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Submitted by Michigan Arrogance on September 13th, 2009 at 8:35 AM

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GB...i say ND and the Refs won this game for UM...I can't stand the fact that Forcier just got more people licking his if he doesnt lick it enough himself....biggest tool ever
buttkid | Email | Homepage | 09.12.09 - 7:29 pm | #

I blame this loss on Ty
joeyjoejoejrshabadoo | Email | Homepage | 09.12.09 - 7:31 pm |

Michigan fan -- you refs earned their payoffs today. Whatever you are paying them isn't enough. They went beyond "homerism" with their calls today.
Big Mike | Email | Homepage | 09.12.09 - 7:38 pm | #

Mich fan -- enjoy it. You paid for it.
Big Mike | Email | Homepage | 09.12.09 - 7:40 pm | #

The only thing that could cheer me up is if he resigns at the postgame press conference.
Tony Spilotro | Email | Homepage | 09.12.09 - 7:41 pm | #

i blame ty, who hired the refs
joeyjoejoejrshabadoo | Email | Homepage | 09.12.09 - 7:44 pm | #

Rich Rod saved his bacon for now. The guy is scummier than scum. It's rumored he deleted WVU's recruiting files when he left. Be proud Michigan, you eked out a slim victory against a team that can find a way to lose against the lowliest programs.
Homeydogg | Email | Homepage | 09.12.09 - 7:46 pm | #

the rim licking by the announcers on Forcier was nausiating. He did well but he wasn't the freakin second coming.
tabby | Email | Homepage | 09.12.09 - 7:52 pm | #

If Forcier was so freakin good why do they keep putting "shoelaces" in?
tabby | Email | Homepage | 09.12.09 - 8:20 pm | #

Somebody talk me back from the ledge (though I'm not sure that I want that)

Let me preface by saying that I'm not a life-long Notre Dame fan. I started following the Irish my senior year of college, when I was submitting my graduate application to the University of Notre Dame. But since 2002 (Ty's first season), I have been a huge Irish fan. Since that time and following my time as an ND grad student and beyond, I have followed every game; I have watched every down and since the creation of the Blue-Gray Sky blog, I have read every single comment on every single blog post.

Today took a horrible hit on my status as a fan. I was a huge apologist in the past. Last year, we were a few plays away from being 8-4. I knew that we were young and inexperienced. I knew that this year would be our year. All the pieces would be in place this season.

We were the best team on the field today. That's what hurts so much. Michigan is a horrible football team, and like the last 3 years (yes, I am including 2006), we have made mediocre players look like legends. How could the Michigan CBs run with our WRs? How can we make an 80 lb quarterback look like a world beater?

I have been close to the edge before. There have been some dark times in my short tenure as a Notre Dame fan. But, today... Today was too much. Sitting in a bar with obnoxious Wolverine fans screaming as we gave the game away to them in the closing minutes was too much. I can't invest this much of my life into this game. It hurts too much.

We left too much out on the field. I don't even know who to blame. Weis for throwing when we could have easily run out the clock? Golden for giving up on so many passes? The defense for allowing so many runs up the middle? The refs for some outrageous calls?

The first loss is always the hardest. Maybe UM will be the best team this season. Maybe they will run the table. I doubt it. Maybe ND will win all of the rest of their games this year. But they should have won this game.

I give up. I am so angry. I hate you, Notre Dame football.
me | Email | Homepage | 09.12.09 - 8:26 pm | #

At the end of the day, several things to remember.

ND educates it athletes -- white, black, it doesn't matter -- they receive an education, and they go on to successful lives.

Michigan had to have Jim Harbaugh and others point out that their athletes are robbed of an education. They are there for one purpose and one purpose only -- win games for Michigan.

ND plays by the rules -- it doesn't cut corners.

I was an athlete on an NC team -- I know the glory goes away. But the world-class education doesn't. It pays dividends day after day after day.

So Michigan's athletes win today -- ND's athletes win every day with a real degree in real majors.
Épée Fencer | Email | Homepage | 09.12.09 - 8:41 pm | #

I don't give a shit what kind of education they are receiving. They are there to win football games. You care that much about your education, please go to Northwestern.
Matthew | Email | Homepage | 09.12.09 - 8:48 pm | #

Sam Young All-American
stephen | Email | Homepage | 09.12.09 - 8:49 pm | #

i am now rooting very hard for ohio state, simply because i need to see a freshman quarterback rattled.
me | Email | Homepage | 09.12.09 - 8:52 pm | #

I'm done. As an alum, I've seen a lot of defeats. That was by far the worst. Totally out-coached and beaten by an inferior a season where we have no excuses left. Pathetic! I truly hate to say this, but I give up. F*** the Irish. I'm so tired of this bullshit. If I were a recruit, I wouldn't touch ND with a ten foot pole. I will not waste my time following the Irish anymore. Good ridance.
NDlaw 2007 | Email | Homepage | 09.13.09 - 12:45 am | #

I am an alum. And seriously. That was pathetic. UM- better than advertised? Our standard should be that we beat a top 5 Michigan team every year. Yet, we can't even bean an unranked team UM team. Wow. We have fallen into irrelevance.
NDlaw 2007 | Email | Homepage | 09.13.09 - 1:11 am | #



September 13th, 2009 at 9:07 AM ^

thank you for this.

being a true shaudenfrueder myself, I would pay good money for this kind of content on a regular basis. Especially from the OSU, MSU and ND fan bases. (like TWIS x 100 on speed)

Today is like christmas and hanukkah wrapped in kwanzaa and served with a side of turkey bacon ice cream.


September 13th, 2009 at 9:35 AM ^

I love how the ND fans come out to tell the world that Notre Dame actually educates its athletes, and Michigan is just another ghetto football factory. It's so smarmy and sounds like something my mom would say about a rivalry.

All I hear is "Bler bler bler...our coach is fat."


September 13th, 2009 at 11:55 AM ^

Notre Dame fans always seem to point this out, as if the UVa, UCLA, USC, UM, NW, and UNC (all football schools ranked within a couple of places of ND in the USNWR) produce complete idiots. I hate to say it, but Notre Dame gets by because it is the most famous Catholic school in America and has decent, but not great, programs. UM's student-athletes are top notch, and no amount of rationalization will change that.

I will say, though, that some UM fans will say similar disparaging remarks about MSU or OSU when they beat UM, but then again both schools have a far more sordid history of poor student-athletes than UM.

I do like the guy who said they are being paid to win football games - not that I totally agree, but he has a point.


September 13th, 2009 at 2:22 PM ^

The other hilarious thing of course being that most ND fans have no connection to the school whatsoever.

At the bar yesterday, a giant group of oldish men were obnoxiously rooting for ND. Ignored them until the fourth quarter when they started talking trash at us in regards to RR. I asked, "Where did you go for undergrad?" Response, "We're Catholic."


September 13th, 2009 at 12:27 PM ^

I love when State fans come back with: "But we have a prettier campus than you do!"

What? Please give me something more irrelevant and subjective about a school. Please. I dare you.

P.S. The only school that has a prettier campus than Michigan is University of Phoenix, because their campus is the internet, and there are lots of pretty pictures on the internet.


September 13th, 2009 at 10:00 AM ^

I can recall at least three holding calls on the UM d-line that were missed/ignored. The refs were NOT at their best yesterday, that's for sure. But to say that the refs handed the game to Michigan is pure BS.

Irish fans: go home and whine in your soup.


September 13th, 2009 at 10:32 AM ^

I don't see how they can complain about the officiating.. We had to call a timeout to get a play reviewed... Holding our dline a lot In the second half.. With that said I'll take the win!

The stadium was electric. I only had 3 instances of douchebaggery this game from crotchety fans... All in all it was great!


September 13th, 2009 at 1:35 PM ^

I particularly enjoy the rants about how it's "unfair" that Big Ten referees call Michigan-ND games. Know what, Domers? This is one of the tradeoffs you get when you refuse to join a conference.


September 13th, 2009 at 2:06 PM ^

wow...this is surely the first time I've ever heard Michigan's players referred to as "mediocre". You get the exact opposite from MSU fans....especially when criticizing Rodriguez for 2008. Now Michigan has bad players? I thought they went 3-9 last year with 5-star talent?

also...lulz at the "deleted WVU's recruiting files".....that one never gets old. WVU is still considered to only have one whole computer in their athletic department.