Stop Being a Melancholy Mustelid--we're gonna be fine thread

Submitted by Ziff72 on February 21st, 2018 at 3:53 PM

This post is just to get that bullshit beneath it off the lead line.

If you can't get excited for the 2018 season, you need to ask yourself why you even follow this team and probably need further medical treatment.

Shea, DPJ, Black, Steubs!!!!, Hudson, Don Mother Fucking Brown, HARBAUGH!!, 9 returning starters to that defense, The non returner is a 5 star beast, um Devin Missile Bush, More Hudson this time maybe a stud OT, Ruiz, Peters, All the TE!!!!!, my bet is on Singleton, everyone has forgot about near 5 star Luigi, Uche and Paye are going to kill a QB on a blitz, ND at night, revenge against PSU, Evans out of the backfield, Higdon thru safeties, Long and Hill and AMBRY on the slot!!!  

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Tomorrow we will have three new threads on this topic titled:

  • Thread for People Who Upon Hearing the World is About to End Would Immediately Rush Out of the Bar and Into the Nearest Church
  • Thread for People Who Upon Hearing the World is About to End Would Immediately Rush Out of the Church and Into the Nearest Bar
  • Thread for People Who Upon Hearing the World is About to End Would Simply Lie Down with a Paper Bag Over Their Head


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I can't get too excited because I no longer have any idea what drives a good football program. The randomness and chance and unseen factors that go into building a good college coaching staff have become clearer and clearer and it makes me shrug and say "whatever" when I think about Michigan football. 

Tl;dr: I have no idea what's going to happen and therefore don't feel much either way.


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Agreed.  Next year will be the start of a 10 year run of consistent top 10 teams.  Harbaugh has rebuilt the roster, and we are positioned for consistent success.  Peters/Patterson/McCaffrey and Hudson/Newsome/Steuber/Honigford/Runyan/Mayfield/Hayes will solidify the QB and tackle positions long term.  Defense is well positioned for long term excellence.

Only question in my mind is does it start in 2018 or 2019.  The 2018 schedule is brutal even for an experienced team, and we are still young on offense (defense too but that's ok).

Just got to make it through the summer.  Come on spring game!

Mike Damone

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may be a little melodramatic and bipolar with the communication above - he does make a point.  Been a ton of whining, bitching and moaning since that bad - but relatively meaningless - Outback Bowl. 

Lot of great things going for us heading into 2018, correctly pointed out by the OP.  Hopefully, the spring game will help positively improve the outlook, and change the tone of comments, from the great fanbase on this board.