Sullinger entering draft

Submitted by HALOL on April 4th, 2012 at 12:37 PM

2 PM press conference, this was expected but the way I found out was from Trey Burke Re-tweeting this. Commence speculation that Trey is leaving as well.


Jeff Goodman  @GoodmanCBS

Jared Sullinger will announce he is leaving Ohio State for NBA at 2 pm today. No surprise at all.

Retweeted by Trey Burke
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DenverBuckeye - what have you heard regarding DeShaun Thomas?  Is he declaring as well? Sullinger was an expected loss, but Thomas wasn't exactly a scrub in his own right.  I remember him generating instant offense for tOSU a lot this season.

Space Coyote

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Who has limited upside.  Doesn't play above the rim and isn't overly athletic.  Good but not great skills, good footwork, but will struggle against taller and more athletic compitition and will struggle to guard the 4.  This shouts role player coming off the bench for some decent minutes in the NBA.  I agree with you.

Sac Fly

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He's going to be taken very high in the draft by somebody who thinks freak athleticism can make up for his size disadvantage. Glad it's not my team.


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It's easy to bully over opponents on the block in college when you generally outweigh all of them and have a more polished game.  It's a little harder when each team has two or three guys just as good as you if not better.

He's also going to have a rude awakening when he doesn't get every call and then gets T'd up for bitching.  NBA refs won't give a f--k that he was a college star when he's just another stiff.  This also goes for Draymond Green, though I think he has a better pro future.

I suppose Sully could end up being a Paul Millsap, limited athletically and not all that tall but gets 15 and 10 because of relentless effort.  I don't see it, though.


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Hopefully Burke will stick it out (at least) one more year in college, like his buddy Sullinger did. Sully could easily have gone pro last year but chose to come back. He likely improved his draft status slightly, right?

Here's hoping Trey will see the value in coming back to Michigan next fall.


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Fair point. But regardless of the quality of the draft around him, wouldn't you agree he's a better player after another year in college? And even if you don't agree with me, the fact that this year's draft class is stronger only lowers Burke's stock...


Please come back, Trey!!!


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NBA GMs would do well to realize that Kevin Love and Paul Millsap are exceptions to the rule. Sullinger does not have the smarts and playmaking ability of love or the versatility and tenacity of Millsap.


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I know there is speculation on Burke but Sullinger will be a top 15 pick and, IMO, only increases the chances Burke goes as well. I would bet cash right now that he leaves. I would also bet he is washed out of professional ball in the USA within 3 years if he does go. Kid, like many UM kids before him, is not ready yet. I think kids feel that "UM star = pro" and then the potential money factor hits and this happens. Yet, ask Morris and Harris if they wouldnt want to go back for another year from a strictly professional standpoint. Heck, or Shazor or Warren or ............

kid is gone but its a mistake. I dont say it as a UM fan but as a true outside perspective with zero to gain or lose from his life choices. He goes now and he will regret it professionally. Not many 5-10 players succeed in the NBA and many better than him have failed. This isnt 1992. Spud Webb and Mugsy would get laughed out of the league today. Can it be done? Sure. However, todays Burke wont even be drafted. Would be a reach in the 2nd round. Thats like being projected as a 7th round-UFA guy in the NFL during a light year at your position and taking your chances anyway even when you have eligibility left.

But, yeah, he is gone. I'd bet money and its obviously not a risky bet.