Stop the madness. Decide already.

Submitted by Yooper on January 8th, 2011 at 11:54 PM
Please. Hire Gruden. He is the best choice now. The whole 'process" thing is about Brandon now. We are losing recruits and damaging the brand. Decide already.



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Copy and paste the code from the specific youtube video page. On the right of the screen, under the user info, there is typically 2 boxes. URL and Embed. If you click in the Embed text box all the text should highlight. Just copy paste that here and it will work.

You have to switch the reply to plain text editor then paste the embed code.  Then preview to make sure it works.


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Dude with all the drama Toure and Adebayor are causing it's pretty clear why your skeletal Frenchman let them leave.  I'm personally devastated as watching them raise Arsene's blood pressure during the time they were there warmed my Spurs fan heart.  Still you're better off without a Man City castoff.


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It's obvious that William Clay Brandon planned on firing RR after the OSU game.  Apparently, he not only thought he had a tacit agreement with Harbaugh, but he also thought that, like Val-pack or Domino's, he could just waltz in, throw his weight around, and hire someone in ten minutes if he wanted to. 

Unfortunately, he apparently didn't realize that the job at Michigan has to be posted for a week before he can hire anyone.  Consequently, he can't announce anything until Tuesday or Wednesday, and Michigan looks stupid and indecisive during a crucial recruiting week. 

That's why, though I really want a spread guy, I really wouldn't mind if it turned out to be someone very charismatic and extremely media-savvy like Chucky, because we really need a miracle-worker to come in and undo the damage that Brandon has done, both to this recruiting class and to Michigan's image. 

Whoever it is, though, he can't start until Tuesday or Wednesday, whichever is seven days from when the job was officially posted. 


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If  the new coach couldn't start until Tuesday or Wednesday due to the posting requirement, then the week is built in and nothing could be finalized. The dead period precludes any hiring. You just said it yourself.  So how can we look indecisive or stupid for the delay when a coach couldn't be hired by law as you claim?  

On Harbaugh, it is pretty common knowledge that we offered him double what we paid Rich and top 10 money nationally. Brandon did nothing wrong. He wanted to go pro.


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Actually, the job wasn't posted until Friday.

I've heard many people claim there's a state law on this, but I'm skeptical as I've never seen a link to this in writing. In fact, the other day I posted a link to a U-M HR document that clearly states that U-M has a seven-day posting policy but that it's possible to apply for a "posting waiver" in certain circumstances. See my post here.


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You are correct. The excerpt you posted is also correct in stating that postings require a 7 calendar day minimum posting time. However, there is a waiver process that can be used when a job needs to be filled in a timely manner that the 7 days might impact. The entire policy is here:

Bottom line. If they wanna do something tomorrow (or for that matter yesterday), they can.


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Well, we'll just explain that to a bunch of 17 year old kids.  "Sorry we couldn't have a coach in place before you could early enroll.  You see, there's this posting law.  And we're almost enough days in to it that we can.....hello?  hello?  Mr. Frost?  Mr. Lyons?"

We look indecisive and stupid no matter what the law is.

Facts get lost in whatever the popular sentiment spin is.  Anyone who watched the RR witchhunt unfold knows that.