Summer Ball Reports?

Submitted by Knappster on July 16th, 2011 at 5:01 PM

Has anyone heard any reports/info regarding summer workouts and 7 on 7's?  

I know these are all voluntary (lol), but are the players allowed to practice on the UM fields if no coaches are present?  

Those countdown to kickoff clips cannot come fast enough.  Assuming they will continue to do them under Hoke.



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I think they are allowed to use athletic facilities, but not any pads/helmets.  The strength and conditioning coach is permitted to supervise their workouts. 


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I'm not really sure about the workouts, 7 on 7's, etc., but I did happen to see Craig Roh at the public pool on Fuller today.  He was sitting with his feet in the pool eating one of two HUGE burritos he had with him.  I know there was some talk of him eating somewhere around 500 calories a day this summer to put on weight and it definitely looks like he is doing a good job of it.  


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An average adult woman should consume about 2,000 calories, and an average man about 2,400 or so.  If you engage in strenuous physical activity, you can add a few hundred to that total.  in Roh's case, he's not only much taller than average, but is trying to gain weight while also remaining in tip-top condition . . . so he needs to eat a ton.  At least 4,000 calories, and 5,000 might be necessary.


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I liked the info myself, thanks. Don't know what his problem is.

It's depressing how much effort you have to put into expending 500 calories, yet how goddamn easy it is to eat—or drink—that much.

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Really, it was just my way of getting you to stop editing your post mixed with the 8th explanation in the thread.  The thread kept getting bumped to the top only to see it was just your post getting edited again.


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I use to east 5,000 cal when I was younger just to keep my weight up.  The average calorie intake is around 2K to 3K cal per day. If you want to lose weight usually anything under 2K cal will do it!

6K to 8K cal along with plenty of weight training and cardio will bulk him up for the season!


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What started out as a prospectively interesting thread has turned blah based on one type-o where everyone knew what Knappster meant.

Does anyone have any updates on summer workouts?


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They are playing football with 7 players on either side, mostly passing the football because running without pads is dumb..

Also, they are lifting heavy pieces of metal to gain muscle and Man-ness.


cmon... its the summer.. we will not even see the roster for another few weeks.

That will be more telling, listing playing weights etc. and someone will put up a post showing lbs gained and lost.