Stories/Impressions from the Big House 5-0 Big Chill Victory

Submitted by M-Wolverine on December 11th, 2010 at 7:14 PM

OK, as people are returning, I thought we could use a thread for those of us who were able to go the the MOST ATTENDED HOCKEY GAME/MICHIGAN STADIUM EVENT in history.  Post your thoughts from being at the game here.

Me, I was surprised how good the view of the ice was. Could actually see the puck in section 42, row 22 pretty well. The other side of the ice had some rough sightlines, but no worse than usual bad angles.  The lights work great, but I wonder if long passes are going to get lost in them. They are bright. 

Contrary to some posts, the atmosphere was great. It was fun time had by all, the chants got louder as the game went on, as people learned them. It was really a party atmosphere, so there weren't the "loudest I've ever hear the Stadium" moments, but there were also more beach balls than I had ever seen there too. (Except for the ass holes who kept popping them).

They ran a pretty good show, with events and stuff mixed in.  It was very RAWK lite, with the band doing a great job. Kudos to the LONGEST rendition of the Blues Brother theme ever...that was awesome. The Tuba section must have needed oxygen after it.  The fireworks were cool, and it was pretty awesome after the game, synchronized to the music quite well.  And I am amazed how fast the lights turn back on. In my experience, big (older) lights like that take FOREVER to turn back on. 

The only "negative" I could see was that this was obviously a test run on advertising in the Stadium. It was everywhere. Not just the boards, or on the Zamboni, but when people are taking shots on the Human Curly Fries (HT & a +1  to the first person to post a pic of that here), we kinda get it.  The scoreboards had advertising on not only the screen, but the video strip below it was just running off ads all day long.  (Yet they didn't have time for the "send your pic to be on the screen" thing they mentioned early in the game, but never did).  I guess there's no advertising in Michigan Stadium only if it's a football game. Get ready, it's coming.

I'm sure I'll think of more stuff, and have additional posts, but this has it pretty good. Oh, yeah, the game was great too. Got the shutout, and 4 of 5 goals in my (and students) end.  Really overall an awesome production by the University.  When can we do it again?  



December 12th, 2010 at 1:14 AM ^

(Note: I went to the game much more for the opportunity to bring my son to the big house for an event rather than watching hockey.  So, not much related to the actual game in the following)

I brought my two year old son to the game, and we had a blast.  We were in line to get in our seats as the flyover happened, so that was a bummer, but otherwise everything went as well as I could have hoped for.  We were in Section 21, row 51, but could pretty clearly see what was happening on the ice:

The first set of fireworks scared my son a little, but the second and third (we left right before the 4th goal as it was getting darker and colder) had him really excited and clapping.

I'd say we spent about 60% of the time in our seats and 40% of the time running around the concourse.  My son really liked the band and anytime people were cheering, especially the goal count chant.  He also thought the eagle statue was the best thing ever made, and was staring at it so intently my mom had to tell him she had treats in order to get a picture.

As we were leaving our seats and all the way to the car he was yelling "Go Blue Hockey Game" to anyone nearby, and got a lot of go blue's in return.  Overall it was  a great experience and I can't wait for another fun/cheap opportunity to take him back (football games can wait until he is old enough to care).


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I got the Down in Front folks.  The passive aggressive kind.  They were sitting right behind me and making snide comments about "proper stadium etiquette" (direct quote, I swear) and "this isn't a football game."  The deal was the woman never actually had the guts to say anything to anyone though.  She just sat there and made comments to her kids about "poor manners" and shit like that.  Designed of course so we'd over hear them.  

At one point I was tempted to turn around and point out that the 50 rows in front of me are standing, thus I'm standing because I want to see the damn game.  So if she wants me to sit she should go down to Row 1 and work her way up.  However when I started to turn I caught sight of her husband sitting there with an "I wish I was dead" expression on his face (or alternatively "I wish I'd left the bitch at home" look).  Figured I didn't want to make his day any worse so I kept my mouth shut, squared my shoulders and spend the first period standing right in front of the woman.  She left at the end of the first period and was never seen again.  The husband then stood, perked up, cheered and even high fived us all after the goals.  

Our concession to human decency was to arrange it so the short girls were standing in front of the kid so the kid could see over them.  Ms. Proper Stadium Etiquette got the two six foot tall guys parked right in front of her.  


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Because we looked around the Stadium, and the people I were with expected to be able to sit more at the game (they had walked with me to the Stadium to save on parking, and the walk plus standing, with their elderly dad making the trip), but they saw EVERYONE standing....but like one section that everyone was sitting in on the corner. 

For the record, they didn't complain...just with not as many tv timeouts as a football game, or breaks in the action (plus the fact that with the sight angles, it helped to stand) they weren't expecting it, used to the more up/down nature of a football game. It didn't hurt that the four seats in front of us were empty.  

But at this game, there just weren't THAT many places for the "down in front" crowd. Lucky you.


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Awesome atmosphere, great game, and incredible experience.  We did it bigger and better than anyone else and the hockey team just seemed to have a great time with it too.  I had season hockey tickets when I was at U of M, so it's great to see other fans get to enjoy the best hockey experience and team in the country.


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I think the highlight of the game for me was right before the fourth goal... In Yost, the hockey crowd spells words and asks what they mean, etc.  So during the power play in the 3rd period, someone started spelling F-O-R-E-P-L-A-Y and asked what it ment.  Obviously it ment We're gunna score and literally two seconds latter, Michigan scored.   Did anyone else have the same experience I had?  This happened near the front of second 27.


December 12th, 2010 at 4:35 PM ^

Yeah it was...  I actually started the cheer and passed out the sheets.  I was just trying to see how far the cheer reached just out of my own curiousity.    I really don't know how to top a cheer than what happened yesterday.  It was fucking awesome.


December 12th, 2010 at 7:49 AM ^

I was so proud of the win, of the event, of the turnout and of the stadium.  What an awesome night!  Also, on the way out I saw Lloyd Brady and (creepily) got a picture.  (I also posted this in the infamous Lloyd Brady photoshop thread.)


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Today I was PROUD to be A Michigan Wolverine...Folks here in Atlanta were 

talking about it....The Publicity and the Impression of Michigan was amazing!!!



GO BLUE!!!!!!


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I have to say, as much as I see people poo pooing the announced attendance, there weren't THAT many gaps in the crowd. I think there were one or two spots along the outer edges and that was it. Maybe 5,000 less than capacity AT MOST. Student section was packed too.

Best of all, there were almost no sparties :)


December 12th, 2010 at 10:45 AM ^

Agree on the advertising being a bit of "testing the waters" so to speak. Though, I recall an interview with Brandon from back when he was first hired, and he specifically stated something about how they've done market research on the fan base and the main thing that was most important to the fans was "no advertising in the Big House." We'll see how it shakes out but I think he appreciates that sentiment -- he's at least aware of it. Choice events like this, with the whole larger-than-life and world-is-watching feel to it, the marketing fits in pretty seamlessly. Anyway, you gotta pay for the rink and fireworks! But I don't think it would be as palatable for a regular-season football game.

As for my personal stories, I gotta say I was impressed by the turnout and the good view. I was up in the club seats -- sipping rarefied air with the aristocracy for a change, looking down upon the plebeians who were inevitably having a more raucous fun-fest than we -- and had an excellent view of the rink. A bit of improvement could be made to amplify the rink-level noise, as the lack of sounds from skates and sticks and so on diminished the engagement in the game itself, but the four corner mics did pick up some quality noises. The biggest disappointment was that Palmisano never took off his mask... I was really itching to do the "Ugly Goalie" chant. Clearly, he did not want 110,000 negative appraisals of his looks.

Hearing so many people do the chants was just plain frickin awesome. I got to teach the people around me some of the more ... polite hockey chants (I omitted the litany of profanity in CYA), and young and old alike had a lot of fun joining in, yelling at the goalie, and asking how much time is left. I would be interested to know how well the chants could be heard on TV. Major props, also, to the band for the most epic Blues Brothers dance eva!

B2 bomber was amazing. Surreal, really, the way it glides through the air. Reminded me of a manta ray. And so quiet on the approach. Certainly a far cry from the old B-52s I used to see in air shows.

Overall: A+, big win for M hockey and Dave Brandon, and all who got to see it.

Go Blue Beau

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I know everyone will have their opinions on this aspect, but I know one good thing that came from it. While tailgating at Pioneer, they had an Arbys truck handing out free roast beef sandwiches as well as Famous Dave's giving sausage and shredded beef. I was stuffed and didn't have to pay a dime for food. Also echoing everyone's comments, my whole experience at the game was awesome. Had some State fans getting bitter towards the end saying things about the football team. Think their something all of the do I hate those guys!


December 12th, 2010 at 1:35 PM ^

I got back from the public skate a couple hours ago. I have to say the entire week and half of ice in the Big House was an A+ production. It started with the web cam where I wasted a fair amount of time watching the rink being built. Then my wife and I went to the Adrian/Concordia (WI) game. The Adrian fans were awesome. It was like watching a smaller version of the Yost crowd. This Thursday, I went to the alumni games. It was cool how they allowed the fans to ice level so we could mix it up with the hockey alum and some of the hockey media. Unfortunately, I got there too late to meet Mickey Redmond, who is my Detroit Red Wings hero. 

I had a blast tailgating with my friends before the Big Chill. We had a heated camping igloo complete with directv, cocoa with peppermint schnapps The soup at the tailgate was amazing.

I have already recounted my experience about the Big Chill, that was amazing. 

This morning we went to the public skate. The rink was covered in snow and the skate was delayed a bit as they shoveled the snow off and ran the Zamboni. I took so many pictures while skating. I got my picture taken when I was kissing the center of the rink like at senior night at yost. I even ate some of the ice. So I have a bit of the big chill in me...

I wish this entire event did not have to end. I went to the Camp Randall Hockey Classic last February. Comparing the two events is like night and day. I am so glad to have Dave Brandon as our AD. 


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Not just that - it was the most-attended non-racing sporting event in U.S. history. 


December 12th, 2010 at 5:22 PM ^

That could have been a disaster.  It might have been kind of fun at the game itself (though not for the zamboni operators), but to have 100,000 fans driving in this weather would have been a nightmare.

Michigan Arrogance

December 13th, 2010 at 6:44 AM ^

I didn't think the advertising was too bad. The Arby's Big Arby's Chill and the Arby's Big House (ARBYS!) was a bit much, but the random ads on the LED boards seemed fine. Nothing permanent, but cycle thru a few ads.


I was kind of surprized they let the Casino ads in tho


December 13th, 2010 at 11:04 AM ^

One word: Awsome, I have absolutely nothing new to add than what others have said. 

Just that it was a perfect weekend and if this type of "night game" experience is what we have to look forward to for ND next year, wow have we been missing out. 


December 13th, 2010 at 11:34 AM ^

This is probably my 8th or 9th partaking of a Michigan sport. All previous others were for football as a 3 hour drive is hard to do for a 2 hour basketball game or hockey game. It was by far though the most fun we have ever had at a sporting event. Everything was done perfectly and they should be darn proud of themselves for putting this on. Even if they had it every year it probably would never come close to being as awesome as the original. Hell they even printed up the tickets in such a way that they would be collectible and maintain their freshness for years to come. Bravo.

After a 4 hour ride home Sunday (thanks weather) I turned on the BTN broadcast and saw that the guys we tailgated with were shown in the very beginning. A perfect day all in all.


Way to go Michigan for doing things that these jackholes in Ohio could never come close to.


Now go enjoy your free Minnesota NYG game at Ford Field tonight!

I wish I lived closer.


December 17th, 2010 at 10:53 PM ^

But if anyone didn't get Sports Illustrated this week, there's a two page spread of this-


In there. Probably suitable for framing if you didn't want to pop for the U's poster costs.