A surprising name has emerged as the Michigan WR making the biggest strides this offseason

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When I read the tweet I was expecting it to be Donovan Peoples Jones or Nico Collins. The article states DPJ and Black are continuing their impressive ascent but its second year Walk on Jake McCurry that's the one turning heads in practice

And to back it up even former LB Mike McCray tweeted "Knew who they was talking about before I read it. Jake is a problem." https://twitter.com/BigPlayMcCray_9/status/1007363572412841985



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McCurry, Wilson.  What's up with all the walk-ons getting hype this year?  I don't mean this as an indictment on Harbaugh or the scholarship/recruited players, just surprised.  Don't think I've ever heard of multiple walk-ons being discussed so heavily.

Blue in Paradise

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AK47 told the Board yesterday that Harbaugh is a failure because he hasn't developed as many walk ons as Wisconsin and gave a walk on spot to Jeff George Jr.  Some folks also get nervous if you develop too many walk ons.

Basically, the coaches are a failure if they develop too many or too few walk on, I wonder what is the correct number of walk ons a coach should develop?


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Aren’t you a failure when you finish no higher than 3rd in your division and are 1-5 in rivalry games? And isnt recruiting a big part of that? Just consider that If Walker and Crawford leave that will mean only Eddie McDoom remains from our WR/RB haul in 2016. (You could add Evans who was listed as an athlete). That is atrocious recruiting. And it doesn’t speak well about Harbaugh’s talent evaluation. So should we be surprised when walk-ons are getting publicity. No.

Watching From Afar

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To be fair, Mayfield was not a traditional "walk-on." He was a 3 star QB from a powerhouse high school program that didn't get the offers he wanted (his attitude and father made most programs turn and run) so he went to TT and then immediately transferred.

He's nothing like a walk-on who only had offers from DII or Ivies so they walk on at big programs instead.

The Fan in Fargo

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I just love the fact that with all of the great degrees on this board and all of the knowledge, I was the lone standout to start typing questions and use a question mark. Now everyone types questions. It's like you brainiacs couldn't fathom to do it. Point to me for the night and non Michigan degree. You schmucks are welcome by the way.


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Well, I guess that's a great theory if WRs and RBs are leaving because they get arrested or don't want to play, but if they are leaving for lack of PT it just means that Harbaugh recruited better players around them.  Evans and Higdon may be the best RB duo in the B1G this year.  It doesn't matter what their star ranking was or Walker's ranking.   As long as they have good RB's that's what matters.   Same goes for WR's.   Just because Harbaugh praises a WO doesnt' mean the rest of the WRs are crap.   Give the kid some credit for working hard and being a good player.



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Yeah except that is not what I said. I argued bringing on Jeff George as a walk on was either a not great sign about qb development or poor roster management because walk on slots are valuable slots that can be utilized effectively to support the team in positions where lets of players play. The emergence of a walk on supports my point, I never commented on the ability or lack of ability of Harbaugh and Michigan to develop walk ons, I cited Wisconsin as an example of why walk on slots are valuable and giving one to Jeff George is a waste of a slot or a sign the coaches don't feel comfortable with QB depth.


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Wow. So now Harbaugh is receiving criticism for bringing in walk-ons, of which there is an unlimited number. This is a fresh concept. The team could conceivably have 130-150 players, and you're concerned that one more of them will be a QB. We've got about six walk-on fullbacks, but the problem isn't Brian Chu or Peter Bush or Spencer Dickow...it's Jeff George, Jr.


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Your supposition is wrought with overthinking. Quite simply, Harbaugh wants the best players available—and if a guy whose dad is Jeff George asks to walk on, you let that talented bloodline walk on. Walk ons are not where you make your bread and butter as a coach; they are where a coach gives chances to possible worthy folk. OSU ain’t sitting there hoping to get two starters or even role players out of walk-ons. Jesus, people just want to find shit to complain about with regard to the coach—as if there is one right way or one magical formula to winning.


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In his first couple of years, Harbaugh put a lot of emphasis on improving the walk on program and they got a bunch of guys who were FCS or D3 caliber to instead walk-on.  Also, these guys usually go unnoticed but are an important part of the team and a mention by the head coach is a great reward for their hard work.

Clarence Boddicker

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Yes, this! Thank you! Harbaugh has started to recruit walk-ons--the walk-on program is now more dedicated to bringing in real talent rather than live tackling dummies. And a bunch of them could've gotten scholarships to low-level D1 programs too, but choose to walk-on at Michigan instead. So we shouldn't be surprised when potential starters arise from that group.


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I guess you missed the Andrew Vastardis hype from a few springs ago-  I swear the guy grew an inch and gained 10 lbs every time someone brought up his name. He's listed as 6' 3" 311 lbs on the roster and I've seen posters on here call him ridiculous shit like 6' 6" 330.   Mike Wroblewski had a ton of hype from last spring, he came in against Cincinnati when Bush got dinged up, promptly got steamrolled for a TD on the goal line and I don't think he played a meaningful snap outside of special teams from then on.  Nate Schoenle got a lot of hype and did play a decent amount but didn't have much production.

At this point in the year the roster is pretty depleted because the incoming class isn't on the depth chart - 'tis the season for walk-on hype.


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He won the award for scout team player of the year at the awards banquet last year and was committed to Columbia before PWOing at Michigan. It's not much of a leap to intuit from that that he's a smart kid and a hard worker. Excelling at those two traits can more than make up for whatever athleticism deficit there may be. 


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Great news. Don't care if a kid is a 5 star or a walk-on. If they are impressing and moving up the depth chart and can make UM better next year I love it. Having a great walk-on program can pay big dividends in the end.

Some kids just don't mature as fast as others. Sometimes it takes them a year or two of college before they come into their own, which has them over looked in high school.  Seems we have found a few diamonds in the rough with our walk on program.