Sugar Bowl Menu Ideas/Recipes

Submitted by NorthSideBlueFan on December 31st, 2011 at 11:21 AM

I am thinking Hurricane's and Gumbo. Since I live in Chicago seafood gumbo might be a little too adventurous to cook. So I found a good recipe from Emeril for Chicken and Sausage Gumbo:

Pat O'Brein's style Hurricane's is where I am having the most issue. Does anyone know the best way to duplicate them at home without the the mix? I have found a few reciepe's and I want to go the rum route, so any expert guidance would be appreciated.

Also, if anyone has an other food/drink ideas that are not SUPER difficult yet good and authentic I am all ears and appreciate the contribution!



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Basically, though, just go right down by the border. Almost all states have a law that they can sell almost anything fireworks wise, as long as the buyer is taking them out of state right away. Fireworks shops set up along the border to keep up appearances that their customers are coming from out of state.


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I live in Chicago, too, and I'm making either gumbo with shrimp and maybe some kind of fish, or shrimp po boys. I think shrimp is pretty safe here - maybe not as tasty, though. Shrimp creole is also good. I wonder if Heaven on Seven has take out.......


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If you want to go simple because going complicated will likely end in disaster just go with some zatarans seasoning.  I use it on chicken wings both on the grill and in the deep frier and it has really good taste.  If you want to go the shrimp route even though I haven't tried it I am sure some zatarans on shrimp to grill would be tasty.

Benoit Balls

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it was phenomenal. Of course, anything with roux and sausage is pretty much right up my alley. For the game I will be eating pulled pork sliders, and washing them down with Dewars. (This is all predicated on my hangover being manageable enough tomorrow for me to smoke the 6 pound pork butt in my fridge. Then its all pulled pork, all the time, for a couple days at least)


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Beignets a la Cafe du Monde.  Topped with powdered sugar.  basically a doughnut, NOLA style, with powdered sugar.  I have made them and its not too difficult.


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I'm serious.  This is the best stuff ever.  Had it at Jazzfest about 5 years ago.  Easy recipe- look it up on the google.  Is a spicy/creamy mac&cheese basically (not sure if there is any actual cheese in it).  you should be able to get crawfish tails from your local fishmonger or grocer.  If not?  subsitute shrimp or king crab, but it's just not the same without the crawfish.  Make up a big pot of this stuff or bake it in a foil pan and just spoon it into styrofoam bowls.  

best.  food.  item.  ever. 


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I've mad both Emeril's chicken and sausage gumbo and regularly make his Gumbo Ya Ya. He uses cookng oil for the roux, sub that with butter and you get the flavor without having to skim the oil, it's awesome. It calls for the trinity, and andoulle, smoked sausage and a whole chicken. You can add some shrimp, if you like, and some file' powder.

As for the fireworks in W. Mi. RKM fireworks is in Edwardsburg, Mi. I subcontract for them for professional shows. As of 1/1/12 class C fireworks are legal in Mi.

swan flu

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Be very careful with Emeril recipes.  They tend to not work out so well.  He (like most chefs) doesn't measure while cooking so his recipes are usually a little... off.


Try this one from Alton Brown if you'd rather.  He takes the scientific approach to cooking and I've never had a recipe from him that was anything other than spectacular.




EDIT: just read multiple MGoBlogers' positive reviews of Emeril's gumbo, so feel free to disregard my suggestion.