Syracuse Football and Basketball Target of NCAA Investigation

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Syracuse University basketball has been under NCAA investigation for a period of “years,” a source with knowledge of the case told

That source said the school has received a letter of preliminary inquiry from the NCAA.

The specific nature of the alleged violations was not disclosed by the source but the transgressions were described as both major and wide-ranging in nature. The investigation also encompasses football but is believed to primarily involve basketball. Syracuse has been penalized only once by the NCAA in a major case according to the association's legislative database. That was in 1992 in a case that focused on extra benefits in the basketball program.




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Not sure if you are serious about being disappointed? Sorry my sarcasm detector may be deficient. At the least, Syracuse boosters were well-known to be throwing cash around in the 80s and 90s and Boeheim isn't stupid. The 93 tourney ban for Syracuse grew out of a little bit of that being uncovered but it was not exactly a big secret that there were more involved including some players from the state of MI who went to Syracuse. Dunno about this more recent stuff and college basketball isn't exactly filled with a lot of high minded saints. But Boeheim has had a certain rep for decades.


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NCAA being NCAA-like.

Going after the non-SEC schools and turning the blind eye to the Bamas, Auburns, and Ole Misses of the world! But practice too much and we'll getcha!


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You're telling me that a school that Eric Devendorf and Scoop Jardine committed to play at is dirty?

Color me shocked!


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but the NCAA has no teeth. This is like the 10th time in the last year or two that the NCAA FIND [MAJOR SCHOOL] UNDER INVESTIGATION and noooottttthing happens.

Ohio State, Oregon, Miami. NOTHING.

Nothing is going to happen to Syracuse....unless they were stretching too much, then DOOM


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It just goes to show you that cheating does not make you an elite athletic institution. Syracuse fans also don't need to be that upset, because of all of their choke jobs it means the NCAA doesn't have that much they can strip from them.


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to a bad NCAA joke at this stage. In the face of wayward investigations, toothless and/or hypocritical sanctions, sadly, most fans just assume almost ever school is corrupt. 


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This story, as you will note - LINK - links to the story published about the drug policy violations and how technically Syracuse could get slapped with LOIC for failing to adhere to its own policy. The Washington Post (LINK) adds some of the potential highlights of the more recent investigation here. 

It mentions that part of this might entail how the eligibility issues surrounding Fab Melo were handled, as well as the handling of a 2007 sexual assault case involving three players on the team at the time. Further, there was apparently a personnel shuffling at the university, per the story at, that occured around the time of the initial inquiries into the drug policy violations. 


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Well this could be the source of the now deleted tweet from Syracuses official twitter account that said 'Cuses last home game was Boeheims last (i.e. that the AD was asking him to retire due to an investigation).  

My day just keeps getting worse as I have been a long time Syracuse fan.  



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Sorry to disappoint you (well, disappoint you any more than your defeat at our hands in the last Big East tournament... or your future in the new Atlantic-10...), this is a recycled story meant as a catch and grab to coincide with the NCAA tournament.  Yawn.

Enjoy your empty arena without SU fans filling up 40% of it.




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We've seen this story before. The NCAA will probably "investigate" the 'Cuse for a few months, then slam some more penalties on Saint Mary's.