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Submitted by Wolvie3758 on December 28th, 2011 at 5:54 PM

Ive been watching the Sugar bowl ticket sites very closely..I wanted to upgrade my seats..TODAY the amount of tkts available went from around 8000 to 2300 in a matter of hours..What happened?...I ended up getting Club level on the Michigan Side for 71..I paid 155 for a 500 level 40yd line seat..Both are good seats but Club is MUCH better...IIll probably end up just giving my more costly ticket away..Now thats freaking CRAZY...Something HAS to be done about these bowl tickets..Ill Never go thru the UM ticket office again..and I KNOW its not their fault...What happened today for the available tkts to go from 8000 to 2300 in a matter of hours???..its been around 8000 for weeks..



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Michigan flew in to NOLA today and as the players & coaches exited the charter everyone finally saw these guys in person and realized how awesome our team is and rushed to get a game ticket stat.  GO BLUE!


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Stubhub has a deadline for individual sales, which was today.   Any tickets you see on the website are tickets that have been sent into their offices so that they can rush them to you.

I actually have 2 tickets that I need to get rid of as well in the michigan student section, plans fell through.  Sad.  Face.


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I have three tickets as well, I kind of jumped the gun and bought them thinking I could find two other people to go with me. Well it turns out people don't want to make the road trip or miss work for a few days to go to the Sugar Bowl. I really think the game being on  a Tuesday after two major holidays hurt my chances of selling them. They are on Craigslist now if anyone wants them!


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Is Stub Hub not using (or allowed to use) electronic delivery of tickets with bar codes?  Michigan home game tickets can be delivered right up to game time electronically.

I am surprised they are cutting off the sale of overnighted tickets this early.  Stub Hub usually doesn't do that until about 3 days before game time.


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through the school. part of me is glad that I supported the school and paid face value for tix and the other half thinks that with a baby on the way I should have just bought the cheap ones on stub hub. perhaps a lesson learned. will be worth the price regardless


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Being a student I got really good tickets for a solid price so I'm happy. Once I'm out of school though, I don't see myself buying through the university and that's a bit of a bummer. Definitely a screwed up system.


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wanting to be in the Michigan section surronded by fellow Wolverines...Ive been to Bowl games for 30yrs now..I was at the 98 Rosebowl for the national title and I was on the opposite side of the field..which I hated BUT just getting in to that game I didnt care WHERE I air hotel and car were free due to Frequent Flyer miles etc so I could afford to spend more for a good ticket...I have a good feeling Michigan will be well represented in New Orleans


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Scalping is legal in Nola, BUT not on Superdome property, which I'm pretty sure includes Championship Square (the little official tailgate area next to the stadium). I've heard of people getting arrested for selling tix on property thinking it is legal.


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Had my tickets on stubhub, they did indeed reach a deadline today and are no longer listed. I still have two tickets, section 121, row 25, where you can sit with myself and 3 other Michigan fans. Just got too excited when tickets came on sale and didn't need all of them. Let me know if you're interested.


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... but I don't know how to send you a private message - as you can see, I've only been an mgoblog member for a few weeks, so please bear with my n00b status.

If mgoblog doesn't support private messaging, then please contact me at trumpet1184[at] - I'd like to know your price.


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I don't know about the Sugar Bowl, but I worked at the sports medicine provider for the Orange Bowl for several years. When it got this close to the game, we would get an email saying that there were tickets available for our employees only. All we had to do was email back with how many we wanted and they were free. I would usually get 4 - 6 at a time. We had 13,000 employees in our health system, and we probably got 5 or 6,000 tickets. Not great seats, but the price was right. The only problem was you had to wait to see if the game sold out first. Ironically, one of my friends called me today saying he got me 4 tickets if I want, so apparently today is the day that they gave up on the teams selling out.


December 28th, 2011 at 8:48 PM ^

I just upgraded to the Club level and will have two unused tickets. But no matter. I've been a UM fan since 1975 but this is my first bowl game. I'm thrilled that after working for the man for several years, I have resources to splurge and take my son to the game with excellent seats.


December 28th, 2011 at 9:31 PM ^

  I bought tickets off of the Michigan website right when they went on sale. They are in Section 119, row 22. Please tell me I will be on the Michigan side with fellow Wolverine fans?


  I asked for seats on the Michigan side in the comments box. I figured since I got them off the Michigan website they would be Michigan seats.


 This will be my first Wolverine game and looking forward to it, but I will be a bit bummed if its not with fellow fans.






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And I'm hardly the thread police...but do we need a new post on this every day? 

We get it.  Its a bummer you didn't wait.  But this totally ignores the entity at fault in all this: the airlines.  Offer me a plane ticket under $600 without a 24hr layover and I will buy your extra ticket at face value.  Hell, sell me a bus ticket for under $350. 



December 29th, 2011 at 10:25 AM ^

We might not need a StubHub thread, but there does still seem to interest in tickets, mostly people with extra tickets to sell.  I may be one of the few with no tickets who wants to attend, but I don't want to buy tickets and then not be able to go. I should know for sure by tomorrow if I can get everything lined up to be in N.O. for the game.  By then, my options will be  

  1.  UM ticket office (they still have some tickets available and are going to have an office in New Orelans and also have electronic tickets),
  2.  Ticket brokers like StubHub with electronic delivery, or          
  3.  Scalpers (though the term doesn't do justice to the circumstances many are in with extra tickets).

Edit: I had forgotten about this thread, for those looking to buy or sell tickets:


December 30th, 2011 at 10:32 AM ^

Yes, I have everything in order now to attend, except the tickets.  I need three tickets, which kind of sucks, because I see that there are several MGoBloggers with 1 or 2 extra tickets, and my preference would be to deal directly with a Michigan fan.  As you mention, though, getting tickets seems like it will be no problem, and they are available well  below face value.