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Submitted by Section 1 on March 21st, 2010 at 2:15 PM

The Sunday Free Press print copy that I saw reported in its NCAA bracket results that the winner of the Wisconsin-Cornell game was... Washington.

Way to go, Free Press. Where would your readers be without you?

I thought of a good analogy for where the Free Press now stands in the civic life of Southeast Michigan: it is like the old passenger terminals at Detroit Metro Airport. Old, outdated, dysfunctional, an embarassment to the region and a national disgrace. In need of a total teardown and replacement.



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and i think what mgoandy is saying is that this does not really affect the topic of this site, not that it should be OT, but that all this really does is reinforce something that you already believe. this is not the kind of info that makes someone switch from the "the freep isn't bad" side to the "the freep is the devil" side

Section 1

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My picking on the Free Press for this kind of error is the kind of thing that you would only do in the case of a newspaper that had already pissed you off, along with thousands of others, on really big and important things. Major misjudgments and inexcusable bias.

I plan to point out every single act of stupidity and error on the part of the Free Press that I happen to come across, given that reading it at all is distasteful to me, and I don't plan on reading it much at all.


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Barack Obama picked Wisconsin to win, so the real winner here is Washington. He saved a little face with that pick, after his tournament winner bombed out in the second round.


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I only see one problem with the analogy: Metro has nothing nearly as useless, worthless, or hopeless as Sharp, Rosenberg, or Snyder.

Section 1

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A campaign against the Free Press, like the Freep's campaign against Rich Rodriguez, has to be repetitive, it has to be clear and it has to be relatively simple, to keep people thinking about it and talking about it.

It really is working, as much as that might amaze you. I've talked to people in Columbus, and in Madison, in Chicago and in New York City, about the Free Press. None of them have any reason to read the Free Press regularly, and these are not Michigan fans but they do know the Big Ten. And they get it. They understand now, whenever they hear something about Michigan, that they look for a Free Press link, a byline, a url, etc. They've learned to doubt the Freep as a source, and rightly so.

skunk bear

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and when the guy called to get me to start back up, I told him that the reason I wouldn't was the way they had reported on the UofM. He sounded like it wasn't the first time.