Sylvania Northview and Southview on Probation from OHSAA

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It may have been overzealous competition for future athletes, or simply a couple of errors attributed to a misunderstanding of athletic bylaws.

But the actions of the football programs at both Sylvania high schools — Southview and Northview — were each ruled to be in violation of Ohio High School Athletic Association bylaws dealing with recruiting incoming high school student-athletes.




If you are wondering the relevance of this thread. Sylvania Southview is the high school of 2012 Football Recruit, Allen Gant.



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Southview has flat out dominated this league in the recent years.  Besides Gant, Joplin was looked at by Michigan a couple years ago.  Really good talent, unfortunately grades held him back.  

Southview won DII in Ohio in 2008.

Northview, by contrast, has been pretty "meh" in recent years.

For those in the Toledo/Sylvania/Maumee area, this may trigger the rise of Maumee.  Maumee has placed first or second in each of the past three years.  New recruiting grounds for Coach Hoke?

JR's Flow

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They should dominate their conference is horrific, and they practice in pads IN JUNE. It's about time they get caught. And they were too scared to join the Three Rivers Conference with St. Johns, Whitmer, Central, and us(St. Francis). Then they  have one or two losses before conference play and then they all act like they're the best team in state. After that they get embarassed in state playoffs, besides '08. They were really good but got lucky on one of the last play as they threw a bomb down the field and won.


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That play was the last play of the FIRST HALF in which Gant caught the pass that was tipped twice.  We (Springfield) had our chance to beat Southview last year but didn't.  We lost to a good team.  It seems like you are bitter that you had Southview beat by 2 touchdowns in the 4th quarter but they came back to beat you last year.


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My brother in law played on that '08 state title team.  They NEVER practiced in pads in June.  The seniors do organize off season weight training and workouts, but coaches are not involved. 

Also, I was at the state title game in '08.  Southview came back to win at the end of the 4th quarter, but there was no 'lucky' single play at the end of the game.  At the end of the first half, there was a 'Hail Mary' pass that Gant caught at the back of the end zone.



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All sports or just football? This thread is relevent to me because I played both of these schools in tennis every year when I was in high school.


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I have to admit that I don't take these sorts of things as seriously as I probably should, mostly because I think that the OHSAA is pretty much a joke.


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Only two years probation!!! The OHSAA is such a joke, they have no guts to drop the hammer on their precious cash cow. I was expecting a post season ban and loss of scholarships, but instead they just slapped them on their wrists. Harvest Prep fans are probably furious that Slyvania didn't receive the same punishment.

Mi Sooner

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the separation line between the schools is a mess/joke. 

for those who don't know, the  two schools schools are nearly in the middle of the district that isn't very big geographically, maybe separated by a mile as the crow flies.  Sylvania HS, what is now Northview, use to dominate the old suburban leagues back in the day.  When Southview was originally built, it was intended to be the junior high and relegating both mccord and arbor hills (the third junior high was build in the last ten years -- southview as built in the mid-70's) to middle schools.  this is why there is only one football stadium in the district -- there was only going to be  one sr HS.  it was a political decision based on demographics that lead to the change in status for southview.  it is easy to see how it recruiting could be misstaking for  normal interactions in the town.

atheletics were never a big thing for the now two schools; nothview was originally the dominate one in most sports between the two with southview sucking in all but basketball early on.  recruiting did nto occur.  as the city/twp grew into their two sr HS's along with a redistribution of the demographics, both became good; thus, this easily lead to the competion for talent in town.


Disclamer:  While i lived very near Southview and would have attended Southview in their first freshman class, i attended the same HS that one of our in-coming freshmen attended.

JR's Flow

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St. Francis does no recruiting of players at all. Believe me, that is why St. Francis is falling behind in talent. You wouldn't believe the amount of vouchers for school Central Catholic gives. Last year 19 of their 22 starters were on voucher. IT is ridiculous.


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Even if St. Francis was "recruiting," St. Francis charges tuition or requires students in financial need to participate in its work-study program.  Some students may earn scholarships, but many still have to pay some portion to attend.  Schools like Southview and Northview have the benefit of attracting students to good schools without having to pay tuition.


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You have no clue guy..(bluedevil)They wouldn't let Gant in because their Academics are too high. Father O is very strict in regards to this matter, which is possibly why the knight program has fallen off a little bit. I have Faith in Block though. GO Knights! Class of '02, state champ '01.


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YOU have no clue guy..(PburgGoBlue).  They were recruiting Gant during his 8th grade year.  Grade points are not established until 9th grade ... correct?  It's my understanding that Gant  has a 3.2 grade point in College Prep Courses.  Since it seems you graduated from St Francis... the Team Physician, perhaps your best basketball player in school history and a former football player on one of your State Championship Teams were the buffers in recruiting Gant.  If Gant wanted to go to St. Francis, St Johns or Central Catholic ... he could have!

Mi Sooner

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St francis on the other hand.....

Back in dark ages both schools approached my dad about me going to either st johns or them. That other school was never an option. If I had gone to southview I would have been a four year starter; no I am not that good.


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The Sylvania high school athletic departments are flawed by design and make corruption nearly inevitable.  The open enrollment has led to the students who are good at football to enroll at Southview and the students who play hockey to enroll at Northview, leading to the respective programs to be amongst the top in the state. If the students were bound by geographical boundaries neither the Southview football team, nor the Northview hockey team would be powerhouses.


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This doesn't surprise me Start does it in baseball, St Johns, St Francis, and Central do it in other sports mostly football and basketball. If they are letting kids enroll in any school within their district why wouldn't they want to play for the better sports program.


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Northview would still be a powerhouse in hockey. Show me another public school with their track record. They have more hockey talent in their district than they know what to do with. They lose alot of their talent to travel and the catholic schools. I beleive the OHSAA just split the private and public schools for the state tournaments, if that is the case, Northview will win states damn near every year. As a parent of 2 boys in the catholic school system beleive me when I say this, they reruit, all of them do.


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Bowling Green high school has a better track record in hockey.  As a JV coach for a catholic school in nw I find it crazy when I hear that we recruit.  Most kids have a lot of growing to go.  CCHS, SFS, SJS all offer opportunity for financial aid and work study, but it is avaliable to any who meets the criteria.


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I played for SV back in 96-97 and there was nothing going on then (that I was aware of).  Mayzes has put together a few great teams there since I graduated.  Hopefully it gets cleaned up.  Good luck to them this year!


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Southview was reprimanded because the Head Coach went to pick up his daughter at a Jr. High School.  As the Coach was at the Jr. High, a football player walked by and the Coach asked him where he was going to school next year.  The player's father happens to be an administrator, teacher or coach at Northview.  Thus Northview reported the Southview Coach to OHSAA.  Though I'm not a big fan of Southview Coach ... this was very cheesy.  A little jealousy on Northview's part?


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the new Northview head coach ( who was the OC at Southview last year ) recieved a list of 8th grade football players in the district, and proceeded to make phone calls to all of them.  The athlectic director at Southview called the OHSAA, which prompted a larger investigation of the whole district.



OMG Shirtless

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Isn't CoachBT of GBMW fame a Sylvania Northview coach???  Why am I not surprised that his goofy ass would be involved in some sort of scandal, I just always assumed it would be more along the lines of "To Catch A Predator."