To sum up the day that was Michigan football...

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To sum it up today...

I didn't agree with some of the schemes at QB. But my feelings can be summed up by...

It's one thing to lose to Michigan State in a rivalry game. It's another to lose to Jackson State Pen.



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They more or less kept Denard in check from the 2nd quarter onward.

It's a sickening loss because of the kinds of penalties by MSU players. Remember when the Purdue player dong punched the Toledo player? Or Jonas Mouton?

I'm pretty sure that Gholston, Worthy and Rush are starring down the barrel of game suspensions.

To them it was worth it though.





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on Denard was ridiculous. Cheap, dirty and typically MSU. The Gholston punch? Ya he should have been tossed but he was reacting to Lewan rubbing his face in the grass. 


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We expected at least 2 to 3 losses this season, we have one out of the way, it was a 50 / 50 game and we lost, still our defense was not bad and if anything, bad offensive calls and game plan doomed us.. Never have I seen Michigan so apparently misplay offensively for a game more than today..
Still 5 games to go, Michigan has a chance to win all of them if they plan better.. Go Blue..

Charlie Chunk

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What is that? Trying to rip a guy’s head off in a pile? What a piece of shit he turns out to be! I'm embarrassed for MSU.

I can't wait to hear the MSU apologists say,"Oh, they all do it. He just got caught!"


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Will Cambell to become/develop his game. RVB needs to be anchoring down opposite of Roh. Roh needs to become Gholston-esque (minus the cheap shots, and protein shake rage). An I-Formation running play with our running back that can produce 4 yards...this is Michigan ya know. We need to have some play calling confidence in our running backs. I still want to see Denard, Smith, Shaw and Fitz in the back field. Motion two of them out and now you have LBs on them. Mix-match...all day. Was there something wrong with Denard today? He didn't look as quick and fast. More hesistant to run than normal? We also need some players to step in soon. Here are a few ; Demar Dorsey, Josh Garnett, Zach Banner, Ondre Pipkins and Jarrod Wilson.

Even though I am fustrated with the loss, it will help our team put some issues in perspective. ISO running back plays. It will open up the I-formation play action. Thanks Borges. Tackiling. It is something we still need to work on. Footwork and catching the ball. Blocking, both pass and run. Finally, capitalizing on field position and opponent turnovers.


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Why we lost:

- couldn't control line of scrimmage

- couldn't set Sparty on his ass after one of Gholston's cheap shot plays - le's face it, when you beat a bully by putting his face in the dirt

I don't understand what the heck Hoke and his team prepared the guys for - preparing to play Minny or Northwestern again?

You don't walk in to the cell block that is East Lansing and make nice, you beat the toughest prisoner, and next year, we have make sure that Rush and Gholston are face down in the dirt 10 straight plays... You let them know this isn't the same Michigan as before, this is Michigan football and they're in for the longest 60 minutes of their life...

WTF, our QB is knocked, Dantonio hugs his players (and there's prolly some bonus for it).... I would make sure four years of futility ends next year, the hitting doesn't stop till the whistle blows.