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Submitted by jmblue on January 17th, 2011 at 4:52 PM

The Lloyd Brady talk got me wondering: is the Superfan line still ongoing?  The original, from the mid-late '90s, was Jeff Holhauzen (sp?).  Superfan II was Reza Breakstone, and III was Brian Groesser.  Has the line of the Superfans continued?  If not, I think we have a strong candidate...



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With apologies to I and (to a lesser extent) II and III, I think that shtick has run its course.  (Aside: Long ago I heard that the guys were from Chelsea, which makes me proud as a son of rural SE Michigan.)  Right now I rank it only slightly higher than Willy the Wolverine.  Also, I've never been comfortable with any form of self-apointed spirit bunny.

Lloyd Brady, on the other hand, can have more than another 15 minutes of fame.


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I have only seen the superfan at basketball games.  Honestly, I feel like the role of the superfan has become someone in charge of the Maize Rage.  I haven't seen him at Yost or any other sporting event (but I don't really go to other sports outside of football, basketball or hocket). 

Built Ford Tough

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you are just running Maize Rage. My definition of a Superfan would be someone that is visible on campus at multiple sporting events. I've seen True Blue Tom at more events like volleyball and such than this current Superfan. I guess that's the problem with these sort of titles, there's always criticism.

By the way, I thought for sure Rishi would have held the title at one point. The guy sat front row at the Grad Ceremony on the Diag in addition to FB games for like seven years. He did get a little annoying after a bit but still someone with a lot of passion for Michigan.


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They are on the 10th Superfan?  They have a new one every year now?  The hell?  When did that start?  Do they pass the costume along each year, or is a new one made?

I done got old!

James Burrill Angell

January 17th, 2011 at 5:41 PM ^

This is a link to the original superfan's website.
He and I speak on occasion and both our talks and the notations at the bottom indicating that there is a "current student" Superfan named Will lead me to believe this tradition still exists.

Interesting point the masked one informed me, other than he and the current Superfan, all of the other Superfans now live outside Michigan.


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It's an elected position in the Maize Rage student organization although the original Superfan does have some say in appointing a new one. The current superfan is a senior named Will.

Blue X2

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Since we are like looking for an entire recruiting class, perhaps we could look for a new superfan while we are at it.  At least a superfan does not require a DC to get committed.

Mr. Robot

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I don't know exactly how this works, but Jeff, who I guess is the first one, is not much a of a Superfan. Liked the guy a lot until I had to tolerate him for the Ohio State game this year. I don't feel like making a laundry list right now, but I lost absolutely all respect for the guy. His conduct during that game made me 10 times more embarassed to be there than the team's performance.

I really love doing the gravewalk, but I'll be doing it by myself next year. I can't justify doing it with that guy anymore.


January 17th, 2011 at 11:12 PM ^

Especially since he stole the concept of visiting the graves of Ufer and Yost from a few other fans with whom he was aquainted. These guys were the ones actually visiting the graves in the early morning hours prior to the last home game.


January 17th, 2011 at 8:36 PM ^

The current Superfan is the man. His name is Will and I know him well. He has supported the University through thick and thin (unlike the original Superfan). Will goes to all the football and basketball games. He's a really nice guy too.


January 17th, 2011 at 9:36 PM ^

I don't know him, and he seems like a nice guy, but there are people who have gone to literally every event they can over the last few years.   The AD ran a program where students swiped their MCards at each event.  Some people went to 50-60 events, not counting football, basketball, or hockey!

Tennis, Volleyball, Baseball, Basketball, and even Field Hockey.  The "superfan" has really had some great superfans that are really dedicated to all M sports, but with the Maize Rage being the organization that annoits the title, the biggest M fan isn't really the superfan.  It kinda loses its luster when the Superfan doesn't even show up to some of the biggest games in sports like Softball and Volleyball.


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from people who are/were friends with the original guy i'm embarrassed that it exists. if the current one is as great as he seems to be, he should make a mark by creating something new and letting the title die with the first. the sheer amount of drama and bs that follows this stupid honor is ridiculous. #1 wears it on his sleeve and to dress up like he does is a joke - i think it's borderline when students do it but, you know, that's what college is for. when you're in your 40s, write blog entries as if you are a supremely important 'being' and talk shit during games while scowling in a mask... you need to find something better in life.

sorry for the rant but the superfan thing is one of the few items that msu fans can bring up that i full-out cringe and can't counter as making our school look dumber than shit. and, of course, i'm referring to #1 when i say this and not, you know, the assuredly nice COLLEGE-AGED guys who carry on the title bc they don't realize they're carrying on some random guy's sad ploy for attention

wow, that was a spiteful diatribe. +1 to maker's mark.