Supporting MGoBlog-the economics of the site

Submitted by Yooper on October 20th, 2010 at 3:09 PM

I am relatively new to following MGoBlog on a regular basis and enjoy it very much. The info is timely and informative, and quite often fun, even with the occasional panic or the squabbles about how many points one should have to be able to post, etc. Brian is a very skilled writer, and many of the contributors are really clever. When someone provides a service I find of value, I think they should be compensated. For that reason I recently sent a modest donation via the link provided. It got me thinking about the economics of the site and how we can best support MGoBlog. I did review the various info about the site, but, being new here and somewhat unfamiliar with the blogging world, I had a few questions about how Brian makes this thing work economically and how I can maximize (for MGoBlog) my participation.

While it may be a labor of love for him, it is a commercial enterprise we want to be successful. There seem to be the following revenue streams:

1. Direct Contributions. I have never seen an appeal for donations, which I appreciate. However, is there some expectation that readers will contribute, for example upon joining, once a year, or to celebrate getting invited to a bowl game? Also, are there periodic drives to raise money to offset the cost of upgrading the site?

2. Advertising Revenue. Obviously, ads are sold directly or generated through some service, and presumably the more eyeballs the greater the revenue. But is the revenue greater if one clicks through to an advertiser, whether or not you actually buy something? Also, are hits the most important thing? For example, if I am going to look at the site 10 times during the day is there more revenue generated if I visit 10 different times or if I just say connected for several hours?

3. Indirect Revenue sources. If I want to visit another site, does MGoBlog receive revenue if I get there via a link from MGoBlog?

4. Other sources. Brian writes for other online sites. I believe he mentioned that he is compensated on a salary or per submission basis. Does he also benefit directly if we visit those sites and how do we maximize that benefit? Thanks in advance for the responses.