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Nothing good comes from tweeting at recruits. If you have something to say, please refrain from doing so. You would think this is obvious, but some people still don't understand this.



Per @TomVH:

Just spoke with Damien Harris' coach, he had a message he was adamant that I tweet to Michigan fans.

— Tom VanHaaren (@TomVH) January 21, 2014

"People need to back off of [Damien]. People are attacking him and the fans better ease up or they're going to push him away from Michigan."

— Tom VanHaaren (@TomVH) January 21, 2014

Harris' coach said the only impact a fan can have on a prospect's recruitment is a negative one. Apparently Michigan fans have been nasty.

— Tom VanHaaren (@TomVH) January 21, 2014



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If you are over 18, and tweet recruits (without a job description that calls for it):

1. Sit down if not already.

2. Log off twitter.

3. Set aside a minimum of 30 minutes to evaluate your life, and priorities.

4. Watch "To Catch a Predator" b/c you will inevitably find yourself in a similar situation.

5. Realize the error of your ways.

6. If you do not come to that realization, contact local law me, it will be for the betterment of your community.


If you FOLLOW recruits (without a job description that calls for it):

1. Follow steps 4-5 above.

Following is not as bad as actually interacting with teenagers, but realize you're walking a fine line.


You're welcome in advance.


This is my first post, and yes, I'm not just on my soapbox right now, I'm stomping on it.

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...I don't plan on reading the whole thing, to see if the following point is already addressed.

But isn't one thing about Twitter, that offending Tweets like the ones at issue in the case of Damien Harris, are searchable?  And can be collected, and re-posted elsewhere?  To essentially name and shame the offenders?

I'd be all for that.  Identify the offenders by name.  Expose them as much as possible.

Does anything good ever happen, with Twitter?


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Yes, but other fanbases have intelligent enough idiots to pose as Michigan fans as well.  It's certainly a combination of both, but my guess would be the worst of them are from our rival fans. 

Think about it.  How is one way that an average fan can impact recruitment?  By being a complete dick and posing as fan of another team.  If anyone thinks this theory is tin hat, I have a bunch of bad news about the dedication to idiocy of college football fans... 

Blue in Yarmouth

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If you've followed this debate long enough (and I have) you'd  know there are plenty fans of this university that  tweet players. Now I'm not saying you're wrong because honestly, who knows. What is certain, though, is that plenty of people on this very site have admitted to tweeting recruits in the past. 

Most of this came to light before it (rightfully so) became so taboo here, but I remeber many posters defending the practice of tweeting recruits. Let's face it, if someone finds nothing wrong with tweeting 18 year old kids than they probably find nothing wrong with berating them on twitter for something they don't agree with.

I find it absolutely disgusting personally. I can't imagine a more perverse way to watse my time than to follow what 18 year olds say on twitter, let alone tweet them back. Personally I hate twitter and what it has done to society. Before, people used to think about what they said and were held accountable for their contributions to conversations. Most people would use a degree of tact and consideration when communicating with someone because they were known to the people they were communicating with and could easily be called to task for using bad form. Not only that, but many people would never dream of actually saying the things they post on things like twitter to the person if they were face to face.

I just don't know anymore. Don't people have better things to do that sit on things like twitter and follow ing what other people are doing or tweeting people they don't even know? Here's an idea: Go out and get your own life and stop following what other people are doing. 




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I don't use twitter, but I feel like even if I did follow recruits, the first time they mentioned their girlfriend or that they were hanging out at the mall or something I would feel like a giant freakin' weirdo and dissolve my account immediately. 

If you follow recruits and are more than 3 years older than they are, you have something wrong with you. There's no counter-argument to that statement, it's just fact.


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Its unfortunate, but every fan base has these lunatics. They always have and always will. Its just unfortunate that modern technology has provided these idiots a forum where their opinion can make it directly to an individual. In the past, these people would have been relagated to the fringe of society. Thanks to twitter, people in their mom's basement around the world now have opinions which we are forced to be subjected to. Unfortunately for Damien as well, the 99.99% of Michigan fans who understand he's 17, most of us have day jobs and generally have more important things to worry about. So the .0001% seems a lot bigger when viewed through just the twitter spectrum.


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It can't be stopped. It's the age we live in. Majority are probably fake UM fan accounts set up by rivals. UM bloggers and recruiting experts can tell people to stop doing it until they're blue in the face, it won't happen.


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While I agree that most of us should not be tweeting recruits, especially nasty messages, but that's also a risk you take when you sign up for Twitter.  

You know there are idiots out there, and they will respond to you.  Our fanbase is not immune from regrettable messages of 140 characters or less.


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Every fan base does this.  It's 90% of the fans that never went to the school but grew up as fans.  They just don't know how to act.  

I'm not saying this is specific to Michigan either.  I live in Kentucky and they have a similar problem with basketball fans.  Alabama football fans are the epitome of this.  


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there is some truth to that meme...

I know from my own experience that people I lived with and hung out with at UofM are out there doing real things with their lives.   I can't think of person I knew in school who would have the time follow a kid on twitter, much less give a fuck if he wants to come to our football team or not.

I like to think that the losers following kids on twitter and/or living and dieing with recruiting are much more likely to be michigan fans who never attended the school.  NTTIAWT





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I didn't go to UM, but I can make the same statement. Most of the guys who I went to college with are successful and are "doing things." I don't tweet at recruits (I don't have twitter, in fact) and I'm a fairly level headed fan. While I'm sure that it helps in many ways to go to UM, many of us are UM fans and are doing just fine without it. There are lunatics and "morans" everywhere, and I hope Damien is getting good guidance in regards to dealing with and ignoring them.


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And (as anyone who watches the board can tell you)I am a walking talking collection of faults.  Thankfully tweeting recruits isn't one of them.  But following recruits on twitter doesn't take any more time than posting on a blog.  Frankly, this entire line of discussion is doing nothing but reinforcing negative stereotypes about us, so I'm going to let this go. 


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I think he was just implying that UM students and grads are generally smart people and much less likely to make stupid decisions such as attacking a recruit on twitter. You would be lying to yourself if you think people that have attended Michigan are more than just a small fraction of the people hasslng recruits.

I'm not trying to sound condescending or offensive, but most of the bad apples of our fanbase are people not likely affilitated with the university outside of athletics. However, the overwhelming majority of these fans are still intelligent and rational individuals (as evidenced by the quality of discussion of this site).


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Sparty fans love to "espouse" the Walmart stuff for three reasons:

1) It's true that our 'brand' is so strong our shit sells at Wal-Mart to fans that have never even been to Ann Arbor

2) They have many fans that compare to 'Walmart' fans that DID actually go to State

3) Their brand (although improving) still sucks and they don't have the national reach that Michigan does.  

Obviously there are a lot of great fans of the school that didn't get their degree from it.  But it's not a 'Michigan' problem we see on the twitters, as I said.  It's a problem created by a brand so strong that less intelligent people latch on to it, and take ridiculous stances when it comes to 'defending' 'their' school (e.g., Michigan, Alabama, Kentucky, etc.).  And by definition, any person attacking a kid on twitter is an idiot / less intelligent.  


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If you're pushed away from a school by a few nasty twitter messages that probably aren't even from Michigan fans in the first place, I don't think you're really that into said school.


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Yes he is 17, but I also believe that he's an intelligent person who is smart enough to realize that crazies are in every fan base, that they aren't representative of the Michigan program, and that they have absolutely no bearing on what his academic or athletic career would be here at Michigan.  Obviously I could be wrong, but this feels a whole lot like a scapegoat.


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first, he's probably 16 since he's a 2015 recruit.  second, the fact that there are dumb fans in every fanbase doesn't justify those dumb fans tweeting dumb stuff at recruits.  just stop; you're siding with people who are making a 16 year old kid feel uncomfortable via the internet.


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Welcome to blogging.  And it's like not there is zero circumstantial evidence to support the notion that maybe he's just not that into Michigan.  Do you really believe this lifelong Michigan fan decomitted because we lost the OC of an 86th ranked offense and replaced him with a guy whose offense was top ten FEI both years at Alabama?  Do you know the percentage of kids who recommit to schools that they previously decomitted from?  Hint:  It's very low.

Everyone Murders

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I'm saying I don't think he's that interested in Michigan, which hardly qualfiies as dumb nonsense.

LG, the kid was committed to Michigan for several months, forsaking other programs. How on earth do you say "I don't think he's that interested in Michigan"?

Less interested in Michigan? Maybe. But you have to think he's still extremely interested in Michigan, what with UofM being at the top of his list and all.