Storm Klein dismissed by ohio

Submitted by mark5750 on July 7th, 2012 at 9:04 PM

Update to story that broke last night and has since fallen off the first page of board topics.

Storm Klein dismissed by Ohio.  It seems that if the charges don't stick Urb has left an opening for allowing him back on the team.




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Yeah, and it's not often a walk-on gets Freshman All American recognition, but I'm not discouting Kovacs' acheivements because it's unlikely. Urban plays the best players. Klein has never shown the potential scouts saw coming out high school, now he's getting passed by freshman.


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Here's the difference:

Kovacs accomplished things, so you can't really deny them.

You're predicting the future (that will never happen since Klein is off the team), and I'm saying your prediction was unlikely.  Not impossible, just unlikely.  It's not anything to get worked up over.


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Oh, sorry if you thought I was being hostile, I was just trying to find an analogous situation. My point is, he's been nagged by injuries, plays slow with a new staff that values speed from the LBs, was largely unimpressive, detrimental even to the defense last season, and Meyer sees that. he's said it a few times this spring, that Klein can't get healthy enough to even come back into the discussion, let alone hold off the two LBs that the staff is raving about. When you miss time like he has this fall and summer, he's not in Marotti's S&C program and it's gonna hurt him even more.

My point isn't that I think you're wrong, I was just trying to explain the situation. Having been in the stands for most of his painful performances, I can say unless he completes the daunting task of not only getting back on the coaches' good sides, but even getting healthy enough to be consistent, he will be one of the lower guys considered for PT. That being side, I think he would've seen the field, but it may all be moot now.

I do appreciate the recourse though, respect everything that you do.


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No, not a disaster, but not even close to an upper tier player that gets the start on an OSU, UM, PSU, UW, etc. 

He was part of the inconsistency (along with Sabino) in the upperclassmen that led to a poor corps, highlighted only by a terrific freshman year from Shazier. This attributed to a arge amount of our problems in coverage, Klein is slow and missed tackles. So, yeah I agree, he could be a potential contributor should there be some injuries, as long as your definition of contributor entails simply being on the field.


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I highly disagree the guy is a senior. Don't you think that Luke Fickell would have chosen to rotate him in before any freshmen that doesn't know the schemes as well.  Klein's 10-game starting experience is just icing on the cake. I think Storm Klein would've seen significant minutes next year, going to to give one of the 3 starters a breather. Klein is not so awful that he couldn't hold his own for a series or two.


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It's a sneaky bastard. Just when I thought it has been forced into submission, it blindsides me.

I do stand by my prior statement that Storm Klein would have been a solid contributor this season, even though he lost his starting job to Curtis Grant. A senior player that familiar with the playbook is always a valued commodity.


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Look on the bright side.  We went two entire threads on the subject without one reference to "Urban Liar" so there's that at least.



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With DV laws being what they are men should take steps before an escalation occurs. Klein should have left his raving ex outside to make a scene and then called the police to report her if she did not leave. He played right into her hands and overreacted, now he pays because he lacked self control.