Tailgating in Lincoln

Submitted by NFG on October 24th, 2012 at 2:32 PM

I was wondering if any fellow MGoBloggers or Nebraska fans that follow this site know the best location for visiting fans to tailgate while in Lincoln? Any insight or guidance on where to go would be greatly appreciated. I'd rather have an idea where to park, instead of just guessing.



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I here you can get supplies at Nels Olsens place in Walnut Grove.  Charles Ingles might let you park the RV and put up a Canopy at his farm,  but watch out for the kids.   


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I live in Omaha now and have been to a couple Husker games. This will be the first time tailgating there.  We are going try the parking lot for the baseball stadium (Hawks Field) first.  It is located west of Memorial Stadium.  I hope to find other Michigan fans to park next to.  We are planning on getting there at about 10:00AM.


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Wow, why all the vitriol? Google is great for facts, but he's trying to source some subjective recommendations for tailgating options. Besides, this is waaaay more on topic than half the board threads.

KC Wolve

October 24th, 2012 at 5:19 PM ^

Been to Lincoln several times and honestly, I would skip tailgating altogether. There are a ton of bars right there and the tailgating just isn't that great. Great bar scene, below avg tailgating.


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i'll be staying in omaha before and after the game.  what is the traffic like between omaha and lincoln?  i'll be visiting the omaha zoo in the morning with the family and have a tailgate that starts in lincoln at 3:30.  what time do i need to leave omaha to get there in time for the tailgate start time?

thanks in advance! 


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1:45 would be a conservative estimate, 2:20 if things go your way. Luckily, the stadium is right off the highway and one of the first exits in Lincoln. If you're with kids, the rain forest will likely be the biggest hit. I know they've added a lot of new exhibits to the zoo recently, but the rain forest was always my favorite when I was a kid. Plus, it's indoors!

Also, a good restaurant in either West Omaha or downtown is Upstream. They have good food and better beer.