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hey guys - i just got into michigan law off of the waitlist and will be attending.  the first thing i did after getting in was to contact the ticket office about student tickets. apparently they are 'sold out' and there is a waitlist for those interested.  do any current or former students have any experience with the student ticket waitlist? do i have a realistic chance at getting tickets off of this waitlist or am i better off searching out tickets through other avenues at this point? i'm even more anxious about this waitlist than i was about the law school waitilist so any insight/advice would be much appreciated!



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Not to threadjack, but I find myself in a similar situation, with basketball student tickets. If anyone has experience with that too, I'd like to hear about it.


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Just email the ticket office about it.

I was surprised, too, I bought tickets last year like a month before the season iirc. I doubt they don't let people off the waitlist for the simple fact that there's no way they're going to sell out that many games... It's not like football where the 6 student tickets would be replaced with 6 other easily sold tickets.


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I guess the athletic department might have jumped the gun by making the student section smaller.  If you cannot get off the waitlist, I suggest finding a drunk undergrad who would rather nap or continue drinking instead.  Also congrats and welcome to the Michigan family


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Your problem is the late admission, student tickets were sold back in the Spring.  I would assume there is a 90+% chance you will not get off the waitlist.  Reach out to the secondary market and attempt to buy an entire pack of student tickets off someone, lots of people buy them just to resell.  You'll have to pay significantly over face for the tOSU game, but that is life.  Get in early and aim for the entire season and buy the entire year, since if both Michigan and tOSU have good seasons, the price for that will skyrocket.  

You'll be able to buy tickets with everyone else in the spring next year and be garaunteed a spot, unless the law school is somehow different from everyone else.  


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Ah, so kakusei will be fine next year.  


kakusei, just to explain the processs a little more clearly, the normal sale for football tickets is in the spring (there will be emails and such, along with dates listed on MGoBlue).  You buy the tickets then.  After that sale ends, the athletic department starts selling out the rest of the space to non students.  I've seen the student section expand and contract across sections over the years, as they honor every order placed in the spring, but now you're SOL since all the seats have likely been sold.  You're basically hoping someone doesn't pick up their student tickets for whatever reason (they decided to go to another school, they screwed up and are no longer eligible for admission, etc).

Don't bank on that, buy an entire season early (some other people have mentioned groups on Facebook).  You'll get a better price if you go in early and offer someone a quick deal to resell all of their tickets in one transaction.  


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I'd say this is probably right. The tickets have already been sold - to the point at which they shrunk the student section and are now selling those off to the general public. I don't think they turn students away. I suspect that the chance to get tickets this year, through normal athletic department means, is over.


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is correct.

It's only a problem for people who get admitted late in the year, or really don't have their shit together.

Waitlist sucks. You may get tickets out of it, but they will likely be scattered around the stadium, varying week to week where you'll be sitting, as you'll be stuck with unwanted leftovers. Ask around, search craigslist etc to see if someone wants to unload their entire season.


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But there are always tickets being sold all the time. I will say the best bet for now in terms of buying football tickets (and probably basketball tickets at this point in time) is to check out the message boards, Craig's List, etc., and put out feelers to friends. Tickets always turn up so I don't think it should be a problem for you--even in the student section's brave new world.

Congrats on getting into Michigan Law...Go Blue (and Hoya Saxa from here on the Hilltop).


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No idea about the waitlist, but there is a facebook group "Michigan Free and For Sale" that I have nabbed student tickets to hockey, football, and basketball from.  You'll probably pay face value to most games (the price will sky rocket for the ones you'd expect them too).  Just a heads up. Good luck.


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Idk about Caesar, and I've probably been ambiguous and annoying to a similar extent over the course of the week. I sincerely apologize, but it is still note worthy that me and quite a few of my roommates and friends are trying to sell our tickets with exception to ND and OSU.. So if anyone is still interested leave your email and I will contact you. Me personally I'm not willing to sell ND or Osu. However, some of my friends are for the correct price... Anyways thank you, and if anyone is still interested leave your email.


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This is why they shrunk the student section. I was at Michigan from 03-07, I didn't know anyone who sold their student tickets, to me you should be banned from the athletic department for selling your tickets


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How about in the student brochures they send us with our eason season tickets... It has details on how to sell our tickets on stub hub and advises us to do so if we plan on selling..So I don't think the athletic department has such an issue.. As long as they're getting their $$$ they don't care. However, before you go judging tuition for myself and peers alike is much higher than it was for you in 2003. Add in the fact a lot of us don't have much money, or on loans and grants, we can use the extra money by selling tickets. If you were a student you'd also know you skip half the games to begin with, with exception to the important ones. P.s the reason a lot of students skipped out on tickets this year is bc they thought the athletic department raised them too high.. Not bc we're selling them


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There will be tickets for sale for every game, you'll just be paying in the hundreds for ND and ohio. I'd wait until the week of the games to buy them though if you're doing it indivudually as the prices always come down.


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I got my student tickets past the deadline around July 20th.  I would not be surprised if there is still availability. 

Depending on if you were a student at Michigan before, you could just renew your student season tickets.  It should automatically allow you with your username and pass to renew without a new application.

If you're new to the university, contact the mtickets email address.  They probably need to give you a pin to login.  Also, follow the protocol for waitlisted tickets -- they got back to me in under a week.

As both an alumnus and a new grad student, the process was pretty confusing because they have a separate page for alumni season tickets and a separate page for students.  I called in and they said it's a common error.  Best of luck on your tickets, and congrats on law school.


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Michigan alum, starting law school this year.


Call the ticket office and see what you can do. They were super helpful in figuring out the site, and if you explain the situation they might at least bump you up in the waitlist.

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Once you start orientation and classes, ask around. There will be plenty of students who decided to buy tickets but don't really want them. Each year I was in law school, I would pick up and extra set or two of season tickets from classmates for when friends were visiting. I never paid more than fave value for a set.


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Congrats on T14, op!

Now go buy your books and start reading.  Although from the Law students I knew, you seemed to have a lot more time your first year than your next two.


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I've probably been ambiguous and annoying to a extent over the course of the week. I sincerely apologize, but it is still note worthy that me and quite a few of my roommates and friends are trying to sell our tickets with exception to ND and OSU.. So if anyone is still interested leave your email and I will contact you. Me personally I'm not willing to sell ND or Osu. However, some of my friends are for the correct price... Anyways thank you, and if anyone is still interested leave your email. This is probably the only thread that's my is on topic. FYI!!for some games we have up to 4-5 student tickets! Thanks once again


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As long as you have an M-Card (you will), your chances are pretty decent that you'll get to go to all the games you want and come out ahead versus buying season tickets. ND and ohio are going to stretch your budget, but you can always find some honest person that'll sell you them for a reasonable price. The other games can usually be had for a song. Ever since they started requiring ID for student tix, the secondary market just doesn't have that much demand anymore. With general admission, it's even easier to buy some random ticket and still get to sit with your friends.


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As an M-Law grad myself, don't worry about tickets too much if you don't get them from the waiting list.  Because you're a 1L, tons of your friends who have season tickets will be giving them away for free every week to spend Saturdays freaking out and outlining contracts/property in the law library (despite it being an overreaction and unnecessary).  For regular games you'll get them much cheaper than face value, and for ND/OSU you'll be able to get them around face value (particularly OSU, as so many of your classmates will go home for Thanksgiving).

In short: just make friends and you'll get to every game you want to.  With the new GA policy the location of your ticket won't matter anymore anyway.


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^^^ - this post is the best advice I've seen yet. The only thing I'd add is that with the exception of ND & OSU, you will be able to get tickets very cheaply at the stadium. Non-students (like myself) can't easily buy and use tickets from you. Inevitably, there will be students near the gate letting them go for close to nothing, or for nothing. With GA, no student tickets are better than others, so you either need to get to the stadium way early (for good seats) or if you don't mind being high up, you can wait until close to gametime and pay maybe $5 for a ticket, if that. I guess I'd advise NOT buying the whole season, but trying to buy ND & OSU now, and take your chances with all other games. Remember, there may be some Saturdays where you are the one stressing out about studies and spending your day in the Law Library, or others when because of weather, etc., you don't want to go to the game.