Student viewing party at Michigan Stadium for ND game

Submitted by scanner blue on August 16th, 2018 at 9:16 AM

    This just popped up on my schedule. The only previoous one that I know of was the 2012 Cowboys Classic. My daughter went on her third day on campus and she said she along with most other students left by halftime. They had a viewing party in Crisler for the 2013 MSU game (a 29 to 6 loss) that I was at, where about the biggest cheer of the day was for a competed pass. Most other reactions being groans. Again there were few in the stands for the second half.

    You enter through the tunnel and lay blankets on the field and proceed to watch Gary and Patterson perform gloriously against the Figthing Irish. Go Blue!



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all i remember from the Bama game was walking on the field (which was cool), some guy preaching about changing the "you suck" chant to "Re-spect" or something like that. would've been better if there wasn't a trashed, bowling ball sized sorority sister dancing on her seat in front of me. Didn't stay long but overall is was something to do worth doing. 


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Is a bowling ball sized sorority sister large or small?  Generally speaking, bowling balls are relatively small compared to a typical human woman, but they are also much more dense, making them heavy.  I am unsure of what to visualize.  Please elaborate.


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I remember in 1998, they tried to organize a viewing party for the public at the big house on the (then) brand new video scoreboards to watch the ND game because 'Joe Vision' had been such a huge success with the Red Wings.  It didn't end up happening which was for the best, because the game was a disaster. 

Hmm...there seems to be many train wreck game examples associated with viewing parties.  This better not be an omen.   


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1995 was a freshman only(I think) viewing party at Hill Auditorium for the Illinois Game.  We had won against Virginia in glorious last second fashion the week prior and won this game as well.

Lots of fun, lots of cool giveaways (I won two tickets to Blues Traveler).  All in all a fantastic event  (only sharing to offer a positive perspective).