  


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What has this fan base become?  MSU played a physical game and we failed to respond or make them pay for 13 penalties they commited.   

I attended the game.  I was extremely embarassed that our team ran off into the lockeroom without shaking hands at midfield.  I don't care how the other team conducts itself during the game, you need to be a MAN and show sportsmanship after the game is over.  We choose to talk passionately about their team's lack of class.  Meanwhile, our own players fail to be bigger men and show sportsmanship after the contest is over.  That was the biggest reason why MSU players decided to chase our team off and taunt them.  It was very embarrassing to watch.  


Can we please stop acting like a bunch of crybabies?  We have two weeks to heal and hopefully finish this season strong.