Stream for hockey / basketball game today

Submitted by MGoArchive on March 24th, 2018 at 12:03 PM

We'll be streaming the hockey / basketball game today. There are some important notes, please read this carefully -

1) Right before the game on Thursday, the stream was shut down. Fortunately I had a backup account, and the new URL was posted on the Discord server. People were able to watch the game without a hitch.

2) If you watch the stream, you should really be hanging out on the Discord server in the event it goes down so you can get the replacement stream URL.


3) We're distributing the URL a bit differently this time. Here's what you need to do, based on the different situations people might be in - 

  - If you've joined the Discord before and were verified and you have a MBlog account, we are creating a new user class 'MGoVerified' - you've had an account on MGoBlog for over a year and you have over 500 points). Why? In the event the stream goes down agian, we are posting a replacement stream in the MGoVerified channel. If the stream goes down, it's obvious we've had lapse in security and need to tighten things up.

- If you're hanging out in the Discord server now and you're a Verified user, send a message in the #authentication channel. I'll work on getting you added to the MGoVerified list.

If you are an MGoBlog lurker/don't have an account on MGoBoard, we will post the URL to the stream in the #general channel at 3:30pm EST. You do not need to be verified. But if the stream goes down, the new stream will only be for MGoVerified users. Sorry. 


If you join the server and haven't been verified before and you have an MGoBlog account, I'll get you elevated to the 'MGoVerified' status. We're trying to reward people who have an account on MGoBoard/are obviously fans. We let a few people in last time who had just registered on the board, and the stream went down so....we have to tighten things up a bit. But only in the event that the stream goes down, again. The stream will be available to everyone initially, but if it goes down before the game starts, we have a backup plan. And that new stream will only be for verified MGoBloggers.

Got it? Good.

Link to join the Discord server -

YouTube video on how to get verified -

Go Blue!




March 24th, 2018 at 2:09 PM ^

There's one other guys doing authentications in #authentication. stream is available in the #general topic channel status.

Should be back by 6pm EST. Then I'll be at a bar watching the game.