The story of Frank Clark

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Mlive story, I don't want to give too much away. I personally can't even image overcoming the obstacles that Frank has. I hope that Frank has a break out season and is able to see his mother and siblings one day. Couple notable quotes from the story “As I sit here and reminisce about it, it’s weird how this all came about,” Clark said. “I’d walk for hours with my mother, wondering where we were going next, what we were going to do next,” Clark said. Clark dreams, more than anything, that his mother will see him play this season; says it would be “the best thing ever” if she’s on hand for Senior Day.…



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I'm not a fan of the way things look to be headed with the recent rulings/votes/etc., but I'd certainly be in favor of allowing schools to help with travel costs for parents to come see some games, especially for parents that have clearly demonstrated financial difficulties like Clark's.


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I don't get it. Instead of an outright ban, couldn't the NCAA just put restrictions? Only two games per season, demonstrated financial aid, minimum travel distance??? It just seems crazy to me that we are not allowed to help this woman watch her son play at Michigan Stadium one single time.


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The schools that lose money on athletics don't want to lose even more.  The new autonomy rules for the Big 5 may make this possible; one of the proposals is for schools to pay the way for parents to bowl games, and the concept will probably spread beyond that.


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I'm no lawyer -- and certainly not a lawyer for the NCAA -- but I have to believe just the promise of future payment is a violation.  Otherwise, there'd be an ocean of money in accounts held for the day top recruits leave their schools.


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Linked to the article above, one about Willie having had to make adjustments on the field and off as a freshman and Frank Clark mentoring him, having gone through similar things with similar backgrounds, helping him learn to trust that their coaches, like their high school coach Ted Ginn, have only their best interests at heart.



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These are good stories and I'd love to read more about them.  While I thought York should be gone due  to the potential of what he did having horrific effects, a lot of us far more fortunate growing up have no clue the circumstances some of these players grow up in so we can't really relate.  I know it is only a tiny % of people in the big picture of things, but you can see how sports can change the path of these guys who escape their toxic environment for 4-5 years.  I know some go right back into it after they leave school but at least some have a chance to break the pattern.  Just being exposed to hope and safety and stability on a college campus is something that can be life changing, and what most of us who grew up middle class take for granted.  Also makes you really respect those who are in the same circumstances and escape via academics.


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I realize the troubles that Clark and York got into were very different at UM, but it seems they both came from similar backgrounds  - the streets.  We don't know what either player is like to be around when with the staff and we don't know how many chances York had. Fortunately we were able to get through to Clark, but unfortunately for York he's going to have to find his way in life elsewhere.


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I love this story, and others I've read about Clark. What a challenging environment to come from. Thanks so much for providing the link.

There is something else that is worth mentioning. Clark (and Henry) both played for Ted Ginn. I would bet $1,000 that Ginn and Hoke really get along, and get each other. They care for their players deeply. I can't speak to RR, or Carr, or Urban Meyer, or Dantonio. But I have no doubt about Hoke, and about Mattison, and about the atmosphere at Michigan. Every team talks about being a family. And you know, I think that every team out will function somewhat as a family. Some more, some less. But I do think that Hoke really gets it, and has the respect of Ginn and many other coaches and of the players. More than just being on a winning team, more than being at a great institution academically, more than being close to home, Hoke and crew are putting together a culture that welcomes and helps and encourages players like Frank Clark and Willie Henry. As I think of Mone, Darboh, Chesson, Bushell-Beatty, Tuley-Tillman, Hurst, Gedeon, Ojemudia, Ways, sadly York, I see kids (and coaches and families behind them) who yearn for the kind of environment that is at Michigan. I'm proud of Hoke and the culture he has been building. This, I believe, is a big part of the reason for the tremendous recruiting we've seen at Michigan.

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They do. Ginn and Hoke are good friends, to paraphrase Ginn he said "Brady Hoke...that's my boy!" No coincidence that UM signs it's first two recruits out of Glenville in forever when Hoke became coach. You're right, they both exhibit a care for players beyond just football that is increasingly rare and in the case of Ohio/Meyer, is non-existent. I would not be at all surprised to see more Glenville-UM players in the near future


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walk in the shoes he walked in and tell me you'd do any better?


Funny how snarky the comments get after the article....glad that doesn't happen here......


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...was incredible:


“He kind of holds onto that -- ‘I am a kid from inner-city Crenshaw and inner-city Cleveland.’” Regina said. “Well, no, he’s not. He’s a young man going to the University of Michigan and playing football. He needs to walk in that greatness now. Other people can only dream of that.”


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I think I'm rooting for Frank to break out more than anyone else. A dominating pass rush totally changes the other team's game plan and let's your LBs and DBs thrive. I would love to see us have an elite defense this year, and I think we have the tools in place. Man, the last 14 or so days until kickoff are brutal!

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When I read the story the other day the commenst section was a snark battle between MSU fans and UM fans about whether Clark being on the team at all means that Hoke runs a tight ship or not.  When I heard about the laptop theft story I would have been fine if Clark got the boot right then.  Since he was given another chance he has done really well and become a good player and leader.