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OSU's Sullnger may be the most polished frosh low post big man i've ever seen hit the ncaa.  i hate to admit that.  i would say juwan howard was one of the best high post frosh big guys i ever saw.

Question:  anyone out there no his high school history.  either he had the best high school coach ever or he's attended many good big man camps.

just curious, if any of you ohioans out there might know.  thanks.



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Sullinger has a much more polished post game than Oden, who was kind of like the Dwight Howard of college ball.

But I agree with poster who said he's Big Baby without a J. He doesn't have the height to live in the high post in the NBA as he does in college and I don't think he's athletic enough to work on the elbow ala Chris Bosh. If he doesn't get a mid-range shot I don't know that he should be considered a much better pro prospect than Sean May was.


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Short story on his journey to osu.  His dad was his HS coach and his older brothers both played d1 ball.  He attended a lot of osu camps since his bro played there.


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His dad also coaches Trey Burke.  When Trey committed to Michigan the coach (Sullinger's dad) said it will also be a sad day since he will have to watch Trey and Jared play against each other.  It seems like Trey and Jared are really good friends, he was even at his signing ceremony with his stupid osu gear.…

The Shredder

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The dude is 18. He can develop a jump shot. Hell everyone said Blake Griffen didnt have a face up game with any sort of jump shot in college(since he just dunked on everyone...ala Novak) and this year he has shown that he does in fact have a nice face up game that will only get better. Don't call the dude big baby because hes not. Hes better and he will be a top 3 pick as of right now if not the number one pick. 


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In regard to the claim that he is "Big Baby without a J", I saw him hit a three pointer in one of their games (might have been Purdue) and his stroke looks pretty damn good for a guy his size.  Not saying he has range out to 22 feet, but more that he is an 18 year old with plenty of time to hone his weaker points (which may not be as weak as people think, keep in mind that Ohio State doesn't exactly need him to do very much outside shooting).  He's got a huge frame, and that alone will allow him to play in the league due to his low center of gravity.  He also seems to have a knack for rebounding, which can make up for a small height difference in the post (e.g., Kevin Love).


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He's the most fundamentally sound freshman big man that I have seen.  Is he really that much better due to the great coaching he got from hisw dad and will he plateau at where he is now, not that he's not very good now just really wonder about his future growth/ improvement relative to others.;


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Sullinger is almost exactly like Elton Brand.  Undersized low post player who will play the 4 and needs to be paired up with a finesse center who can pass and shoot.  Sullinger and Greg Monroe would compliment each other very well if the Pistons were to get Sullinger


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He is exactly the kind of low-post player who would propel Michigan to the top of the conference. He is polished in the post, with all of the moves, strength and touch to force double-teams. If double-teamed, he is an excellent passer to either another post player or out to the arc.

With Michigan's arsenal of three-point shooters, a Sullinger-type player would be the perfect complement. If opponents stay on our perimeter players, we dump it inside for a basket, a foul or both. If the opponents double, we scorch'em from outside.

OSU has some excellent perimeter players, too (Craft, Buford, Diebler and Lighty), but it is Sullinger who separates the men from the boys.

Lets hope Michigan can find a great low-post player in the next few years. The outside shooting center can be a match-up problem for opponents (and really is our best option with our current roster) but it is no substitute for a very good low-post stud.


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That if we had him, we'd be number one in the league and OSU would be in the middle of the pack. I'm saying that he's be a much more crucial addition to a donut team like ours without a solid low-post presence than he would be to teams like Illinois and Minnesota with strong post play.

And I'm saying we need to get a polished low post player.

And we need less smart-ass people on the board.

Flying Dutchman

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He's going to go in early in the NBA Draft to some terrible, terrible team, and then languish there, with mediocre stats, for a number of years, while his entourage slowly (or quickly) bleeds him dry.     And I'm going to enjoy it.    Think Zach Randolph.


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I played against his AAU team 2 years ago and he wasn't as dominant as he is now, but he was already committed to that school in Ohio.  My guess is that he had great coaching his junior and senior year