T or F: MICHIGAN flag on the moon?

Submitted by superstringer on August 20th, 2012 at 4:37 PM

I am turning to the robust knowledge base of the MGOBLOG faithful.

There apparently is a rumor that a UNIVERSITY OF MICHIGAN flag is on the Moon, put there by one of our esteemed alumni who was walking on it while under the employ of NASA.  There is apparently a rumor that this rumor is untrue.  And a rumor that, while there may have been a MICHIGAN flag on one of the Gemini or Apollo spacecraft, it never made it to the Moon.

Anyone know the truth here?  I don't want google search links.  I want someone who knows a guy who is friends with a sister of the father of the ex-brother-in-law who used to walk the fish and the cat of the engineer who put the flag on the spacecraft.  Or something like that.



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I'm currently typing this comment from the moon, and yes, there is a flag.  I'm looking right at it.  2pac is here as well, he can confirm, although he rarely posts on MGoBlog anymore. 


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During Orientation in the summer of 1988,   our UofM sanctioned guide, who was a grad student at the time, told us group of new students that "There are two flags on the moon.....one is the US flag, the other is the University of Michigan flag"  and then went on to say the astronauts were UofM aerospace grads. 


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Probably no flag.

But here's a tidbit that you can be proud of Michigan for, and that few know:

Raoul Wallenberg, one of the greatest humanitarians of all time, who risked his life in WW2 while a Swedish diplomat to save people from the Nazis, went to Michigan.

That's much better than a flag on the moon.


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The University of Michigan was also behind the funding of the Dharma Initiative, researching animals on a desolate island.  Consequently, they were responsible for the crash of Oceanic flight 815.