Stub hub instant download legit for UM? [Answered: Yes]

Submitted by samber2009 on September 4th, 2011 at 2:23 PM

I did a search but didn't see any content on it besides the UM agreement with stub hub.  I'm looking at buying tickets via Stub Hub for the ND game.  The cheapest (with most games) seems to be the instant download. I have never seen anyone use a home printed ticket at Michigan Stadium before. Is this legit or should I stay away from those?

Thanks for your help in advance.



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Yeah it's legit, I thought the same thing when I saw everything on StubHub was now only electronic, and I had never seen a printed ticket either, but's it's definitely legit. That's how I got my WMU and ND tickets, by downloading and printing them at home.


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They guarantee the tickets to be accurately listed and that the tickets actually work.  My wife bought some Red Sox tickets on StubHub while we were in Boston and we ended up having an obstucted view that the seller did not list.  She emailed StubHub and we had our money refunded.  StubHub makes the seller provide a valid credit card and then charges them double the selling price if there is something wrong with the ticket.


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Thanks guys! I've used printed tickets for other sporting events before, but just never seen it done at the Big House. Can always count on the MGoCommunity for answers.

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I recall hearing about a month or so ago that this is the first year UM is partnering with StubHub in an official capacity for ticket selling.  Just to echo a couple other posters, the two people in front of me at the gate yesterday both had printed pages so it's definitely legit.


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If you're interested in a pair of ND tickets (section 17, row 35, seats 3 & 4) then I'm selling mine (I can't go since I'm the best man in a wedding in Ohio that day... ugh).  They're listed on Stubhub (as an instant download) and on the MGoBlog ticket listing.   If you want to email me about them then try dschenk with the domain being


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Not that anyone else had or ever will have a similar problem to what I went through, but my experience at the game yesterday was...well, it made the rain delays and game truncation seem like Christmas in comparison.

My SutbHub instant download tix scanned in fine and got me and my buddy into the stadium with no problem.  Trouble started when another couple showed up 10 minutes before kick-off with StubHub-purchased hard tickets for the same seats.  The nice ushers fetched some also-nice stadium staffer who looked at all the tickets and jabbered with someone on his two-way radio telling them that both sets looked legit, etc.  He told us all not to worry and just sit tight and enjoy the game while he straightened things out.

Two minutes into the game, a couple of security guards showed up and doing their best tough-guy cop imitation told us that we all had to go to Crisler Arena to "straighten the situation out".  When we politely said no we were going to stay and watch the game in the seats we had paid for, the toughness ratcheted up a notch and we were told that we either let them escort us to Crisler, or they were going to escort us right out of the gates for good.

So, we were escorted over to Crisler by a guard who did his best to ensure that we missed as much of the game as possible by walking more slowly than my 94 year old grandmother.  There we encountered someone worse: a mean witch of a staffer with greensish skin and blood shot eyes that were oozing some kind of milky white fluid that ran down to the corner of her mouth where she would occasionally lick at it with her tongue which also served to shoo away the flies that were feasting on the... well,maybe not, but that's how I remember her.

Anyhow, when we complained about being taken away from the game for this fiasco, she responded that she had been at this job for 13 years and this was the best way she knew to find out which one of us had the fake tickets and were going to be thrown out of the stadium.  Well, she certainly told us!  She then confiscated our tickets and my drivers license and took them to some mysterious back room, and then returned so that we could trade insults for the next ten minutes.  FInally a guy armed with a StubHub badge and apologies came out from the back room and said oops we (StubHub) apparently screwed up.

We were "compensated" for our inconvenience with a promise of a full refund, and they let us watch what was left of the game (it was well into the 2nd quarter by then) from home-side, 50 yard line, row 55 seats.  Which were really nice, but not that much nicer than the home-side, 30 yard line, row 46 seats I started out with.  I should have stayed home in front of the TV.

I apologize, since this had little to do with the original topic here, but I feel much better now.


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stadium, inside the golf course, on the gates, the doors to Crisler, and on top of the stub hub posters inside. Somewhere out there is a stub hub hate site - I'd inhabit that for a while as well.

After a bit of this, I'd contact Brandon with pictures of the posters and copies of the posts, and ask if you needed to start doing the same thing as that other fellow, who is posting his story all over the place.