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Submitted by inshallah on January 9th, 2011 at 12:23 PM

So I was procrastinating on the internetz rather than writing my dissertation when I came across this. Seems like it was made a while ago but it perfectly sums everything up. Also I think a Hitler youtube video should be made on the happenings of the last week or so.



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Too much like last season: won a lot of contests early, but couldn't win the big ones that really mattered later on.  Struggled against tough-minded opponents with a grind-it-out philosophy (especially the ones in red) during the cold-weather months.  Plus I really doubt Denard will stick around.

Bottom line: If he couldn't beat Stalin he'll have no chance against Tressel.


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You sir have employed the "godwin" rule.  From urbandictionary:

Typically used on internet chat forums, to Godwin a thread or topic is to somehow make reference to Nazi Germany, or Nazis in general, which has the effect of derailing the thread and completely changing the intended subject.

Thank you for playing.


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In case you didn't know, the dubbed Hitler video is a youtube phenomenom.  For plenty of examples, go to youtube and search for "Hitler reacts".


January 9th, 2011 at 1:12 PM ^ an attempt to support RR the past few years.  But good God, I watched this at a coffee shop and tears came to my eyes from trying to hold my laughter in.  And I have seen about 10 different "Hitler" videos like this so far.....

Hail 2 M

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How haven't you all seen any of the Hitler parody videos? It would be perfect for this scenario/debacle. Didn't they make YouTube remove them all a while ago though?


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Les Miles ended World War II by defeating Hitler in one-on-one combat with a devastating backbreaker followed by an atomic elbow off the top rope.  Adolf was so humiliated that he went back to his bunker and blew his brains out.

We Run Columbus

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btw, anyone tell me how in the h-e double mgohockey sticks do i have negative mgopoints. I've only been a reader since july and a participant since we lost back to back at msu and iowa foreshadowing a similar end to an identical schedule as '09....but how did the powers that be notice my novice postings and apply these punitive measures?????


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Well, yeah, the rumor is that Les Miles was bangin' Eva Braun, and Hitler was pissed, and that's why he declared war on us after Pearl Harbor.

The whole sneak attack thing.

No wonder Les had to go and win WW2. Imagine what Hitler woulda done had he lost.


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It's hard to summarize something currently ongoing, unless we want take a page from Python's book and go Terry Jones on the search:


"Well, it all started with a coach being fired, and then after the fanbase and alums exploded over the lack of an immediate replacement and we had seen the titles of the show, a man named Jim Harbaugh gave his alma mater the middle finger. After this happened, a whole lot of speculation over Brady Hoke and Les Miles occured, mixed in with some dark horse candidates. A whole bunch of people spent their weekend tracking aircraft, and then someone declared Brian the Bob Ufer of this generation.....wait, I don't remember that! *sucker punch, pan to office setting with important interview about to take place*"


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If Joe told us right now on ESPN that Jean-Luc Picard was in talks with David Brandon as we  speak, and that he was willing to bring Riker in as OC, how many sportswriters would be at Patrick Stewart's house in Los Angeles demanding interviews?