T. Mills on WTKA today - it was a great interview

Submitted by Goggles Paisano on March 14th, 2017 at 12:28 PM

If you didn't hear Terry Mills on with Sam this morning, I highly advise that you listen to it.  It was a fantastic 25-30 minutes in total (no commercial breaks) of Terry talking about being on the plane when it went off the runway and how terrifying it really was.  It was 100x scarier than I ever thought.

He then went on to talk about their championship run back when Freider opted to bolt to ASU right before the tourney.  There were some great details in there on how Bo got involved with the players in only a way we would expect Bo to act. 

I'm crazy busy right now and don't have time to put the link up - hopefully someone can link that segment of the show because it was really really good.  Mills was very candid and I know you all will really appreciate it.  



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100% Agree. Well worth the listen. Brought things into much greater perspective with the crash. You can tell he's still a little rattled by the whole thing.

The Bo part was hilarious. Typical Bo. I believe it was Sean Higgins who was contemplating transferring due to not starting all season, which came to Bo's attention. As a motivation tactic after Coach Bill Frieder bolted for Arizona St. before the tournament, Bo went up to Sean Higgins and pulled out transfer papers out of his back pocket and basically was like, "Here's your transfer papers if you want to leave."


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and to hear about it for the first time almost 30 years later, after you believe you've heard them all makes you appreciate the great man just  a bit more. He didn't just run the football team. He was a 20 year tutorial for all who cared to listen on what leading was all about. 


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I wish there was a way someone could post a transcript of this.  Not exactly in a position to be listening to any audio right now.


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I am the last year of gen x and I idolized men like him. Truly magnificent in the way he commanded a locker room. Made hot shots look and feel like paper bags if they weren't thinking of THE TEAM, THE TEAM, THE TEAM. Wish I was born a little earlier to enjoy watching him coach football live.


March 15th, 2017 at 8:34 AM ^

Mills mentioned the fan suport in DC for the BTT final and said it was "electric" and gave the team a lift, similar to what he felt in the '89 NCAAs in Lexington against North Carolina.

Moral of the story:  GO TO THE GAMES AND SUPPORT THE TEAM!!  They notice it and feed on it.

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