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Having just read this article


about Robinson's impact on the defence, the one thing I really like about what I am hearing is not so much the agressive stuff, but the emphasis on tackling. If I had a dollar for every time I have screamed at the TV the last few years something like, "Tackle him!" which would be followed by me pulling out my hair and ranting till the start of the next play about how no one on the team seems to be able to tackle in space and there must be someone out there who can teach a kid to tackle...sooooo...I can only hope that somehow Robinson will lead out defensive boys into tackling Nirvana and "Yards After Contact" will be a big fat "0."



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Indeed. It seemed like with all the emphasis on chasing down fast QB's, a lot of the team resorted to arm tackles and shirt grabbing rather than wrapping that punk up and putting their shoulder into him.


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I'm of the belief that the generalized lack of emphasis on speed and mobility plays a role in our guys being unable to tackle guys in space. Between the late night pizzas and the Gittlesonized bulkiness, tackling fast qbs is a lot like Rocky chasing the chickens, if he ate pizzas instead of training harder.


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One of the most drilled-into-our-heads rules in football was NO ARM TACKLING. The reasons for it are obvious... unless you have no other opportunity to make the tackle, use your entire body to bring down the foe. Much more successful. I never understood how players get away with it in college and even the pros... our coaches would've had our nuts on a plate if we tackled like Morgan Trent even in practice


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Tackling is an art, and, while I cannot stand that he is an Ohio State alumnus, Chris Spielman is the most knowledgeable broadcaster on this subject. Too many guys go for the kill shot, and I am amazed that he the only one who always seems to critique improper technique. To be perfectly honest, I was surprised how little time was spent in my experiences in both pro and college football working on this. So much of the time in the college and pro game seems to be dedicated to learning schemes.

During every practice in high school all position groups worked on tackling drills for about 20 minutes, and I really missed this at the higher levels. Heck, I was a flyweight quarterback in high school prior to putting on weight in college, and that lack of heft allowed me to do tackling drills with the kickers, which was great considering that one of of kickers was our smoking hot homecoming queen who tired of playing soccer. In fact, I think that I can honestly say that tackling the homecoming queen daily was probably the finest accomplishment of my athletic career!


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+1 for tackling the homecoming queen...daily...sweet

Execution begins with sound fundamentals...scheme matters not if you cannot execute...Coach Rodrigues' track record at coaching up guys speaks to an emphasis on sound fundamentals and in the propaganda this year I am hearing a lot of words like "executution", "being in position"... Coach Robinson impressing the existing staff with how he is teaching tackling...all of it is like a fine wine or a beautiful symphony...especially if...when...it starts making a difference on game day


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From the article:

Fresh off a less-than-steller four-year stint as Syracuse coach

Annarbor.com might want to try using spell-check.


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uses a tackling system that he brought from texas, and when he was with the chiefs. The system was designed by a guy named bill williams, he is the head of the fcpga...

good guy, i worked with him this summer.


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bet man... thanks for the compliment...

also, the article kinda refers to what i was saying after the spring game, michigan will base out of the 3-4, with a twist...

when robinson called in williams and his staff after their first year in KC, the next years defense really imporved tackling wise... we will see if michigan makes the same strides...