Suspended Ohio TE Stoneburner switched to reciever

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I heard this awhile back about Stoneburner making the switch to wider reciever.  I figured someone else would have posted on it already, but in a simple site search I didn't find anything and I noticed in Todays 2012 Recruiting: Devin Funchess, Brian compares these two guys.  General consesus from the douchebags Ohio fans that I know is that he was their best receiving threat anyway, so not sure how significant this is, especially with the way the ex-Florida coach tends to use his tight ends.

Anyway, here's a link on the Stoneburner thing.*


*Takes you to a crappy website, FWIW



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Meyer does not use tight ends.  Hence Fragel to OT and Stoneburner to WR.  Makes sense if that's the personnel set he wants to use.


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I sat around thinking about notable TEs in Meyer's coaching history and admittedly could really only come up with players on Gators teams that he coached like Hernandez and Ingram. When I expanded this thinking to any TE that had been on a Meyer team, I vaguely remember names like Matt Hansen at Utah (didn't Blake Burdette spend about 15 minutes at TE as well in Utah?) or maybe D'Monn Baker  and Craig Jarrett at Bowling Green having a great game or two and then falling off the face of the Earth. Rather interesting perspective from some who coached the position at Ohio in the 1980s for a time, I believe.


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re 11W, i mean, it's not awful i guess. but seems like over 50% of the posters on that site refer to us as "scUM" (i mean, this to me is one of the most childish and least creative plays on words/acronyms i've ever seen) or something similar.

and i know that each of us are obsessed with the other, but they on 11W seem to have a special obsession with us. the other day i was looking and at least 3 out of about 10 or so of their current topics related to michigan, and none of them were all that interesting or involved breaking news.

just IMHO, i guess.


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I see it as using your talent the best way possible... I think as a WR he will be an even great threat and in turn will help open up the running game by both the RBs and Miller which will in turn open up the passing game more. As a TE he had a more limited role.


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Stoneburner actually played WR in high school, and was switched over to TE because of his size. The coaching staff says that Stoneburner has natural WR tendencies and given their lack of proven receivers it made more sense to officially move him. 

The receiving corps is comprised mostly of underclassmen with only Devin Smith and Corey "Philly" Brown separating themselves as reliable threats. So transplanting a senior leader into that group should prove to be beneficial in the long run.


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Ohio State certainly needs more receiving support. Accuracy and sack issues for Braxton Miller aside, the leading receiver(s) had fourteen catches each. God willing, Stoneburner will get twenty this year.


By the way, you're trying too hard at the anti-Ohio stuff.

Urban Warfare

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That wasn't entirely on the receivers, although they weren't great.  Bollman's playcalling was Zookian in its stupidity.  Among other things, Bollman had an affinity for the wildcat formation and a disdain for play-action or any passing play that offered a check-down.  Miller was trying to hit receivers 20 or 30 yards deep who were being double covered because everyone knew the tight end and slot were decoys.  Not to mention that these plays took 6 or 7 seconds to develop, so Braxton was usually running for his life by the time he got the ball off. 

In other words, JIm Bollman sucks.