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#kickOUTbrandon (instead of kickoff. heh. get it?)


details / logistical discussion below.



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Proposed Penn State Kickoff Boycott:

1) Hit him where it hurts - UTL is Brandon's baby. He points to it as evidence of his outstanding relationship with the students. If we can make a powerful demonstration at this game, we can foreclose his asinine logic.

2) Targeted Protest - A complete boycott could be morphed by the media and Brandon into a way to deflect attention by clamoring that the students don't support the team. By only boycotting kickoff, we foreclose that argument as well.

3) Optics - overhead blimp shots of an empty student section at kickoff would be the death knell for Brandon. The pressure is already on the AD, and media scrutiny is likely to increase this week. I do not know how he could recover from such a devastating visual. A completely empty student section would be burned in the eyeballs of tv audiences everywhere, and would likely get further national exposure.

Anyway, the more I think about this the more I believe this is the best possible way to keep the pressure on Brandon, while being respectful of the team and players.

There are logistical problems, of course, but I think they are surmountable. If this is publicized right, students will know what to do. For students that don't get the message, it would be easy to get 'volunteers' with signs or loud voices outside the section entrances (for once the bottlenecks are a good thing!) to stop students from going to the game, or at least vocalize the protest (if they agree with the sentiment, obviously not going to prevent someone from going in who really wants to go in.) I really think this could work, provided it is publicized correctly.

As far as publicity is concerned, I think mgoblog will have quite a voice - the national media is paying attention and if Brandon is not gone by tomorrow they will be salivating for more chaos in Ann Arbor. Beyond the blog, talking with the Daily about promoting such a demonstration could be another avenue to promote this; as well as talking with other student leaders - CSG, Greek Council, etc. etc. For this to work it has to be publicized right.

Maybe I am delusional, but I think this could be the type of grass-roots protest that can tear down Brandon and his tone-deaf ego.

Cold War

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Why damage our program and brand any more? We've had enough bad press and spectacles.

If you want Brandon fired, pursue it in a way that doesn't embarass the team on a special night and make us look worse. Do it more internally.

We don't need another black eye. Some of these wounds are getting to be self-inflicted.


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Cold War, it's time for you to shut the fuck up. Morris wasn't concussed, the national media wouldn't pick up the story, it's not Hoke's fault, it's not that bad, it's not Brandon's fault, blahblahblahblahblah. You've been wrong about everything and you're now actively interfering with attempts to do something to fix the AD. Just sit this one out already.

Cold War

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I'm interfering with an action doing harm to a program that doesn't need it. It could put more pressure on Brandon, but it also hurts us in ways no one wants.

Again, if you want him gone, do it in ways that do less peripheral damage.


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In his interview over the Shane Morris fiasco (IIRC on Ch 7) Brandon acknowledged that there was and is a rift with a large number of the students. He expressed regret about this and pledged to look for ways to mend things with the students. He put all this on the general admission "mistake" of lsaat year. He said they (he) failed to get the sense of the students before they rolled it out and that they (he) messed it up. Then he talked about getting advice on how to fis things up with the students, taking their advice and getting student buy in, but then they only sold 8000 season student tickets. (Those students it's so hard to understand what they want don't yah know). 

He's inoculated himself on these types of actions, by apologizing (sort of) acknowledging his responsibility (sort of) claiming accountability (sort of) and pledging (sort of) to fix it.

Brandon's way out in front of you on this - way way out in front. 

This will further damage the program. There will be recruits there for God's sake. It will be totally ineffective. There are other ways.



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You must be kidding.  Everyone knows Hoke is gone after this year (whether you agree with the decision or not).  Do you think any of those recruits are going to make a decision in any event until after the new coach is announced?  It will be quire clear that this protest is about the AD, not the players.  Name some other ways to make this change.


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The thing about apologies is that they have to be accepted.


What you have noted is why Brandon will not resign. He is incapable of admitting fault. He will never see his responses as inadequate to the problems.

I am not a doctor, but I am more or less convinced he has narcissistic personality disorder--I'd love to get some medical opinionis based on the interviews, if anyone is willing, without examining him in person, to venture a diagnosis of the disability underlying his inability to think anything is actually his fault.

There is still hope for Schlissel and the regents. But the students must become impossible to ignore.


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I'll try to make this simpler.  Brandon has set the narrative so that it really doesn't matter if you believe his apology is genuine. Whatever you do in the way of a demonstration about his past decisions will be written off while he has "time to address student concerns". 

You can NOT win this this season. He has shifted the narrative to be about HIS challenge to mend relations. If you appear intransigent then you appear unreasonable and because he will commit to attempting to bring an "unreasonable" opposition to a common ground he looks even better than if you never said a word. 

I've been thinking about that interview and have come to the conclusion that when this particualr topic came up Brandon played the interviewer like a violin. Folks like to characterize Brandon as stupid and incompetent his manipulation of that part of the interviews demonstrates he is neither. 

The more polarized you all appear the more stature Brandon gains by trying to "reach out to the disaffected". You are playing directly into his hands. I'll say this differently. The harder you try to make him look bad the better you make him look. Get it? Your demonstrations of immature wrath help him and hurt you and your cause. There are other avenues. They are slower and far less public but they are also far harder for Brandon to manipulate. 

As for those of you who say who cares about the recruits because everyone knows Hoke is gone. You are making a very dangerous assumption. As I wrote else where, Brandon is on record that Hoke's evaulation will not be solely based on his numbers of wins and losses because the metrics (undefined) are much more complex. 

There is a very good chance that even in the face of a losing season Hoke gets another year. I would not have said that or even considered that a possibility a week ago, but there is no other interpretation I can put on Brandon's interview(s). Should that happen and you all stage a demonstration that harms recruiting, you will only have yourselves to blame two or three years from now when everything falls apart AGAIN.

Go ahead. Show a bunch of high school students that the Michigan fan base is willing to turn its back on the program. Create yet another roster hole so that whether Hoke is gone or not 2017 is JUST like this year. Hell if Hoke survives to 2015 you might manage to create a two year roster hole.

It seems you think that I am against you and your goals. I'm not. I want the Michigan football program to start fielding elite teams year after year. I assume that is what everyone here wants. I understand that many of you believe that is NOT possible while Brandon is the AD. I may or may not agree, but I can tell you that you won't get rid of him using these tactics. 

I also suggest that you back off pounding the regents through email or phone calls, at least for a while. Other than your annoyance value the regents really could not care less about all this. There is this thing sometimes called the fortress mentality. If you batter the regents to much YOU will become the problem not Brandon.  

Another factor here is that what you are doing could be perceived as attempting to "pick" the AD and/or the head coach. To whatever degree the regents and president have that view, that degree is a complete non-starter. Yes I understand that you don't view that as your goal, but it certainly could be perceived that way. 

I was at the U when there were massive (and I do mean massive) demonstrations about things that the world viewed as far more important than the AD's policies or the football team's record. Those regents could not have cared less, I doubt very much that these regents are very much different. 

If all you want to do is vent at whatever long and short term cost to the program then go ahead. If you really want to win this, you need a very different strategy and very different tactics. 


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President Schlissel is smart enough to see through the interview tactic you think is so insuperable. The regents don't care enough about keeping Brandon around to put up with constant annoyance for more than a month or two, and it's not like they can just get a new fanbase or replace all the alumni. Bacon was saying last week that DB is already a dead man walking.

Brandon doesn't get to set the narrative, no matter how much he pays you or any other PR firm's sockpuppet. 

I don't think Brandon is just "stupid and incompetent" by the way. I think he's stupid and incompetent and has a personality disorder that systematically prevents him from seeing his stupidity or incompetence. But I have no reason to think that Schlissel does not know what's up.

DB's needlessly hostile emails are still very likely to sink him, if nothing else does.

I shall call and email some regents tomorrow in your honor.


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every form of protest is embarrassing to the establishment.  Do you really think that the students expressing their opinion in the most America way possible will be a black eye on a program and school that already has been severaly embarrassed by the AD.  This is a way to show support for everything that is right at Michigan.

rob f

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to participate in the Kickoff Boycott.

I plan on being in my seat well before kickoff to see and cheer for the MMB and the rest of pregame, but once the band finishes the National Anthem, I'm up and out of my seat in Section 36. 

I STRONGLY ENCOURAGE as many of you as possible to also participate somehow in the Kickoff Boycott. 

BRANDON MUST GO!  Like a disease requiring surgical removal to save a patient, he must be "amputated" from The University of Michigan as quickly as possible in order to begin the healing process!


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There's a "Support the troops, why do you hate the troops?!?!" argument if I've ever seen one.

18 year olds like protests and giving the finger to the man.  If the students organize this and the entire section is empty for kick, but then they come blazing in, chanting "Fire Brandon" and going crazy for the entire game, making the atmosphere like none other, what recruit wouldn't get a kick out of it?

It'll be well publicized and everyone will know it's directed at Brandon and not the players.

Enough with the "embarrassment" argument.  It'll show how organized the students are and how they are upset with the ways they are routinely treated by the athletic department.


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The level of play and the losses are hurting recruiting more than any demonstration would. If anything, recruits will understand that nobody at Michigan likes what's going on and wants a change. That's more encouraging to recruits than seeing a fanbase that's fine with lousy brand of football.


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Getting people together to create signs that express distaste for DB? Continue the message beyond the kickoff. Print and handout chant sheets like the Maize Rage, etc. Keep the pressure on all game so your voices are heard after your initial statement.

Mr. Yost

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1. You're going to need full or almost full participation

2. Walking in chanting "FI-UR BRAND-IN" would be heard on TV if you time it right, you may just get drowned out by RAWK. You also should pray we get the ball first on offense because if we're on defense, the crowd noise and music will drown you out.

3. You're instantly going to have a stigma for not supporting the players. So I suggest breaking out the "IT'S GREAT - TO BE - A MICHIGAN - WOOOOOOLVERINE" chant multiple times throughout the game. I also suggest being obnoxiously louder than you all have EVER been EVER (in support of the team) to kill this notion. You go in and sit on your hands, boo, or complain...and you just ruined everything.

...I don't know how many people are in the student section, but you're going to have to be pretty organized to pull it off. Miss any of those 3 points and it's going to be half-assed and sloppy. It'll still get picked up by media because they want the story, but other fans, student-athletes, parents, and alums will hate you because they won't understand your motive. You have to do it right if you want support.

Risky, but if you can pull it off, it'll be great. You get to prove your point and the players get more support than they've had in their careers for 58-59 actual game minutes.

Oh...and you can't trickle out early if/when we're losing either. If you're going to play the "true fan" card. Everyone has to stay until the bitter end. And probably good to start one last 'it's great, to be" chant at the final whistle. Win or lose.


October 5th, 2014 at 7:41 PM ^

I really think this is an inspired idea and one that could make a real difference.  Stephen Ross is powerful.  But the students can wield a pretty mighty sword if united on this.  

I wish I was still a student!  Go get 'em kids!

Voltron is Handsome

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How many fucking times does this need to be said? Some of you jackasses boo at the game and the players think they are directed at them and not the coaches. Now you want to boycott the kickoff by showing late, which also does NOT help the players. This is a national TV game and the players like that. It's even more embarrassing to them when their FELLOW STUDENTS are not where they should be at the time of kickoff.

This is fucking ridiculous.


October 5th, 2014 at 4:33 PM ^

You are ridiculous. If this gets going, it'll be all the talk on campus and the Daily will be covering it. The players will know it is a protest of Brandon. And the students will filter back in and be loud and show their support of the players and how great a M student section should be. All while making an obvious point, chanting Fire Brandon


October 5th, 2014 at 4:48 PM ^

... or if they don't know what's happening already.  If they don't get it, then they are insulated enough from the student body at large that they will never get it. Which is fine. They don't have to share the interests of the other students and fans, and are perfectly within rights to pursue their own interests.  But it's also fine for the student section to express its dissatisfaction.