SyFy Channel Premieres "School Spirits" show at Michigan Sorority tonight

Submitted by M-Wolverine on June 20th, 2012 at 9:20 AM

So normally SyFy's latest ghost show would hardly merit an eye blink...till I saw the first episode tells the tale of a U-M Sorority House haunting.  So oddly on-topic, and they'll have me watching at least one episode.…

If anyone knows anyone on the show (or if someone on it is actually reading) hop on and tell us about it.  It's early, but I thought it more worthwhile for people to dvr set than have it on the front page for an "open thread"...though if there's any great U-M shots, or anything cool, I'm sure people will point it out tonight.



The kicker? They're bookending the short summer series with an episode at a Slippery Rock Frat.



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Any reference to SyFy immediately and solely brings only one thing to my mind...




And notwithstanding Brian's (misplaced, IMHO) displeasure with its conclusion, those who know what "BSG" stands for will universally have the same reaction... SIGH.  WE ARE STILL IN WITHDRAWAL!!!!


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Personally I'd have stayed up on the basestar and hung out with the robots.  They at least have working climate control and they might have the blueprints for the humanoid models lying around still.   Forget the subsistence life style.  Also while I'm up there, I'll drop a missile on Baltar for his betrayal of humanity.  

BSG's failures mostly came from the fact it was uncanceled and then canceled multiple times. So the whole arc was messed up.  


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Or the script is?  Because obviously the recreations aren't a couple of guys writing the dialogue of what they think they said and did years ago.  

If you mean they created a ghost story and paid them to say this happened, that would be more interesting...because I wouldn't put it past them on these shows.  


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Battlestar Galactica's finale was flawed, but I'm more or less ok with it.  It had some nice moments (we call chuckled heartily at the Tigh/Tory/Chief scene; and I loved how they handled Roslin/Adama) and I don't mind that they left some things open-ended (most notably, Starbuck)  I can understand why some people won't do this, but I'm nice enough to evaluate the finale in full context; which is to say that Ronald D. Moore essentially admitted that they had no game-plan after the first two seasons and were making up shiz as they went along afterwards.

Did the finale as a whole work?  Maybe it did, maybe it didn't, but at least they swung for the fences trying to send the show off in style.


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Honestly F*ck SciFi , any fan should have saw that the writing on the wall when they rebranded to be "SyFy" as the SciFi moniker denoted that they showed sci fi programing, no shit? a channel named after a particular genre of media shows what it's name implies.

Long live Stargate SG1, Atlantis, BSG, Caprica, Eureuka, and the other good scripted shows that those assholes have killed off just so they can show more wras'ling and bull shit reality "ghost" shows on a freaking channel that used to be devoted to the genre and is still named after it. 


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So many things that piss me off about about Syfy: The SG-1 cast found out they were cancelled during their 200th episode celebration party. The Sanctuary cast and crew not knowing what was going to happen for months on end before cancelling them. The Eureka cast found out they were cancelled from fans on twitter. Actually, I think I was one of the people that informed Colin Ferguson about their cancellation. Their odd timeline of cancelling SG: Atlantis and greenlighting SG: Universe. Not picking up BSG:Blood and Chrome but picking up a ton of new "reality shows". I think the list can go on but I'm already OT on an OT thread, though the SG-1 T-shirt I'm wearing right now  (not even kidding) kind of kept me going.