Sullinger: post-game words to Burke

Submitted by Ch125 on February 18th, 2012 at 11:28 PM
I read sullinger's lips as he congratulated Trey Burke tonight. "Good game boy. I love you." I'll always hate osu, but I have a newfound respect for the kid. Hopefully We can continue to build an lock up a 2-3 seed!!!!!


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I've always had a positive opinion of Sullinger. Sometimes you gotta be level-headed about their players. I mean, they're still getting degrees and playing their heart outs and you gotta respect that. Their fanbase on the other hand, the WORST.


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I wouldn't be shocked.  A lot more professional athletes go back and finish their degrees than you realize.  If he is a real man he will finish it up at Michigan though.  Especially once he realizes Trey made the best decision.  Maybe Trey will come back and finish his too because by the way he's playing I don't think he's gonna be here till the end.


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during the game.  I was THJ and Burke pick up several ohio players.  What a great show of sportsmanship for both teams.  This is the first time in over 30 years to see ohio have class.

Great job to both teams.  Congrats to ohio players for being great sports.  Hopefully your class will rub off onto the football team........wishful thinking, I know.  I still hate the school and some of the Walmart Buckeyes but I have much more repect for the basketball players.  I am still in shock.


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That's an awesome piece on Burke/Sullinger.  Two quality guys.


As I was looking through the rest of the videos (thanks MGOVIDEO as always!), I was watching the Gameday interview of Beilein. And the Maize Ragers behind him were doing some sort of limp zombie dance. IT WAS AWESOME!!! 

What was this??  Thanks for the insight!


Go Blue, on this glorious historic day!!!


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I've always had a begrudging respect for Sullinger.  Particularly how he did not bolt to the NBA (despite being a being a possible #1 draft pick), and stuck in college for another year.  That being said I don't like the guy, but I don't dislike him as much as most Ohio players.


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is that he goes to Ohio.  Hate to say it, but kind of agree...he doesn't annoy me like Kraft does. He wines a little, but only a little, and certainly not more than average.  Pretty classy player for the most part, just wish he didn't wear scarlet and gray.


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While watching Sullinger this whole game I was wondering how he was hitting those shots... The kid clearly has a world of talent and it's refreshing to see that he has some class too (especially coming from Ohio).


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I think Sullinger whines a little bit too much when he doesn't get a call. that's really my only criticism of him. His dad is real classy too. He represents the B1G well.


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His dad said he will be rooting for Trey once Jared leaves. They are classy. I cannot hate them and respect them.

That said when he dons the scarlet and grey against us I root like crazy against him and root hard for Blue.


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In my case, I find it easy to hate and respect Ohio.  They are the "enemy"....but if they are not good enough to earn my respect, it denigrates,at least to me, the value of the rivalry.

As much as the two programs despise each other there were numerous instances of good sportsmanship displayed, the most noticeable was when Craft was flat on his back near the end of the game and two of our guys went out of their way to help him get up.  


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No problem with Sully at all, other than his uniform.  Sullinger's a classy guy; when he beat us last year in the Big Ten tournament, he commented about how our team never quits (if you remember last year, we lost to OSU all 3 times, but at least made all of the games interesting in the closing minutes) and that he was rooting for us to make the NCAA tournament.

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the various feature pieces that have been run on him and from teachers who knew him from Northland.  Seems to be a class act and family.  Hope we continue to beat him (if we ever play him again...)


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This thread is "The Michigan difference" no way any of our rivals would be so complementary of one of our guys. I agree  I like the kid and his family but will not find myself pulling for him as long as he is wearing OSU colors and playing our boys.


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Sullinger has always seemed like a good kid. He can laugh at himself, he goes out of his way to interact even with opposition fans (I recall the story last year where the kid at...Purdue?...made the sign making fun of him for liking Miley Cyrus, and Sullinger tracked him down, told him how great the sign was, and asked if he could keep it). Even the bit tonight where they said Burke claimed Sullinger sucked his thumb until he was eight and Sullinger's reply was "actually, until I was ten."

His father as always seemed like a good guy, and has been a big vocal Beilein supporter (even before we landed Burke), and even his older brother has been gracious. Good solid family of good people.

Honestly, OSU's entire basketball team is vastly more likable, to me, then their football team. Craft is a guy I would adore if he played for us.

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I think he said "We're 1 and 1 now. I love you man" or something close to that. Sullinger is a man, made some incredibly tough shots and, let's admit it, we roughed him up everytime he touched the ball.


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To be fair, Craft was dry-humping Burke all game and that never got called either, so... yeah, suck it, OSU fans.  I was actually mildly surprised to see a plurality of comments in the 11w schadenfreude-for-us threat bemoaning the poor performances of Bucks not named Deshaun Thomas and not complaning that the officiating is why they lost.

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I don't know Craft as well, but I definitely wish he played for Michigan. He's my 2nd favorite PG in the country. I've only heard good things about him.

As for Sullinger, he's one of the nicest kids I've ever been around. I actually got to coach him when he was in 8th grade for a summer. He father coached me a little bit while I was in high school. JJ has always been a good friend as has Julian. The Sullinger's are such a great family so it's no act by Jared - that's him. He's a "give props when props are due" type of kid.

And know Jared, he's in the gym this morning shooting and working on his game. The guy LOVES basketball, and his brothers and certainly his father taught him how to respect the game.

Thad Matta is also a great guy and a great's weird to admit, because I hate Ohio. But I feel about Matta the way most Ohio fans feel about Beilein...can't hate on him. He's really a nice guy and a good guy.

Wish Izzo would take notes.


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Did you play for Sullinger at Northland , or elsewhere?

Northland beat Walnut Ridge for the city championship last night, 6th straight city title.

Back when I went there,  (class of 98) Art Signore was the coach and suffice it to say, the team was not nearly as good. I loved Coach Signore (he was our tennis coach) - but he obviously was not Sullinger.