TacoPants shows up at the worst time.

Submitted by TroyNienberg on December 21st, 2009 at 10:53 AM

Well I was down in Nashville for the Dolphins game yesterday and Fish came back from 24-9 to force Overtime. They win the toss and on the ensuing possession Chad Henne throws a strike to Tacopants. Unfortunately, TacoPants is made of dreams and the Titans picked it off.

Well, the Titans get a personal foul, and proceed to knock in the GW FG.

I am a Dolphins fan and have been watching all year and am not sure what to think of what hopefully will be our franchise QB. He been a Katy Perry song all year as his perfomance fluactates (sic) on weekly basis and this Sunday he lost the game for us.

I'm still on the Chad Henne bandwagon, it's just the ceiling for him in my book is getting lower.

Generic no #1 receiver commment here.



December 21st, 2009 at 11:03 AM ^

Give the guy a break. I think he's doing quite well for having some pretty average/below average receivers. Just give him some talent to throw to, and watch out.


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a bad throw all around, but not the worst pick he trough on the day. the one where he was getting scaked and just threw up a prayer was pretty bad, since you were at the game was there receiver in the area??? chad is doing fine and will only get better.

Blue in Yarmouth

December 21st, 2009 at 11:13 AM ^

He did have a receiver in the area, and in fact he may have caught the pass, or at least broke it up had he not had his feet cememnted in the ground.

Having said that, he sh0uld never have thrown the pass to begin with. But there was a receiver there, he just didn't make a play on the ball.


December 21st, 2009 at 11:28 AM ^

There was a receiver in the area, I believe it was Camarillo, he could broke it up but I think he was surprised by the fact that Henne threw it to begin with.

I really didn't have as big as a problem with that pick because there were like 30 seconds in the first half when he threw it and they only had 1 timeout, plus they were on the fringe of FG territory. A sack causes them to use their timeout plus they would have some yards to make up. I think Henne was just thinking don't take a sack here. I don't think he would make that throw in other circumstances. The one thing I do admire about Henne is that he is really smart QB and I think that one


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I was unable to see the game and am only looking at box scores, but I see a Miami drive starting at Miami's own 10 yard line with 4:36 to go in the 4th quarter and down 8 points.

The stats show Chad Henne going 5 for 8 with 82 yards passing and a game tying Touchdown on 4th and goal with 1:34 to play.

On top of this, with his team down 24-9 at the beginning of the 4th quarter, he led his team on two 4th quarter drives elapsing 7:37, eventually tying the game. Overall in the game he was 29/47 for 349... a 61.7% completion rate for 7.6 yards per attempt.

For a first year starting at quarterback in the NFL, the ability to put that 4th quarter and that drive together shows a lot of promise for his future. Please don't panic.

Chad Henne has the potential to be a great NFL quarterback because he has the moxie to win close games late in the 4th quarter. See Penn State 2005, MSU 2004, 2005, 2007. He knows how to maximize his abilities when his team needs him to score.


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at the level of Joe Montana in his third Super Bowl? Jesus Freaking Christ, he's a fucking rookie. That's what rookies do: they throw dumb interceptions. He's done great overall with Miami, and has been much more impressive IMHO than Matt Stafford has been.


December 21st, 2009 at 12:26 PM ^

No one's slamming Henne or thinking he's a flop or anything. No one expects him to be as good as Brees or P Manning as a first-year starter. The poster was not slamming Henne - he was just pointing out, for those who missed it, a textbook Tacopants throw in overtime. It was the first thing I thought of when I saw it.

I watched most of the game and Henne threw many, many more good balls than bad. However, besides the Tacopants throw, he had a couple others which were really bad (an int in the end zone where he seriously underthrew Ricky Williams, and the pass to Hartline which the Tennessee player muffed by letting it get too close to his body and Hartline snatched it away). He's already a pretty good player, and seeing as this is his first year, Dolphin fans have to be excited.

I'm rooting for him, and hopefully he will be able to banish Tacopants as he gets more playing time and coaching.


December 21st, 2009 at 1:14 PM ^

So my comparison is inapt there. And considering how bad the Lions are, Stafford has done OK.

But his experience last year, according to the Dolphins website, was limited to three games, with Henne throwing a grand total of 12 passes, completing 7. And all those passes came in one game, which indicates that his experience in the other two games was limited to handing off. I recognize that he had a year to learn the system, but IMHO there is absolutely no substitute for actually playing in real games, and prior to this season Henne had had very, very little playing time. Not a rookie technically, but in playing time you can't say that he's already had a year under his belt. I don't count carrying a clipboard as playing time.


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it was his brother CubanPants who is staying at one of the condos TacoPants tried to flip in the Miami area.
They are roughly the same height.
TacoPants is currently assisting the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.


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I'm going to have to take some blame on this. I took Big Ben out of my fantasy team and replaced him with Henne.

My roster has been restored so hopefully that will silence Tacopants for the future.


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Yeah that was a pretty bad pass that ultimately lost them the game. However, he led the comeback and they wouldn't have had a chance without Henne.

Still, St. Louis, Carolina, Buffalo, Oakland, and Seattle would all kill to have Chenne on their roster.

And I'd say the Chiefs would much rather have him (much lower cap number and probably more talented than Cassel) and SF, TB, Washington, and Cleveland would all be interested in talking to him.

And of course, somewhere Chad Pennington is weeping.