Storm Klein dismissed by ohio

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Update to story that broke last night and has since fallen off the first page of board topics.

Storm Klein dismissed by Ohio.  It seems that if the charges don't stick Urb has left an opening for allowing him back on the team.




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Yes, because I bet his face lights up like a Christmas tree whenever one of his players gets caught (probably) beating up his girlfriend and making more scandalous national news.  Don't you think he would just find someone for a medical hardship if he actually wanted to free up a scholarship?  Actually, no... you don't think much, do you?



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There's a lot of MGoIdiots our there. There was a pretty good discussion in the original thread about this sort of stuff:…

and Mgrowold made the best point about how quite a few think of Meyer on this board:


OSU player gets in trouble and gets minor discipline from Meyer....

"I knew it! He's easy on the players and lets them get away with murder I tell you. He runs a renegade program, just like he did in Florida, where the inmates run the prison! They are a bunch of thugs and criminals."

OSU player gets in trouble and gets moderate discipline from Meyer.....

"I knew it! He's just doing this for show. This really doesn't mean a thing because and in reality this just proves what I've said all along.

OSU player gets in trouble and gets severe discipline from Meyer......

"I knew it! He's just clearing scholly's so he can oversign with impunity. The kid didn't really deserve this because and Meyer overreacted. He's just clearing the deck of players he doesnt want."


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Yeah but right now we don't know what the trouble is. He's been charged with misdemeanor assault and domestic violence; but Josh Furman was charged with breaking and entering, assault, and domestic violence. Then we got to court, and it was just an overzealous prosecutor. And when you read the Columbus Dispatch's early story, it's pretty similiar to the Furman case.


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From what I've read Klein grabbed his ex, causing scratches, and then pushed her against a door, causing a head injury. Now, the fact that thus all happened when his ex wouldn't leave his apartment is certainly a mitigating factor, but by no means an excuse.


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Excuse me, perhaps I should've read into the story a little more.  I did try to put a disclaimer on there, as I hope the police had reason to take him into custody.  And judging by the speed of the dismissal, it seems to appear as though there is some substance behind the charge.  Granted, I do understand the fallibility of the criminal justice system and its particular biases.  However, I'm sure most men have dealt with some sort of crazed female and come out of the situation without getting arrested, so perhaps the situation could have at least been dealt with better (less physically) by Klein.



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For the record, Klein played pretty poorly last season, and was the reason for the many of the defensive shortcomings over the middle. Curtis Grant took Klein's spot for this season, and one of the freshman can easily step up into Klein's 2-deep spot. 2 have been on campus for months now, and Perkins is already in a position to work in playing time as a true freshman.


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Dismissed but back on the team if the charges don't stick seems kind of odd.  It's almost like a guilty until proven innocent.  I'd have gone with indefinite suspension and an understanding  that if the charges stick you're gone.  Oh well, to each their own.  


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Seems wierd to me too.  I'm sure Urban and OSU know more about the case than has been released to the public.  If they think it's a misunderstanding or overblown they should suspend during the court proceedings, similar to Furman.  If it's a big deal he should be dismissed with no chance back on the team even if he does get acquitted in court.


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You've got a good point there, but this is pretty cut and dry even for guys like Kiffin and Saban. A second beating up your girlfriend charge is gonna get you kicked off any team if the charges stick, and given Ohio's NCAA troubles lately, it's not hard to see why he would take that approach.

To be more cynical, by adopting a guilty till proven innocent on a 2 deep, Ubz is bolstering a "disciplinarian" rep. Then if he wants to go soft on a guy he likes (Percy Harvin, wink, wink), he'll have a statistical tough guy record to keep criticism sounding partisan.

Dr Vorax

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Forgive me, I'm studying for boards now...

Type I error is finding that different groups are different when they actually are not

Type II error  is failure to reject the null hypothesis when the two outcomes actually are differrent

In this case, the null hypothesis would be that no abuse occurred


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I wasn't saying I hoped a domestic violence incident occured, I'm just saying that I hope the charges stick IF a domestic violence incident occured. What's done is done, if he assaulted someone then he should have his day in court and be punished appropriately.

Seriously, I don't think anyone would wish for someone to have been assaulted, that's just ridiculous.


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 Kicking him off the team for being charged with any crime is ridiculous, now being convicted is another story. Domestic violence is such a touchy crime anyways ( from state to state). I actually got arrested for domestic violence when I was 14 for breaking up a fight between my friend and his Mom. The charges where dismissed but, I won't forget how easy it is to be charged with any crime.

Victor Hale II

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Scrapes on her forearms? She could've easily done that herself, and I've known of at least a few women who have done similar (and worse) things to themselves to exact their version of revenge on the dude who they feel has scorned them. Yeah, there are some real wackos out there.

Until further evidence appears, I'm on Klein's side here. This is a real sore spot for me, having seen first hand what some crazy broads will do or say to satisfy their agendas.


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possible ISSUES) to the entire rest of the world, especially where violence against women is concerned, might be a kind of category error, too, no? I think it's safe to say that where women and scars are concerned, the majority are NOT self-inflicted. 

To feel compelled to be on the SIDE of someone accused of a crime, knowing sweet zipola about it, is. . . kinda messy, no? Step aside and let THE MAN decide here, and save your testosterone for some other crisis. We may need ya to drag us all out of a burning building or something. . . Try to use your super powers for GOOD.

Victor Hale II

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Let me expand. One was mine, and I don't have "issues", thank you. The cop she called tried to turn it around on her (he knew she was lying) but somehow couldn't do it. Her friend was even ready to testify against her if need be. The others were friends of mine who got dragged though the mud only to be cleared afterward. But the damage was already done to some degree.

Here's the thing, if you have enough encounters with enough women, you're going to see a lot of sides to them. Many college and pro athletes have scores of encounters with scores of women, and that's a big reason why these things come up and are often dismissed. But the damage is often already done by the time they're cleared. One prime example just occurred with that former USC recruit who did 10 years before exposing the truth. That girl needs to be locked up at least that much time herself.

Also, the article said "scrapes", not "scars". Trust me, many of them are plenty nutty enough to scrape themselves up to bolster their story. Remember, I've used the term "many", not "most". Thus, I'm not generalizing. She was at his place and apparently causing some disturbance. Again, until further evidence is produced, he looks innocent to me. And he looks innocent to that thing we call the Constitution, no?

I condone violence against nobody. Also, I don't have any super powers. However, if they ever start making adult sized Underoos, I'll be that much closer.


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A method to Urban Meyer .. In this case he got rid of a backup player who would not have played much this season and opened up another scholarship for recruiting


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To say that this is Urban being slimy is just absurd. Kid messed up big time, coach kicked him off the team. I'm not an Urban Meyer fan, but he did the right thing in this situation.


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That if this was Braxton Miller or any of his studs, Meyer would make it all go away. The sooner that recruits and everyone else realizes that Meyer is probably the biggest douche and biggest liar in college football the better off all of us will be. I can't wait until he fucks up, I trust me when I say it's just a matter of time boys. New meaning to the phrase "buckle up"


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in a year with no postseason potential and basically no expectations, he was very expendable.


Braxton Miller pulls the same shit next year trying to break a hole in the door with his girlfriend's head, there is a much more wait and see approach taken, he would be kept on the team until a conviction.


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I get that people hate Ohio. I get that people hate Urban Meyer. But the logic in this thread is downright RCMB-ish.

Dude has been kicked off the team for repeated run-ins with the law. He is a senior (and a possible contributor), so this isn't a Saban roster adjustment situation. There's no "there" there. Move along.


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He started 10 games because Grant didn't have a Shazier-esque freshman year, and Sabino also underperformed. Now Grant and Sabino are impressing coaches and Klein is still pretty meh.

He could fall to third string because David Perkins came into camp last fall running a 4.3 and impressing everyone, and Josh Perry has been solid also. Even the true freshman are getting more positive recognition than Klein, and we know Meyer isn't one to euphemize.