Student tix question

Submitted by culvinen816 on November 16th, 2010 at 9:17 PM
I apologize if this is already answered somewhere but I am unable to search from the iPhone.

Anyway, my brother and I purchased student tickets on stub hub and it says student ID or validation required. As someone who is driving up from Virginia on Friday, can someone tell me how we get the validation. Or are we screwed? Stub hub obviously had this no where listed. Thanks in advance.



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I've done it a number of times over the past few years and was always asked for my ID at the Union.  I also agree that those checking ID's don't look too hard, but if you're making a long trip, just find a student who's willing to walk up with their IDs and have them validate it for you.


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You will also want to look at this link.

It states that a student ID is required to validate the tickets.  Whenever I have had tickets validated, I have presented my ID, although I may have provided it without being asked in every case.

You should absolutely be able to find a student in the Michigan Union Friday night before they close around 6 or Saturday morning before the game to validate it for you if you hand them the cash, so I wouldn't be too worried.


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MUTO is open from 9am-1pm on game days for validations. However, validations can be done at the stadium at Student Will Call inside Gate 9 on the North end of the stadium. Validation at the stadium is only available from two hours before kickoff, until half-time on game days only

Per Michigan Union Ticket Office


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Go to the ticket office on the side of the stadium. Give them your money and they'll put a sticker on your ticket to get in. It's no big deal and you'll be fine.

I think it's labeled as "Will Call."


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if you want it done early, go to the union ticket office and ask any random student around to do it for you, it will take all of about 2 seconds ...

i know you can also do it at the game and they may let you do it without a student, but i have never used this method


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Everyone pretty much had it right:

You need EITHER a student ID or to get them validated, not both.

They don't look at UM ID's too closely though so if you can use someone else's then you'd be good to go. I've gotten through the gates with someone of the opposite gender and someone of a different race no problem.


November 17th, 2010 at 12:00 AM ^

I think you're missing part of the point. You still need a student id (MCard) to get the tickets validated. But you don't need to borrow an id to get in if you get validated, which is technically illegal and they have ticketed people in the past for this. So even if you pay $34 a ticket, you still also need to get a student to help you validate it. As in a student needs to show their MCard, give them $34 for each ticket, and they need to put a sticker on each of your tickets. So in conclusion, you need to find a student, take him to either MUTO or will call on game day, you guys need to hand over $68 and then you guys will be set. I also suggest finding a random student in the area to help you out, they're usually kind enough. I just don't want you to come down here looking to validate it yourselves and get screwed.


November 17th, 2010 at 12:39 AM ^

You should have no problem finding a student to validate it for you in either the Union or at the will call booth on game day. There will be students everywhere and most of us would be kind enough to help someone out who was in this situation.


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Me and a few friends went in the Union to get something to eat before the iowa game and there was this lady that asked me to validate her tickets for her..I validated like 4 and she gave me $25 for a walk down the stairs. It was awesome


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As soon as im going in the gates I just ask a student to let me use his ID after they get in. No need to pay that ridiculous amount to get it validated it works everytime.