Suck it, Dakich

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The B1G office informed me that it will have no comment beyond what John Beilein said yesterday on the @grob_1 incident with Jordan Hulls.

— Tom Dienhart (@BTNTomDienhart) February 5, 2013


"I feel real bad about it, but it was accidental contact," John Beliein said about the Glenn Robinson III situation yesterday. #Michigan

— Tom Dienhart (@BTNTomDienhart) February 5, 2013

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From now on any celebuperson who comes up with a bogus claim against Michigan that is categorically dispoven we can urge them to suck our collective Dakich. The Freep comes to mind. 

I actually thought he was a pretty upstanding guy; I'm disappointed, and hope he will do a UFR on his statements. 


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If GRIII had actually sucker-punched Hulls, Hulls would have gone down involuntarily.  The fact that Hulls didn't go down and didn't have a fight or flight response supports the theory of incidental contact.  

Indiana mugged Michigan on defense most of the game; they should be satisifed that they won and stop complaining.

EQ RC Blue

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Dakich is generally very positive about Michigan basketball these days.  He probably saw one angle and it looked like something and he went with it.  Andy Katz did the same thing about MSU Dawson's punch.  I'm not saying the two incidents are identical, just that Katz tweeted about a certain suspension and then backtracked later.  (Dakich probably will too, we'll see.)  I'm sure being an Indiana homer played a part, but Dakich is a good commentator who overall is complimentary about Michigan basketball.  Sometime it's so easy to bet ahead of the curve these days, say something very public before all the facts are in.  Happens everywhere, even here.

And Dakich is Donnal's AAU coach, so he's helping us get top-100 bigs with range and skills.  Again, he made a mistake here, but who doesn't.


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...several opportunities yesterday to back down and he was having none of it. In various tweets he dismissed GR3's explanation, insisted that intent isn't a factor, and said that ball players should know who's around them even if they can't see the other players. He ignored tweets that contained the side angle that clearly showed that GR3 couldn't have premeditated the contact.

I generally like Dakich's commentary, but in this case, he made the cardinal sin of passing judgment before all of the evidence was in, and because he had become so invested in being "right" (what he said he was), he then refused to back down in the face of overwhelming evidence to the contrary.

Everyone Murders

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You relay that Dakich said that "intent isn't a factor"?  That's some mind-blowing stuff from Dakich right there, MGoShoe.   And I suppose in Dakich's mind players who run into picks should get whistled too - because, I mean, "players should know who's around them even if they can't see the other players".

Dakich sounds like he's making the sort of argument one makes when they're more interested in being right than being fair.  Seems like a no se habla "oops" guy.


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In various tweets he dismissed GR3's explanation, insisted that intent isn't a factor, and said that ball players should know who's around them even if they can't see the other players.

This is beyond the pale stupid. How is Glenn supposed to do this, use The Force? Just another example of how Twitter is not your friend.


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Clearly, Robinson had no idea Hulls was right behind him and was trying to get the ball free from Watford. I don't remember this getting a lot of attention in the game (the refs certainly didn't see grounds for a flagrant foul, and they reviewed the bloody video) until Dakich decided to open his virtual mouth. Thankfully, the conference agreed with everyone not named Dan Dakich.


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It really is obvious that it was unintentional.  I have heard of a no look pass in basketball, but never a no look punch.  It is pretty hard to land a punch squarely in the face of someone when you are moving, they are moving, and you aren't even looking in their direction. 

Watching that slow mo replay, it looks like GRIII is just about to turn and run upcourt.  Watch his feet - his back leg bends and comes off the floor during the "punch."  This really is much ado about absolutely nothing.

That all said, accidental or not, that was some punch!

Blue boy johnson

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Little known secret. I dunked on Dakisch in Biddy Ball. Actually I teabagged him. I was the second best player in Biddy Ball history behind Spike Albrecht's dad

It went something like this


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Even if the Big10 did agree with this idiot there's no way they would suspend him for tonight's game. A loss by Michigan hurts Delaney's chance of having 2 one seeds in the tourney.