Sugar Bowl preview from VT blog Gobbler Country

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VT blog, Gobbler Country, put up their Sugar Bowl preview yesterday.  Didn't see it posted yet.  Anyway, they see having a difficult time with our defensive front 4 (Martin and RVB, in particular) and Denard.  They make some good observations about our team and, best of all, they predict a 31-21 Michigan victory.  



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Didnt wemake him look great because madison sold out to stop the run? I mean if I remember right, a few defensive backs being out of place a few times. But didnt we know that Miller had trouble passing so we just didnt want OSU to beat us with the run? If im wrong I apologize but doesnt VT have a qb that can pass so we will at least respect the pass.




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Dangerous too. I don't think we'll be as run D heavy as we were in the Ohio game but I think we'll lean that way. Hopefully the month off has given our guys time to heal and learn from their mistakes in the Ohio game.

One Inch Woody…

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This is true, but since Mattison knows that VT likes to run AND throw the ball, he's less likely to try and play a 4-4 robber defense against VT. Please remember that by the time we played Ohio, they were averaging somewhere around 9 total pass attempts a game. Sure, Countess made a couple mistakes but that'll happen when you're a true freshman college cornerback going against a 5th year senior, NFL caliber receiver. 

Keep in mind that Thomas is no Vandenburg or Cousins. He completes somewhere around 59% of passes and has thrown almost twice as many interceptions on the season as Vandenburg has and Cousins has in Cousins' last 6 games. If Thomas decides to check into a QB draw when we roll out the Okie package, he's probably not going to have nearly the same success as Miller since Miller is about the same level as Denard Robinson in dilithium and Thomas is more like Scheelhaase. 


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How can VT get 21?

Go over the top of the defense that will be clearly playing to stop the run.  I can see Kovacs sneaking up into 'the box' for the various option/veer looks that VT will bring with Wilson and Thomas.  This would obv. expose Countess and Floyd to man on the WRs.  Both can be beat, even if VT does not have Posey-like clones on the field.

I think Denard and Fitz gash VT to death, though.  VT's DL really does remind me of Nebraska's given all the injuries they've sustained. 



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Y'all are gettin worked up by a one solidatary dude who's woefully short on cash?  No offense, but that's now Ron Jawarski* or anyone there talking.  It's just Some Guy.

* Not that Jaws is the Font of all Knowledege, but I mean, someone with 30+ years of experience who spends every waking minute breaking down film.


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I think it's a reasonable article. I don't think 21 points is all that much. Logan Thomas may not be as good a runner as Braxton Miller, but he can still get 10-15 yards if there is a gap in coverage. And they will try a trick play or two. Perhaps they bust a couple long plays in the running and passing game.

Aside from that, they will try to methodically move the ball downfield. I do agree that we will be able to control them with our strong D line and their relatively weak O line. 

Offensively, if we have balance and limit mistakes, they will have no answer for us. 


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Pretty good article.  There was only one point that made my inner Mrs. Garrett say, "WHHHAAAAATTTT???" it was:

"Illinois' rushing stats look like garbage in that game because the Illini fell behind early so they threw more and the Wolverines tallied 49 yards worth of sacks. But they were able to move the ball effectively with zone-read. "


Illinois went most of the first half without a first down.  They moved the ball "effectively" when the game was out of reach.  Zone read didn"t have much to do with it.